The Solution

Classter includes a Back Office Windows app coupled with a shared, hosted Moodle LMS. If you are using Office365, integration is possible through our integration wizard that guides you through the steps.

By downloading the application, you can create your school on our cloud database, using pre-made templates, in just a few minutes. With the use of our configuration wizard, you can easily set-up your school based on your needs and start using the unlimited features:

Classter Manager Presentation

School Administration

Facing difficulties in creating an effectual timetable for students & teachers? Classter’s unique software supports multiple timetables creation per teacher and group or per classroom and group.

The smart system identifies students’ and teachers’ time constraints and then support the user to easily create timetables. At the same time, it controls any limitation or even duplication per timetable creation. Upon the creation, you can monitor its execution on a weekly basis.

Save your manpower and your time and schedule everything effectively!

Classter enables the creation and management of multiple companies. From the same back office system “Classter Manager” and in a common database, you can set different companies with different configuration and different educational levels.

Additionally, Classter provides you with the ability to list multiple locations per school. You just have to create them at the School Administration fully customizable Wizard.

In the same, easy to use, tab you can set and manage multiple school periods, as well as the corresponding marking period lists.

Having as main purpose to make your everyday life easier, Classter team has developed a detailed card for each of your students, parents, employees or other contacts.

Let’s have a closer look at the student’s card which keeps any information from demographic and contact details to academic and financial data. In the same card, you can also upload files and certificates, complement a detailed medical record and manage his/her transportation and library information.

Classter facilitates you in the creation of contacts’ connections. You can connect siblings or other family members in just a few clicks.

All your contacts can be contacted either separately or massively by email or SMS. For more information on how to keep your contacts updated, check on the School CRM section!

Classter team has deployed advanced curriculum tools. You can now create bulk course - faculty assignments to students and teachers and connect courses to faculties selectively too.

The curriculum is initiated and easily configured through the School Administration. There, you have a complete and descriptive overview of each program with the following information: price, program manager, grades, payment plans, lessons’ locations, start - end date, absences and a lot more financial features.

School Register administration is a very arduous and time-consuming task. Via Classter Manager your school registers are automatically created.

Each student may be enrolled in several curriculums, such as multiple classes (e.g. B’ Lyceum and IB together) or multiple college programs (e.g. bachelor in marketing and computer science). All these complex combinations form your school registers.

Classter’s complete software enables you to create and administrate multiple classes, programs and groups of students. It also helps you maintain multiple statuses of a student (e.g. Candidates, Registered, Alumni, Deleted etc.) as well as manage any transfer from or to other schools.

The School Administration process doesn’t stop on the above. With Classter, you can manage additional services such as lunch breaks, accommodation or other programs like study abroad and a lot more.

Apart from these, you can maintain document libraries associated with students, teachers, groups or courses, for each of the additional service that you offer them.

Take a look at the screenshot to get complete view of a fellow’s document management.

Extra-curricular activities induce more administrative burdens.

Classter incentive is to offer effective management of all the activities like clubs or trips, your school may offer.

From within Classter Manager you can create any type of activity in just a few steps, give a detailed description and fix in advance costs and payment plans.

Set up automatic emails or SMS updates to students and their parents and keep your community engaged.


A complete school management system cannot but offer exclusive assignments & exams management tools.

Examinations, external certifications or re-takes scheduling can be handled either online or offline in a few steps. Classter supports grade tabulation and results uploading in order to keep students and parents up to date.

An exam or assignment may vary in different types such as an essay, a test, a presentation, a certification, a general exam or even a quiz.

Don’t spend a lot of time on organizing your exams, meet Classter powerful tools.

With Classter you get access to a fully customizable grading/marking system.

Teachers use a variety of grading means with custom criteria to set multiple grade structures and marking levels. Recognizing the complexity of the grading process and how time consuming it is, Classter provides different ways for automatic grading tabulation per student, subject or marking period.

Teachers can support pupils more effectively by uploading detailed duties anytime, anywhere and especially in a few steps.

Other than that, they can register any type of duties with the taught material (material notebook) from their personal dashboard as well as plan duties for the whole week. This is how students are duly informed on the To-Dos and parents supervise their progress anytime, from any device!

In Classter Manager, course creation becomes an effortless process. You just register in details its generic, academic and billing data, upload complimentary files and form its online presence. Specifically, for each course you can design its grading & syllabus plan as well as the studies structure.

To enable enrollment, Classter has deployed the online course registration. Now students get to register online to courses (obligatory or optional).

The continuous monitoring and enhancement of the school’s provision are essential activities and that’ s why via Classter you can export reports of the courses’ progress.

When it comes to attendances, Classter caters you with 4 different methods of attendance recording per student or massively!

Keep track of students’ attendance by date and hour, by course, by date only or based on the timetable. Set the types and causes of absences once and then in just 2 clicks indicate whether a student is present, late, or absent and why.

Now, students and parents can get an overview of the absences from within their dashboards; and the best part? They justify an absence online while uploading the required documents.

To motivate your students and engage them with the learning process, is an action accomplished through an effective behavior management. And Classter gives you a complete feature set.

A wide variety of badges and behavior marks such as thumbs up/down is the way to transform learning and give smart incentives to your entire class, either while in class or from anywhere.

Tip: use 3D printers to add more fun!

360⁰ SMS means unified systems. That is why Classter is fully integrated with Moodle LMS and Office365.

With a single sign-on mechanism, teachers can create and automatically assign Moodle courses. The exact same process applies to Office365 incredible features as well.

Get rid of stacks of papers and form your personal teacher’s notebook from within Classter dashboard. Your students can upload researches and projects and collaborate with their team or with you online and in real time, via OneNote!

School CRM

Admissions and registrations are definitely tedious and complex processes.

Be in control of every aspect of these processes with Classter. You can manage candidates, documents, admission checklist and applications. Students and/or parents can enroll online following a simple process and the admission office is notified at the same time.

What’s more interesting is the total management of Alumni relations with Classter CRM features. Be in touch with your contacts all the way along the line.

Schedule and manage events both online and offline. Teachers can also create events online from their personal dashboard.

Upon the event’s initiation it is automatically uploaded on the school central calendar and on users’ individual calendars too.

The online reservation of resources and halls, will launch soon!

With Classter CRM system you keep all your contacts gathered. Students, teachers, parents, employees, suppliers and any other type of contact, have a dedicated tab that concentrates all the necessary information, from contact and demographic details to academic and medical data.

All admins regarding their account type, can set up contact methods, arrange meetings and monitor the contact list on a daily basis.

Collaboration becomes easier as all admins, teachers, students and parents are provided with calendars similar to Outlook Calendars.

As larger as an educational institution is, more incidents are rising and tasks become unmanageable.

Teachers create and handle incidents like bullying or other behaviors from within their custom portal or from the back-office. To keep track of your series of actions, Classter maintains historical data per incident.

To increase students and parents’ involvement, the team added complaint uploading and handling tools within their personal portals.

Keep your students, teachers, parents and other contacts informed real-time.

You have just to select your recipients and initiate a CRM action. Choose SMS, mailing or both, communicate and share information with them asap.

Automatic emails and newsletter send out is also possible through Classter Manager.

Good communication is the key to maintain and keep connected your school community.

Your Counselling Office and your Marketing dept. can enjoy some special Classter functionalities.

From the one hand, Counselling Office has access to student information, where can supervise students mentoring, registration to colleges, CVs creation, job applications and volunteer programs participations.

From the other, marketing is more effective when it has access to valuable information. Via Classter you can manage promotional campaign results. For each student you can have detailed information for the way-campaign he was approached as well as the CRM actions realized to enroll him.


“We need to embrace technology to make learning more engaging. Because when students are engaged and they are interested, that's where learning takes place.

- Educator

Financial Management

Save your accounting office hours of payment administration by manage flexible payments from Classter robust platform.

Manage discount policies and rules, reductions, checks and credit cards. Get the control of the available payment methods and give your payers the flexibility to pay tuition fees online either with PayPal or any other bank. They can now realize pre-payments for multiple school years!

Exploit of Classter’s customization, automate the entry of payments using text files and transfer of credit or debit balances to the next school year.

Keep your financial under control with Classter updated features.

Define pricing policies and handle multiple price lists. Create and manage with ease financial agreements and contracts, advanced installment plans and make multiple financial arrangements per student.

To enable your everyday tasks, Classter provides you with automated re-calculation of financial agreements upon a discount or a price list change, as well as automated approval workflows.

Boost your billing processes. Perform automated billings, always based on default billing plans.

You can transfer billing to GL (General Ledger) accounts and export their data to an external accounting system effortlessly.

Classter, also supports multiple cash desk handling and closure procedures.

When it comes to invoicing you should be detailed and mindful. In Classter you can issue both invoices of companies & third parties and receipts, when orders are created, paid or fulfilled.

Additionally, you can send mass invoices to parents, students or other payers and print your invoices in bulk, automatically.

Get all your budget planning requirements covered. Monitor your revenue and your students accounting cards.

View accounting cards and accounting balance sheets in detail and perform revenue split per grade, program, class, specialization, school year, location etc.

Manage your school’s expenses quick and simple and forecast financial profits per student, teacher, class or school.

With Classter you do make an impact on your financial management.

Troubles in managing payers effectively?

Classter supports handling of multiple payers with comprehensive contact data of each person responsible for financial agreements.

Besides that, you can manage bad debtors with automated informative emails and handle taxes, VAT or other administrative fees.

To have a clear picture of your additional activities, Classter provides you with management tools for financial and billing of private courses, hourly paid courses, extra-curriculum events, clubs or services.

Transportation Management

Get your buses set up!

In Classter Manager you can create an extensive list of buses, drivers and co-drivers. All of them have a personal tab with contact information. Record your buses fuels and have a clear picture of your transportation services costs.

Create bus zones and routes and find which are the optimum ones to follow.

Now that you are all set, you only need to manage your bus fleet.

You can manage your students seating and reduce boarding time. Handle easily students’ drop off and pick up by the responsible person, as well as the pre-defined stops per route.

Last but not least, manage any type of bus event that should be recorded and be in touch with parents.

The daily bus schedule can be easily reversed. Classter enables you to handle bus exceptions, either per student or per group of students.

The exemptions may cover the non-use of the bus for a particular day or days, the absence of a pupil and a possible change of the bus route or bus stops.

One of the best – if not the best part is that when you record pupil’s absences on the bus you automatically record them at the main system!

Access the entire feature set by using the SMS notification.

When you define the address of pupils pick up and drop off, don’t forget to select the SMS to parent or to the declared responsible person.

At the time that the bus approaches the stop, Classter sends an automated SMS to notify parents or guardians for the arrival!

Keep your students secure and their parents happy!

For a “crystal clear” picture of the bus routes, you can choose to display bus positioning on the map. There, upon specifying day, zone and bus name, you see the start and end point in Google Maps, which are embedded in Classter Manager.

For an even more immediate view of your bus, you can track it live! All you need is to have integrated GPS trackers on each bus. That simple, that functional.

That simple, that functional.

Library Management

An open school community means access to information for all!

Lend books to students, teachers, employees and parents and keep track of historical lending data per student or teacher.

Classter upholds barcode-based multiple lending for the book lovers and serves all your digital or physical libraries.

Inspire your pupils to enrich their knowledge wherever they are.

Students and teachers too, from within their personal portals, can access school libraries.

They can simply search books and reserve them online in just a click!

Your librarians are automatically notified and all day-to-day tasks are smoothly handled.

Use library sophisticated tools to record your books.

It supports book entry with detailed structure and chapters, management of book sizes with physical description accompanied with information about the authors, the editors or other book contributors.

Manage book copies and get an overview of book location and availability per copy. Encourage book donations as Classter supports it too!

Users don’t spend a lot of time on searching. That is why Classter Team deployed smart search tools.

If you record LCC and DCC categorization and ISBN10, ISBN13 support, you can get information retrieval automatically, via isbn.com integration.

To make your job easier, all back office employees and students, teachers and parents within their portal, can search books via Full text search.

Except from the school’s libraries, in Classter you can create and manage your courses libraries.

Enrich courses with books compulsory and optional (proposed books) and realize course delivery planning based on book structure, that will engage your students.


Taking boring flat data and bringing it to life through visualization.

- John Tukey

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Track school’s progress using BI tools. Get a clear financial analysis for the payments, payments vouchers, income and expenses.

Use Classter’s BI tools to figure out budget issues like students’ turnover per hour, classes turnover per hour, teachers costs and total expenses as well as teachers – classes profit.

To enable students’ performance monitoring by teachers, Classter provides teachers with analytical and statistics tools on their personal portal.

Classter enables you to set up reports to present academic or financial data in multiple formats (pdf, excel or even word files).

Discover the custom menus for reporting and create high-quality reports, effortlessly and promptly.

Dynamic reporting and grid views are offered with role-based security.

Take advantage of the integrated Microsoft reporting tools that provide you an intuitive report authoring environment.

MS Report Builder is a tool for creating paginated reports in a stand-alone environment. You can add visualizations including maps and data-bars to enrich your report with useful insights.

If you are a fan of MS Word, Classter provides a Word Add-in as well. Create documents and forms easily and handle your data regardless of their number.

Now that your reports are ready, you can export them massively!

Keep your important data archived and have access to information and insights any time.

Security, Customization & Special Features

Every connection – communication should be treated as part of a continuous relationship.

Based on this philosophy Classter offers an Open Web API for common operations for 3rd parties’ integration.

With Classter predefined Web API calls, our customers and partners can retrieve important data on their convenience.

Enjoy the full functionality of Classter securely.

Classter is cloud based and is hosted on Microsoft Azure and supports high SSL encryption, but for the non-fans of the Cloud we can offer on-premises installation.

All your stored information in the database do automatically back-up on a regular basis.

School Management solution has to be fully customizable and adaptable to different educational requirements and processes. Classter provides with a wide range of customization options.

The configuration or customization of your educational institution is wizard-based so that you can access in detail all steps of each process. Change forms and grids layouts and add your own tailor made elements.

In a complex academic environment, job roles separation and users’ security management is crucial. This is why Classter supports a role-based security with different policies for various account types.

Classter is fully integrated with some of the most popular systems like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Lync Communication Server (Skype for Business), MS OneNote, MS Word, Windows Active Directory and Moodle LMS using Moodle web services and offering most of its features.

Save your time and profit from these integrations; get the most complete SMS to run successfully your educational institution.

Save your IT department and your administrators from hours and efforts to conduct mass actions.

You can import data from excel files massively and you can export your data to any format.

Remove students from classes, courses, activities or bus routes “en masse” and complete daily tasks quickly.

The Dashboards

Classter as a trusted partner with Microsoft in education, creates automatically Office365 accounts for the school community. Students upon their account creation are automatically distributed to security groups.

With just a single sign-on from Classter Dashboards, users can access their Moodle courses as well as Office 365 amazing features. From the Digital library courses and personal cloud storage of 25GB per user to social networking tool via Yammer.

Transform your entire school community!

Teachers can now access important pupil data and other valuable information like the school calendar and announcements from any PC or tablet, everywhere!

They can easily record and edit homework, exams, remarks, attendance, behavior and manage events.

Use Classter to provide your teachers with secure flexible working and straightforward marking. They can upload exam grades, term grades and descriptive assessment and support students by having a complete look to their detailed analysis performance reports.

Nowadays, students love digital and social. Your school needs to embrace their habits as Classter already does.

From within their personal dashboards students get hands on their academic information. With a single sign-on they can check their absences, the school calendar & announcements, their timetable, duties and remarks, the bus routes as well as Moodle courses and the school library to reserve books anytime.

It is the safest way to involve pupils to take more responsibility for their progress and to collaborate with their classmates and teachers.

Keep parents in the loop and engage them with their kids’ learning process.

By providing parents with personal profiles, you give them access to your real-time data 24/7. They can see their kids’ accurate timetable and form a clear picture of their kids’ performance by looking over their duties, grades and absences reports. Notify them immediately for the bus routes and trigger them to upload their feedback regarding school’s operations, environment, or other incidents.

Make their life less stressful and more organized by enabling online tuition fee payments. Give them a detailed view of their financial data with the possibility of receipts’ exporting.

Guide them to be supportive and motive their kids to improve performance.

Classter offers useful integrations to lead education one step further.

Teachers and students from within their dashboards access Moodle courses that are automatically created and assigned and enjoy e-learning via SCORM.

Turn your school into a vital organization by boosting real-time communication between teachers, students and parents. Create learning rooms and online teaching to open knowledge. Lync integration is your powerful tool to realize the above.

Tailor-made is always better.

Upload your logos and branding elements to customize the layout of your portals and give students and teachers the sense of your school community wherever they are.

You can enjoy the functionality of your portal from the device you prefer as it is compatible with desktops, tablets and smartphones.

And a tip at the end; control the information you share by different account types and keep your pupils’ data secure.


“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important.”

- Bill Gates

The App

Bring Your Own Device trend has evolved to empower employees through the so-called 'consumerisation of IT'.

Encourage your teachers to bring their own device. Make them feel confident on the use of a new technology while teaching.

Help them unlock Classter App for Teachers amazing features.

Simplify registration processes and record present, absent, and delayed marks in a click.

Choose a pupil and add the type of absence. Classter App for Teachers provides you with default justifications for each type of absence. If a student is justified absent, you can choose a reason like visit to counselling or doctor’s permission. For his unjustified absent you can choose detention or not known reason.

Don’t you like these? Go to Classter Manager and add your preferred attendance codes!

Motivate your students while in-class.

Use Classter’s assessment tools and praise their achievements with badges like Bravo, Best of the Week, Great Idea, Math Wiz and a lot more!

Upload comments, give thumbs up/down and assign weekly schedules, classes and timetables.

Access students’ performance and statistics per session or throughout the school period, grade them accordingly and notify parents and mentors.

Handle your classroom more easily than ever before.

In Classter App for Teachers you have immediate access to your printable timetable, to the list of your classes, courses and sessions, as well as your colleagues and students contact data.

When the school bell rings, your students should be seated at their desks. Create students’ seating position, launch a session, exploit the whole class period and focus on learning optimization. Class layout can be edited with drag and drop anytime you want.

Pin students, classes, courses or colleagues at the windows start page and complete day-to-day tasks quickly.

Imagine the data you record in-class to be spread in real-time to parents and students’ profiles and to school admins.

Classter App for Teachers is fully integrated with Classter Dashboards and Manager, so your valuable information is accessible by all associates.

Effective communication means to share information and deliver better results. Select your students and/or colleagues within the app and send direct emails with a more personal approach.