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January 12, 2016
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February 16, 2016

Classter App for Teachers, is a simple, rich in features app that helps teachers manage their classes more effectively and engage their students more efficiently.

Windows 10 Teacher Mobile App

Get started by logging on using Office365 credentials.

Follow the web wizard to set up class, timetables, to upload student data and create unique online profiles.

After all data has been uploaded a teacher has an overall view of their weekly timetable. To start a new class session, simply tap on the “Launch Session” button.

Once the session launches, a teacher is able to see all students in that classroom seated according to the layout originally set, could add delayed entries or absences and mark a student’s performance by adding badges, or giving a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Classter App for Teachers will soon be available on iOS and Android.

Windows 10 Teacher Web Dashboard

Through the web dashboard, teachers are provided with extended organizational and management functionalities.

By logging on using Office365 credentials, a teacher has instant access to their personal Office365 email, Calendar and OneDrive.

When tapping on the “Classes” button, a teacher can view all their students listed by class and get a high-level preview of their personal performance and behavior data.

A teacher can facilitate learning by using the option “My Courses”. There they have access to their courses libraries from SharePoint and to Moodle Courses.

From within Moodle Courses and through a single sign-on integration, a teacher can also access documents on OneNote.

Add term grades, remarks, access book libraries and many more all online through the Teacher Web Dashboard.

Web Dashboard for Students

Similarly to Classter App and Web Dashboard for Teachers, teachers can invite students to sign up on Classter.

Students are provided with access to their teachers profile, their term and examination grades plus IB/ PYP /MYP grades, their weekly timetable, absences and remarks, browse book libraries and much more!

For example if a student taps on the “Duties tab”, he or she can see their everyday duties and have direct access to Word or other files stored in SharePoint Libraries.

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