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App for Teachers

Classter app for teachers is a state of the art application developed especially for teachers who want to organize their classes efficiently, save time and go paperless, while staying up to date to innovative educational technologies.

The teacher enters in class and launches a session. Firstly, he can add absences and delays to students and during the lesson, he can give badges to outstanding students and thumbs up/ down or comments for further evaluation. App for Teachers

The application offers useful tools to track class and student’s performance and to provide the school community with vital information. Teachers have the option to see statistics per class, session or per student as well as compare their performance in a few clicks.

Apart from that, users can set and edit class layout, check and print the timetable, access a list of colleagues and students, and boost communication via emails. App for Teachers

Take a look at the illustrated depiction of the a to h steps a teacher can follow and download the app on iTunes and Windows Store. Soon available on Play Store.




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App for Teachers