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  • A View list has been added to the User Accounts screen.

  • Moreover, an additional filter has been added in Teacher’s Advance Filters, namely “Locations”

  • In Teachers’ list, the options to send SMS or e-mail are added in Bulk actions

  • A new functionality has been added which allow students to view their classmates’ profile page

  • An additional Quick action has been added, namely “Re-enroll Students to Failed Subjects”

  • In the Student list Grid view, a free text search filter has been added, giving the user the ability to choose among 10 fields for searching a student

  • A new custom field has been added to Customize Terminology, i.e. “Second Educational Program Indication”

  • A “Reports” button has been added in the Events Management screen

  • A “System Notifications” switch has been added in the Message Center

  • Additional fields have been added in Student Card Management, i.e., Print Date, Expiration Date and Re-Print Log

  • A new field of Comments has been added for subject exemptions in Actions, Edit Final Marks

  • In Students per Service View, a new filter has been added in Advance filters, namely “Without timetable”

  • When searching for a Student, the Global Registration number also appears in search results






  • Two more options have been added in the attendance exclusion dropdown list within the course status dropdown list

  • The Subject Attendance screen has been modified, so that students with exemptions in a class are appropriately marked in yellow or orange, depending on the exemption type

  • An additional action has been added in Assessment scheduling, namely “Message with Template” (Only to Teachers) for graded assessments.

  • An additional setting has been added in Assessment Marking configuration, namely “Ask for publish verification during marking”

  • Failed assessments with outcomes can now be reassessed from students per outcomes list.

  • Updated Homework Grid for kindergartens


  • In Marking scenarios, a new field “Decimal Rounding” has been added

  • In Assessment types, two new Bulk Actions have been added: “Copy to Institutes”, “Copy to Periods”

  • In Mass Import Sessions screen, more search filters have been added, I.e. Year, Program and Class

  • In Marking Scenarios, a “Save & Close” button has been added


  • A new functionality has been added, “Book now”. It needs to be customized and placed on the institution’s site via a URL link. This functionality directs the user directly from the sign-up form to the user creation screen and then to payment, for immediate checkout.

  • In Admission Users list, the ordering functionality has been added in most columns. Two more columns have been added, “Student’s Comment” and “Admission Comment”

  • In the Applications Management list, the Global Registration number has been added as a column option.


  • The payment barcode is now visible in multiple spots.

  • Educators can also manage Private Sessions from their personal portal

  • Additional settings have been added in Private sessions parameters, to allow the massive change of pricing for educators.

  • A control checkbox has been added for the outstanding amount from previous academic periods.

  • In “Discount Types” dropdown list, an additional field has been added to set the users that can edit the discount.

  • A new discount type “Interest” in Discount Categories dropdown lists has been added

  • An invoice/payment receipt can now be canceled from the dedicated queue for the tax agency (only for Greek customers)


  • When creating an invoice/payment receipt for each student, the outstanding amount is now visible next to the student’s balance.


  • A new CRM action has been added, namely “Add Quick Remark” in Educator’s portal, Student Statistics

  • In the Parent portal, when scheduling a meeting, the parent can also view services taught by a teacher

  • In the Educator portal, a Printout Report option has been added in the Actions menu within the Meeting list.


  • In the Lending list, more advanced filters have been added

  • A new View option has been added to the Book list, namely “Grid View”.



  • More filtering options, a Report functionality and additional View options have been added in Students Routes Exceptions.

  • Additional privileges have been added for admins regarding the rights to change comments in Students Routes Exceptions.

  • The field “Comments” from Student Routes Exceptions has also been added in Student Daily Routes.

Internship & Thesis

  • The internship position can now be connected to the user type (student/graduate) and the location (i.e., the institute).


  • A new menu “Financial” has been added for parents and students. Within this menu, the payment barcode is visible per student.


  • A new menu “Services Attendance” has been added for educators and employees.

Advanced Features

  • Classter is now integrated with Telr payment gateway