Classter Referral Program Policies

Classter Subscription Discount Calculation

A 5% commission fee as a subscription discount will be calculated upon the referred customer’s subscription amount. For example, if an existing customer refers to a new customer of $1.000/month, the discount should be 5% X 1.000= $50/month. However, if the new customer gets a $50.000/year subscription then the discount would be 5% X 50.000€ = $2.500/year. So the existing customer will get a discount of $50/month in the first case and $2.500/year in the second.

Max total discount

The max total discount for all customers referred could not be more than 50% of the customer’s active subscription. For example, if a customer with a $10K subscription refers 3 leads and we get 3 customers of $50K subscription each, the discount is 5% X $150.000 = $7.500. The discount would be $5.000 in total because 50% X $10.000 = 5000 < $7.500.

Discount Time Frame

The discount will be applicable only when the referred lead is an active customer for one year (12-month period). Also, the discount will be active only for one year (12-month period) for all referred customers.

Free Service Package Reward

For the free service hours package reward the limitations are the following: The referred contacts should be decision-makers in an educational organization. Also, our sales team will validate that they are qualified contacts interested in this type of solution.

Eligibility of participation

Only Classter active customers are eligible for participating in our referral program and earn the rewards.

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