Classter Webinar

Report Management & Analytics

Thursday, May 12 2022 15:00 – 16:00 PM EET

An Integrated Solution for Report Management

In this webinar, Classter’s Head of Customer Support, Aggelos Soulidis, will introduce you to Classter’s Report Management functionality. More specifically, he will showcase how you can:


  • Configure & Edit Reports
  • Massively Generate & Send Reports
  • Benefit from Reporting Analytics, Insights & Forecasting
  • Connect Data through Schema Documentation

Effective Academics, Financial
and Admission Report Management

Discover the custom menus for reporting and create high-quality reports, effortlessly and promptly. Dynamic reporting and viewability are safely offered on the basis of user roles and corresponding access rights to the database.


Classter allows you to create reports regarding academic issues in multiple formats. Get meaningful reports about academic performance, marking, and attendance. Additionally, the Billing module offers a list of predefined financial reports that help you get a complete overview of your financial activity.

Analytics & Insights

Get insights about students’ trends in academic performance, engagement, and behavior across different schools through a variety of reporting options, allowing you to get reports on an individual, class, or academic unit basis. Start making informed decisions by leveraging the insightful, real-time reports that Classter SIS can provide to you.

Report Builder

Classter is integrated with Microsoft BI reporting tools that provide you with an intuitive report authoring environment. Microsoft BI is a tool for creating data visualizations in a user-friendly environment. Add visualizations including maps and data bars to enrich your report and get useful insights.