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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

The first factor that determines pricing is the number of registered active learners. Classter is a modular solution, and this is also reflected in the platform’s subscription fee pricing. The modules you will choose to activate are the second factor that determines the monthly/yearly subscription fee.

When you say registered learners, do you also mean inactive learners?

When it comes to pricing, we only take into consideration registered learners, i.e., the learners that are active in the current academic period. Inactive learners, for instance, or learners from previous academic periods, are not affected by the price, as far as they do not exceed 50% of the total amount of registered learners.

How often am I going to get billed?

Classter offers two recurring billing plans, on a monthly or annual basis. In the first case, you will get invoiced and billed for your subscription every month, while in the second case this process will take occur every calendar year.
Note that in the case of an annual subscription, Classter provides two months FOR FREE!

How can I increase the number of learners or enable a new module?

There are two ways you can increase the number of your learners and/or add new modules to your account. In the first case, you can proceed and manage your license through the e-shop by adding your credit card.
In the second case, you can directly contact your sales consultant or send an e-mail to with your request.

Do you offer consulting services? How much do they cost?

We offer consulting packages for training and onboarding to Classter. We strongly advice our customers to use consulting services during the onboarding process.
Consulting service hours can be bought in 10-hour packages and you can get significant volume discounts.