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3 Ιανουαρίου, 2017
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7 Νοεμβρίου, 2017

The modern academic environment becomes more efficient upon simplifying the management of the daily processes and of your employees – students – teachers – parents – alumni as well as teaching methods.

Identifying the changes that will reshape the structure and the way of education in Greece and abroad, our team is constantly developing new tools while improving the provided ones.

Our goals:
  • The relegation of the workload from the administrative staff to the end user
  • Costs reduction
  • Easy and safe communication with third parties to realize our vision and lead transformation in open school communities
  • The improvement of the educational process through customized teaching (adaptive learning)

Classter Admissions

Οnline Αdmission / Registration Platform

It is time to relief your administrative staff from the workload! Give your candidates the opportunity to submit their personal details online, to upload scanned documents, create financial arrangements and receive contracts via email. Computerize your admission processes, reduce your costs and your response time.


Additions in Academic Management

Additions in Absence Management

Locking system for the registered absences either by the administrator or by the secretary coupled with the sophisticated automatic calculation of absences screen with limits per course. Automatic absences proposal based on previous entries. Absence registration via tablet or mobile!

Grading Improvements

Planning of tests and exams with weights per exam.

Detailed administration of the entrance examinations and up-to-date support of grading with double verbal.

Enhancements of Learning Management Tools

Courses’ Online Quiz Μαθημάτων with computerized marking.

Addition of list with the last tasks or work.

Support of Competent of Class, Course or Department

Special tools for the department competent for the monitoring of the existing tasks such as grades recording, examinations results and term grades!

Μαζική Αποστολή Μηνυμάτων

Additions in Management of Finance

Online Financial Arrangement, Private Agreements and Payments

Implementation of online payments upon the integration with Easy Pay and ability of arrangement installments payment from within the parents’ web portal.

Enhancements in Invoicing and in Collection of Payments

Auto-send of vouchers and documents by email.

Tools for automated calculation of reductions in case of late entry.


Additional Modern Tools

Alumni Portal

Implementation of personalized web portals for the alumni.

Customization of Pages Schools and Look & Feel

Create your own look & feel. Add pages and links per user role. Upload custom reports per role and choose matching colors!

Extra addition of the possibility of customization of the portal’s home page by adding background image, logo and texts at the login screen as well as possibility of development and addition of internal content pages.

Secure Internal Messaging between teachers, students, parents and school!

Modern communication tools with internal messaging between students, teachers and parents with specific sending rights for each entity. Option of send either to a user or to many coupled with messages history.

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Classter New Developments

Educational Project Evaluation Questionnaires

Completion of the questionnaires even anonymously by students, teachers or parents and reporting with statistical results. Sophisticated assignment tools per student, parent, teacher, mentor, course, group or per their combination!

Online Parents – Teachers Meetings

Application for the online meetings scheduling of Parents – Teachers based on parameters such as the teacher’s or parent’s availability with the option to select hour and duration as well as with detailed meetings history.

Online Enrollments to Courses and Extracurricular Activities

Give your parents or students the opportunity to enroll to courses and extracurricular or other paid activities online.

Online Reregistration

Now parents can register their kids to syllabus online via their personalized web portals.


Advanced support of Universities and Colleges

Syllabus Management for Universities and Colleges

Create syllabus with parameters based on prerequisite courses, selection groups or credits. The structure of Classter in administrating programs (syllabus) allows many different rules, parameters and development of specialized logic.

Allow your students to choose courses online based on courses that they have passed, registered or discharged.

Thesis and Internship Updated Management

New tools for the administration of the enrollments status and the students’ limits per internship. Creation of thesis and internships projects by students and specification of competent teachers.

Management of Transcript Analysis and Graduation Prerequisites

Management of transcript analysis from multiple years of study. Final grades per semester securing (locking). Administration of retakes.


“What’s coming next?"

Automated Marking of Multiple Choice Examinations via Scanning
Push Notifications to students and parents
…more innovations within the education community.

Contact our team and learn how you can transform your school’s operations while adding value to your teachers, students and parents!

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