Company Profile & Management

Institution Administrators can create company profiles and user accounts for companies that are included in the internship’s module. Companies may then be issued credentials and manage their Company Profile and more importantly, offer their internships to students on the Classter platform.

Companies can update their profiles with information about the company such as addresses, contact information, tax details and a bit about what they do. Companies can also be connected with various Classter users. The system will require the company to add a contact person for matters concerning Classter, this person will be included in the Company Profile.

In this way, the educational institution can create a permanent line of communication between itself and companies. The presence of companies in the institution's Classter platform can also provide an excellent means for communication between the Institution – Companies and Students.

Do not forget that as part of the platform Company users will have access to the message center and be able to exchange internal messages with the institution’s administration and students.

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