Classter offers advanced homework and classroom management by providing teachers the opportunity to upload detailed tasks, homework or lesson plans supporting more effectively their students.

In addition, Classter is a valuable tool for effective behavior management allowing you to manage pupil behavior and especially negative behaviors with confidence. Use Classter’s wide variety of badges and behavior marks to engage and motivate your students, give smart initiatives at a classroom level and establish an effective classroom discipline. Moreover, in the case of student misbehavior, you have the ability to inform parents automatically.

What is more, Classter can make easier teacher’s daily lives, as it provides them the ability for effective sessions and lesson plans management. Use Classter to provide information about each session and lesson plan, record the sources used during the lesson or provide details regarding the part of the lesson that was covered within the class.

Classter is a complete school management system offering an advanced assessment management tool. Create assessments using our easy and friendly software and schedule the exams of the semester.

Equally important is the fact that Classter can provide you with the best comprehensive and configurable assessment tools that will allow you to view student’s progress. Set student’s goals, link them to the lesson plans and assess whether the specific goals where achieved.

An advanced attendance system will record your student’s attendance and provide you an overview of their absences, while via automated SMS and emails students and parents are informed regarding absences.

Another valuable feature is Classter’s grading system, calculating grades for each semester, term, a year or multiple academic years.

Manage your students' traineeships and thesis projects easily, appoint their supervisors, mentors, and advisors.

Furthermore, Classter can help you organize your personal teacher’s notebook via OneNote, as OneNote plugin was developed by Microsoft Corporation especially for Classter. Every student who has access to Classter via Office365 can have access to OneNote course notebook.

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