Classter All-in-One Cloud Solution Connects the Dots

MCAST adopts the Classter platform to modernize its student management and learning systems. MCAST's unique requirements led to the development of custom features for the platform that complemented existing Classter functionality.

  • The implemented solution has fully utilized the full stack of MS Azure with both PaaS and pure SaaS infrastructure.
  • Leveraging a unified cloud solution that is easy to manage and scalable, which reduces the college’s overall operating costs
  • The solution provides a personalized portal to Students, Applicants, Alumni, Professors, and Administrators.

Cloud Infrastructure

The Classter platform for MCAST is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform with a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all its units. In addition to improving the user experience, this architecture enhances the security of the data as it is continuously backed up to the MS Azure cloud, to ensure its resilience and high availability.

Digital Transformation

As part of the digital transformation of the educational institution, MCAST wanted to replace its on-premises IT systems with an innovative solution based on a cloud environment that would simplify and improve administrative processes while connecting the 2 campuses located in different geographical areas.


Classter is one of the trusted Microsoft Partners for Cloud Solutions in Education. Educational institutes will be able to adopt the latest software solutions available from Microsoft to make their organization run smoothly with maximum efficiency.

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