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Classter All-in-One SIS Helps UCreativa Unify Education IT Infrastructure

UCreativa adopts the Classter platform to digitalize academic and operational processes end-to-end.

  • Paperless Admissions
  • “Single Source of Truth” SIS
  • Academic Management & Reporting
  • Hybrid Learning Environment
  • Student Portal

Creative University College (UCreativa)

The Creative University College (UCreativa) is a private higher education institution, offering Bachelor’s Degrees, Professional and Technical Diplomas in the fields of Design, Fashion, Communication, Digital Animation, Video Games, Audiovisual Production, Technology, Engineering, Architecture & Interior Design.

It enrolls 1.200 students in 8 different schools offering state-of-the-art and student-centered education programs, helping them build connections with creative leaders in the design industry. Ucreativa’s purpose is to contribute substantially to the teaching processes in design, art, business management, engineering, and technology, with the
intention of supporting the development of the creative industry.