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“Classter includes features for student information management, learning management, attendance tracking, communication, billing, admissions... all within a single interface.”

“We love how Classter handles everything from student info to billing. It's all in one place!”

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Classter is a leader in Student Information Systems (SIS) on G2


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Classter is Changing the Way Schools Work - for the Better

Classter is featured in Gartner Digital Report & G2 as a leader in School Management & Student Information Management Categories

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Don’t settle for outdated systems and disjointed data. Experience the power of a unified platform.

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We handle all your IT needs - reliably, securely, and compliantly - so you can focus on what matters most: Education.

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Streamline Processes

Eliminate manual tasks, reduce paperwork, and free up valuable time for your staff.

Unify Data

Consolidate student information, academics, and communication into one powerful platform.

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Enhance Collaboration

Connect teachers, students, and parents for seamless communication and collaboration

Personalize Learning

Tailor instruction and support to meet the unique needs of each student

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Your Central Command for Educational Management: The Core Module streamlines administrative tasks, enhances communication, and centralizes data management, creating a solid foundation for your institution’s operations.


Streamlined Enrollment, Simplified: The Admissions Module offers a seamless, efficient process for student applications, ensuring a positive first impression and a hassle-free start to their educational journey.

Billing & Payments

Financial Management Made Easy: Our Billing & Payments Module simplifies financial processes with secure, user-friendly tools for tuition, fees, and other transactions.

Academics & LMS

Revolutionize Teaching and Learning: Our Academics & LMS Module merges innovative technology with educational best practices, fostering engaging and effective learning experiences both in and out of the classroom.

Academic CRM

Building Strong Educational Relationships: Elevate your community engagement with our Academic CRM Module, designed to foster meaningful interactions among students, educators, parents  and staff.

Internship & Thesis

Bridging Academics and Career: Seamlessly manage student internships and thesis projects, providing valuable real-world experiences and academic supervision.

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College Management, Redefined: Tailored for higher education needs, this module supports complex administrative tasks, curriculum management, and student services in a college setting.

Advanced Features

Elevate Your Educational Experience: Unlock advanced functionalities and customization options to cater to the unique needs of your institution.

Surveys & Quizzes

Engage and Assess with Ease: Create, distribute, and analyze surveys and quizzes for insightful feedback and effective assessment, enhancing the learning and teaching experience.


A Modern Library at Your Fingertips: Manage your educational resources efficiently with our comprehensive Library Module, facilitating easy access to books, journals, and digital content.


Safe and Efficient Student Transport: Plan and monitor student transportation effectively, ensuring safety, punctuality, and optimal routing.

Mobile App

Education on the Go: Stay connected and manage educational activities effortlessly with our user-friendly mobile app, accessible anywhere, anytime.

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Enhancing Every Touchpoint – For Everyone

A Better Experience for Students, Teachers, and Parentses

Students have access to a user-friendly portal for accessing information about their teaching sessions, homework and marking, as well as attendance data

Parents are up-to-date with their kids’ academic calendars, create one-to-one meetings with teachers, and manage online tuition and payments through their individualized portal.

Admission officers can choose to set up personalized entry portals with special processes and criteria for managing intricate application procedures. The Applicant Portal refers not only to students, but to parents applying for their underage too.

Educators can use their personalized portal for creating teaching sessions, tracking attendance, updating marking information, and getting real-time information about students’ performance.

Engaged students become engaged alumni, as students can keep connected with the school after graduation and create a strong network that will support the student community.

Employees can take care of various administrative duties and streamline frequent activities. They can facilitate communication between the organization, pupils, and guardians, handle students’ enrollments and teachers’ assignments, as well as organize the school’s timetable.

Nowadays, academia and industry collaborate closely. Companies are able to create profiles and provide internship opportunities for college students through their dedicated portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my institution use Classter?

Classter is an end-to-end Student & Learning Management System for any organization that offers educational or training services that will help you manage your processes and digitalize your school to save time and money. With Classter, you can get rid of your fragmented IT infrastructure. That’s because Classter combines the functionality of 5 different types of solutions: SIS, SMS, LMS, ERP, and CRM in 12 Modules.

Is Classter safe?

Classter provides a reliable centralized cloud-based environment for storing and accessing students’ and faculty data, with the security of MS Azure infrastructure. Classter uses Azure Backup to provide clients with secure and reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions.

How often am I going to be billed?

Classter offers customers the choice between an annual and bi-annual billing plan. If you choose the former option, your subscription will be invoiced and billed every year. For those who opt for a bi-annual subscription, the process will only happen every two years, plus you can benefit from a discount of up to 20% on your total fees!

How does Classter cater to different types of educational organizations?

Classter is versatile and fully adaptable. It offers tailored solutions for Higher Education, Academies and Training Centers, K12 Schools, Seminary Education, Corporate Learning, and School Districts. The platform is designed to meet the unique requirements of each educational segment.

Can I customize Classter's platform to fit the specific needs of my educational institution?

Absolutely! Classter’s modular approach allows complete customization to suit your institution’s unique needs. You can select and integrate specific modules for a tailored solution, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in meeting your educational requirements.

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