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One Hub to Manage the Entire Educational Ecosystem

Student information

Discover the power of centralized data management, streamlined administrative processes and enhanced communication.

School management

Transform your educational institution with advanced functionalities designed for streamlined operations, academic excellence and community engagement.

Learning management

Redefine educational experiences with customizable learning paths, interactive content and powerful analytics


Transform your institution’s approach to relationship management and drive success for students, parents and educators.


Discover a powerful toolset for streamlining operations, managing resources efficiently. Improve decision making through insightful analytics.

Enhancing Every Touchpoint – For Everyone

A Better Experience for Students, Teachers, Back Office and Parents.

Students have access to a user-friendly portal for accessing information about their teaching sessions, homework and marking, as well as attendance data

Parents are up-to-date with their kids’ academic calendars, create one-to-one meetings with teachers, and manage online tuition and payments through their individualized portal.

Admission officers can choose to set up personalized entry portals with special processes and criteria for managing intricate application procedures. The Applicant Portal refers not only to students, but to parents applying for their underage too.

Educators can use their personalized portal for creating teaching sessions, tracking attendance, updating marking information, and getting real-time information about students’ performance.

Engaged students become engaged alumni, as students can keep connected with the school after graduation and create a strong network that will support the student community.

Employees can take care of various administrative duties and streamline frequent activities. They can facilitate communication between the organization, pupils, and guardians, handle students’ enrollments and teachers’ assignments, as well as organize the school’s timetable.

Nowadays, academia and industry collaborate closely. Companies are able to create profiles and provide internship opportunities for college students through their dedicated portal.

Learn how we helped institutions like yours

Classter is the SIS of choice for Higher Education, due to its fully configurable, modular, cloud-based architecture. Classter team worked with UCreativa, a leading institution with hundreds of students in Costa Rica offering exceptionally designed, student-centred education programs in creative fields such as Fashion, Interior Design etc.

Classter helped UCreativa accommodate all operations under one roof and automate its Admission Process and Academic Management & Reporting.

Classter, with its straightforward and cloud- based platform, is the preferred student information system for K12 schools.AHF Grundschule, a state-approved private school in Germany which prioritizes individualized learning experiences for each child, collaborated with Classter to manage all its processes like admissions, attendance monitoring and hybrid learning in a single system.

Seminary educational organizations trust Classter as their SIS system. Classter team worked with The Master’s Academy International, a registered nonprofit organization, providing financial and academic support to ministry and pastoral training centers in 12 countries.

Classter helped TMAI accommodate all operations under one roof and automate its Admission Process, District Management and Hybrid Learning.

Classter collaborated with Global School for Entrepreneurship, a higher education organization providing international students with B. Sc., Pre-M. Sc., M. Sc., and other entrepreneurship-related degrees. Classter aided GS4E in simplifying its procedures, supplying faculty with the means to communicate more efficiently with their students and managing academics more easily.

Furthermore, the seamless integration of Canvas LMS and Zoom enables educators and learners to swiftly transition to remote learning based on a unified curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing structure for Classter’s Admissions Module?

Classter offers flexible pricing for the Admissions Module based on the size and needs of educational institutions. For a detailed quote, please contact our sales team.

Is the Admissions Module user-friendly for staff, applicants, and parents?

Yes, Classter’s Admissions Module is designed with an intuitive interface, ensuring a user-friendly experience for both administrative staff and applicants. Training resources are also available.

Can I customize the applicants' signup form to align with our institution's requirements?

Absolutely, the Admissions Module offers a customizable signup form to capture early interest and tailor the application process to the specific needs of your institution.

How does Classter handle the verification of application documents and qualifications?

The Admissions Module efficiently manages and verifies necessary application documents and qualifications, reducing administrative burden and ensuring a smooth admissions process.

Can Classter Admissions Module automate the assessment of applicant eligibility?

Yes, the module incorporates intelligent qualification rules and auto eligibility controls, automating the assessment process for fairness, efficiency, and transparency.

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