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A Centralized Solution for a Decentralized World

Classter's unified platform empowers your institution to discard obsolete, separate systems that struggle to communicate. Our product harmonizes your entire IT landscape, serving as a single, user-friendly hub for all your management needs.

Gain back the time you spend wrestling with disjointed systems and direct it where it matters most – your students' success.

98% User Satisfaction Rating

Classter is featured on Capterra & SourceForge as a great choice for educational organizations.

Enhancing Every Touchpoint – For Everyone

A Better Experience for Students, Teachers, and Parentses

يمكن للطلاب الوصول إلى بوابة سهلة الاستخدام للوصول إلى معلومات حول جلسات التدريس والواجبات المنزلية والتصحيح، بالإضافة إلى بيانات الحضور

يطلع أولياء الأمور على التقويمات الأكاديمية لأطفالهم، وينشئون اجتماعات فردية مع المعلمين، ويديرون الرسوم الدراسية والمدفوعات عبر الإنترنت من خلال بوابتهم الفردية.

يمكن لمسؤولي القبول اختيار إعداد بوابات دخول مخصصة مع عمليات ومعايير خاصة لإدارة إجراءات التقديم المعقدة. لا تشير بوابة مقدم الطلب إلى الطلاب فحسب، بل إلى أولياء الأمور المتقدمين بطلبات لأطفالهم دون السن القانونية أيضًا.

يمكن للمعلمين استخدام بوابتهم المخصصة لإنشاء جلسات التدريس وتتبع الحضور وتحديث معلومات التصحيح والحصول على معلومات في الوقت الفعلي حول أداء الطلاب.

يصبح الطلاب المشاركون خريجين مشاركين، حيث يمكن للطلاب البقاء على اتصال بالمدرسة بعد التخرج وإنشاء شبكة قوية من شأنها دعم مجتمع الطلاب.

يمكن للموظفين الاهتمام بالواجبات الإدارية المختلفة وتبسيط الأنشطة المتكررة. يمكنهم تسهيل التواصل بين المنظمة والتلاميذ وأولياء الأمور، والتعامل مع تسجيلات الطلاب ومهام المعلمين، بالإضافة إلى تنظيم الجدول الزمني للمدرسة.

في الوقت الحاضر، تتعاون الأوساط الأكاديمية والصناعة بشكل وثيق. تستطيع الشركات إنشاء ملفات تعريف وتوفير فرص التدريب لطلاب الجامعات من خلال بوابتهم المخصصة.

Your Educational Ecosystem

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Comprehensive Coverage

Our platform effectively meets the diverse needs of K12 institutions, fostering an optimal learning environment. Classter efficiently addresses all K12 management needs, ensuring seamless administration, robust communication, and enriched educational experiences in one comprehensive platform.

Navigate Your Data with Confidence

Classter's all-encompassing data management capability provides K12 schools with unobstructed visibility across all institutional data. Track student performance, manage course allocation, and oversee financial operations with precision and clarity. Make data-driven decisions based on real-time insights and reports, and provide students with the best possible education.

Power-Packed Functionality Meets Seamless User Experience

Grading Efficiency

Streamline grading and reporting, saving time for educators and keeping parents informed.

Engaging Tools

Utilize interactive tools to enhance learning and keep students engaged and motivated.

Attendance Tracking

Simplify and automate attendance tracking for accuracy and accountability.

Parental Involvement

Facilitate stronger parent-teacher communication and involvement in students' education.

Extracurricular Management

Users invited to work together with the common goal of delivering a successful project. They can have several different roles as active members of the development, or simplify followers of the board.

Safety Protocols

Ensure student safety with integrated systems for emergencies and daily operations.

Classter، مع نظامه المباشر والسحابي النظام الأساسي، هو نظام معلومات الطلاب المفضل لمدارس K12.AHF Grundschule، مؤسسة خاصة معتمدة من الدولة مدرسة في ألمانيا تعطي الأولوية لتجارب التعلم الفردية لكل طفل، وتعاونت مع Classter لإدارة جميع عملياتها مثل القبول ومراقبة الحضور والتعلم المختلط في نظام واحد.

Classter is Fully Integrated with 40+ Tools

Classter offers seamless integration with over 40 of the most popular third-party tools, including Office 365, Moodle, Webex, MS Teams, Zoom, Hubspot and more. With an open API, Classter makes it easy for you to connect with your existing tools and workflows, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.

Is Classter The Right Choice for You?

Classter platform is fully adaptable & customizable, which gives you the opportunity to create a platform that will best suit your organization's specific needs. Solve this short quiz & find out how can Classter help your organization.

Classter is an Award Winning Software & a Leader in Edtech Revolution

Frequently Asked Questions

Can our school customize the subscription based on our specific needs and budget constraints?
Absolutely. Classter offers a modular system, allowing schools to choose and pay for the features they need. This flexibility ensures that K12 institutions can tailor their subscription to align with both their specific requirements and budget constraints. Our goal is to provide a cost-effective solution without compromising functionality.
How can Classter help our school ensure data security and privacy?

Classter prioritizes data security and privacy. Our platform adheres to industry-standard encryption protocols, and we regularly update security measures. Users have role-based access control, ensuring that sensitive data is only accessible to authorized personnel. We also comply with relevant data protection regulations.

Will we be able to involve parents in their child's academic journey?

Through a user-friendly mobile app, Classter enables parents to access real-time information about their child’s performance, attendance, and other vital details. This fosters a stronger home-school connection, encouraging parental engagement for improved student outcomes.

What kind of support does Classter provide for schools?

Classter offers comprehensive support, including dedicated customer service, training sessions, and regular updates to ensure schools get the most out of the platform.

Is Classter user-friendly for both administrators and end-users?

Yes, Classter is designed with usability in mind. Its no-code, fully configurable environment makes it easy for administrators, while intuitive portals and mobile apps provide a user-friendly experience for students, parents, and educators.

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