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1Changes Backlog for Classter 01.2019 Edition (4th of January 2019)

About this version

The new version of Classter (released on January 2019) is available, and here is a list of the updates per module or functional area.



#22344 Student’s Form – Subjects Enrollment

Redesign of the ‘’Enroll Groups to Subjects’’ form. Management of the multiple main group enrollments for a student:
  • The student cannot have multiple main groups (more than one). If the student already has a main group, the system will not accept the addition of one more group as main. A message will appear "this student already has a main group. Please disable the existing main group to enable this option here".
  • If the student has two main groups from the database, these groups appear as active. In the ‘’Save’’ function although, a message will appear that says: ‘’The student has multiple main groups. Only one is allowed. Please select one group as a main group.’’

#23925 Students per School Registration – View in Portal

The “Students per School Registration” view was available only on Manager application. Now the user can find it on Portal’s platform, in students’ list > ‘’View’’ > ‘’Students per School Registration’’. Available filters:
  • Location
  • Grade
  • Program

#23658 Medical Data per Student – Improvements

In the “Students per Medical Data” list three new columns have been added.
  • Exam Access Requirements
  • Transport Access Requirements
  • Academic Mentor

#24474 Students List – Massive QR Code Generator

In the students’ list with a click on the “Actions” button, the option “Create a card” generates a QR code for the selected students.  

#23101 General Improvements

  • In the students’/teachers’/staff & employees’ list the default view is the grid view and the entities are clickable through the ‘’Actions’’ button depending on user’s rights.
  • Extra columns in the students’ list. There are hidden by default and they can be exported.
    • Address
    • City
    • Area
    • Post Code
  • The creation of the timetable can be done through the management menu: ‘’Academic Tasks’’ > ‘’Timetable’’ > ‘’Schedule Timetable’’ and not though the configuration menu as it used to.
  • In the students’ list, the ‘’Previous – Next’’ navigation option is available, so that the user can easily navigate between students.
  • Positioning Calendar:
    • The ‘’Location’’ comes as preselected based on the role.
    • New setting related to which location the user can have and which are the preselected.
  • For teachers:
    • The use is the same as in staff/employee users, but the students list brings:
      • Only the students he/she teaches (triple connection).
      • Or students that the teacher is a mentor.
      • Or students that belong to a group that he/she is a supervisor.

#23495 Extra Improvements

  • In relatives’ management list, in grid view, the button “Manage Columns” have been added, and the user can select which columns will be displayed.
  • When parent user checks the children’s homework, the images (if exist) appears as a thumbnail and are clickable.
  • The middle name of the student (if exists) appears in all the views.
  • In Attendance screen, (as a parent/student user), there have been extra fields and improvements.
    • A status filter has been added with dropdown options (Authorized, Unauthorized).
    • The absence’s category appears in the columns.
    • Export buttons are now available.
  • In public events, users now have three different options to choose from:
    • Not Sure
    • Attend
    • Not Attend

#23426 Teacher’s Form – Employment Data Tab

  In teacher’s form, a new tab has been added called "Employment Data" which includes:
  • Info
  • Scientific Fields
  • Working Hours

#23176 Working Hours Management – Teacher

A new statistic method has been applied so that the working hours of a teacher can be calculated based on different categories and restrictions.
  • In the “Working Hours” area under the “Employment Data” tab (in teacher’s form) the user can find this feature. Keep in mind that the different categories should be set in the “Main Settings” > “Parametric Lists” > select Teachers in “Type” and the “Teacher Working Hours Types” to add a new one.

#24385 Employees

The ON/OFF button “Consultant” has been added at the creation/edit of an Employee user.  

#21527 Minor Improvements – Part 1

  • The City/Post Code fields have drop down options.
  • Student List: You can search by Student Code in grid view.
  • Owner user can see his/her account in all institutes when in ‘’User Accounts’’ option.

#22879 Minor Improvements – Part 2

  • In ‘’Enrollments’’ tab, in student’s form, the system has two more buttons. The ‘’Show deleted courses’’ ON/OFF option, where with red color will appear the deleted courses, and the ‘’Show all group subjects’’ where all of the subjects will be listed.
  • In teachers’ list, the Level/Location filter, shows all the teachers that belong in the selected Level/Location or all the teachers without a defined Level/Location.

#22769 Add Event in Multicompany Menu

In Multicompany menu, the user can create events and invite teachers. A new ON/OFF check have been added that invites only the teachers related to the subjects.  

#22386 Group List

A new field has been added called “Group Type" in the grid view of the group list.  

#24680 Group Statistics

In the management menu > “Groups” > “Group Statistics”, with a click on the “Actions” button > “Calendar” the related groups can be displayed on it.  

#23933 Previous School – Improvements

Extra information for the Previous School:
  • End Date
  • Latest Class
  • Type of Studies
  • Departure Type
  • Overall Grade

#15436 Subject Form – Portal

New fields:
  • Remarks
  • Group Color
  • Classroom
  • Supervisor
  • Assistant Supervisor
  • Absence Limit
  • UNJUSTIFIED Absences Limit
  • Οffice365 Group Name
  • External Timetable Code
  • Previous Group
  • Related Basic Group
New Tab:
  • Enrollments (read only)

#24200 Services/Activities Form – Portal

New fields: General Data
  • List of Groups
  • Services Frequency
  • Students Limit
  • Max Number of Absences allowed
  • Max Number of Non-Excused Absences Allowed
  • Color
  • Online Registration Classification
  • Statistics Classification
Billing & Prices
  • General Ledger Account
  • General Ledger 2nd Account
New Tabs:
  • Timetable
  • Students

#16046 Services Tab in Students Form

In the student’s form > “Enrollments” tab > “Services” new columns have been added.
  • Teacher
  • Remarks
  • Change Reason
  • Submission User


#20794 Student’s Messaging History

  Administrative personnel have access to the messaging history. This option contains all the messages of the institute per user.   In Student Form:
  • New tab, in the existing “Views & Statistics”, called “Messages”.
  • Folders (Inbox, Sent Items)
  • Date Filter (From-To)
  • Message Type
  • Categories

#23580 CRM Entries Through Attendance List

In the “Subjects Attendance” option, the user can add remarks/actions. By choosing specific filters, a list will appear with all the students. For each student a CRM icon appears on the line, next to the name. By clicking it the system will open the CRM screen, and the process continues as known.

#17616 CRM Category Setting

In Configuration menu, new options have been added: In “CRM Settings” > “General Settings” > “Special Settings” the user can define which CRM Categories can be used in CRM Entries through the Attendance List.  

#22341 Minor Improvements

  • In the Calendar option, there is a “Legends” area, where the user can take information about the meaning of each color (what it represents).
  • Parent’s Portal: In the online meetings scheduling, a warning message will appear if the time the user chooses belongs to the past.

#23352 Teacher’s CRM

  The ‘’Per Group’’ option is available in the CRM of teachers so that they can select students from a group or groups. The group options come through a dropdown field, and then the students in a grid view.  

#23458 CRM Email Templates

New templates have been added in ‘’Advanced Configurations’’ > ‘’Templates & Menus’’ > ‘’Templates Editing’’ > under the ‘’CRM’’. Those templates are related with the ‘’Creation’’, the ‘’Receiver’’ and the ‘’On behalf’’ status.  

#23194 Parent’s Approval on CRM – Report

The report related to the requests of the students has some extra information. A box called “Approved by parent” so that the user knows when a parent has approved the request.  


#22745 Timetable Management – Part 1

  • The cells can be copied (separately or massively).
  • The timetable can be copied in another category.
  • New tool in the “Timetable Settings” called “Update Teachers’ Enrollments Based on Timetable Entries”.
    • An ON/OFF option called “Teachers’ enrolled working hours in a group/subject will be automatically set to Zero, when there is no timetable entry for this group/subject enrollment.
    • An ON/OFF option called “Remove groups/subjects if total hours equal zero.
    • And two boxes, “Categories”, “Grade” to filter for a specific categories and grade.
    • The “Update Enrollments” button is the one that makes the action and updates the enrollments based on the timetable entries.

#23434 Timetable Management – Part 2

  • With the drag n drop feature the user can move the content of the cells.
  • The user can add a comment for the session with a click on a cell (in the new window that will open).
  • Mass deletion.
  • The user can choose a specific day or all the days and delete them.
  • Deletion of all the data (in a day) per hour/group/teacher/classroom.

#23023 Timetable – Improvements in Appearance

In this version, different cells with the same content can be merged into one. For example, in a day, a subject last for more than an hour (that means different cell for every hour), so these cells now are merged into one.  

#22920 Final Marking & Promotion

  The calculation of the final mark should not affect the Promotion column in ‘’Annual Results’’. For example, if the fail result is empty the Promotion column stays as it was.  

#22489 Sessions Evaluation

  The user can evaluate students through the daily sessions with the specified marking categories. Also:
  • The daily marks can be exported.
  • The average mark can be calculated per student in sessions.

#22930 Homework History

The user can print the list of homework. A “Print” button has been added.  

#16984 Term Marking

In Term Marking, the option “Marking Periods” should bring only the published periods for parents and students. That means, the marking periods with “date of publish”.  

#23075 Marking Criteria – Improvements

  • The marking criteria can be divided in descriptive or numeric (non-descriptive) criteria with default option the numeric.
  • With a drag ‘n’ drop, the user can define the order of the criteria.
  • Also, you can create groups of options

#23899 Attendance List

A new column has been added in the “Attendance List”, called “Is Verified”, for the absences that have been reviewed.  

#23762 Position Calendar in Attendance Recording

The position calendar may be displayed on the Subjects Attendance (with an icon on the line) list if the entries are based on the timetable / hours. If the selected hour is linked to a check in position in a timeslot, with a date.  

#24528 Homework

New buttons have been added so that the user can select/deselect all the subjects in the homework feature.  

#22304 Improvements in Scenarios (Descriptive – Numeric)

  • The numeric scenarios on Portal have all the functionalities of the Manager, now.
  • When a user opens a scenario, only the selected categories appear.


#23592 Routes Improvements

  • On the map I can search the name of student that doesn’t exist in the route and the system will zoom in this student.
  • An ON/OFF switch has been added that designs routes automatically.
  • The status dropdown has multiple options.

Third Party Integrations

#23239 Apifon Integration

Classter connects with a new SMS gateway interconnection. Apifon provides a messaging automation platform that helps business communicate with their customers effectively, grow revenue and improve customer experience. Through “General Settings” > “Third-Party Integrations” > “SMS Settings”, you can change the “Provider” and select “Apifon”.  


#24102 Transactions without Arrangements

  • In the Transactions without Arrangements list, a “Service” column will be added.
    • In the right click, a new option called “Link with a Service” is available.
    • Also, the bulk action “Automated mass link with an arrangement” is available for one or more selected transactions from the list.
  • In the Issue Receipt screen, if it is the ‘’without arrangement’’ type, a dropdown list with all the services will be included. These services will be filter based on the Grade of the student.
    • By default, the services with a check on the box ‘’Calculate value at tuition fees arrangement’’ will be part of the dropdown list in an alphabetical order.
  • Student’s form: With a right click on a transaction without arrangement, the active ones will be the ones linked with a service.

#23016 Arrangement Screen

When a user removes/changes a subject, the arrangement can be re-calculated. If a discount exists, the new reduction will be on the initial value. The initial value can be affected only by the number of the subjects. A new button in the arrangements list includes the history of changes in an arrangement (in read only view).  

Use of the Web-based platform of Classter

#17968 Manager’s Settings on Portal – For Manager Users

With this version, settings on Manager’s application can be found on Classter Portal. In every module, there will be a ‘’General Settings’’ option with the same features as in Manager. That means that the users can manage most of the functional preferences on the online platform of Classter.  


#24884 Sessions & Homework

The configuration of the “Sessions & Homework” feature can be done through portal. A new option has been added in “Configuration” menu > “Academic Settings” > “Sessions & Homework” > “General Settings”.
2Changes Backlog for Classter 10.2018 Edition (15th of October 2018)

About this version

The new version of Classter (released on October 2018) is available, and here is a list of the updates. Read the most significant developments this version provides:

  • Google Apps Integration.
  • Apple School Manager Integration.
  • Brightspace Integration.
  • SMS AMD Telecoms Integration.
  • Transportation Module.
  • Management of student position (check in/out - Portal only).
  • Fast Absences Entry for Admin/Secretary/Owner (Portal only).
  • New feature in Portal - “Manage Contacts”.
  • Custom Fields for Students, Parents, Employees, Teachers (Portal only).
  • Group overall evaluation by teacher.
  • Teachers of a group instant communication.
  • Drop down list for PostCodes – Cities (Portal only).
  • Filter list per location (Portal only).
  • Connected contacts in Companies or Contact form (Portal only).
  • Improvements in Assingments cycle.
  • New Timetable creation methods (Portal only).
  • Surveys distribution in events.
  • Improvements in Consents - “Two Factor Authentication” and "Digital Signature".
  • Improvements in feature called “Substitution”.
  • New capability to define the Type of the Teacher.
  • Block Assessment Dates per Year and/or Group.
  • New capability to attach files in “Duties” in Teacher’s Dashboard.
  • Special Screens to support “Duties” for kindergarten and primary school.
  • Portal supports the uploading of students’ data.
  • Administration can now register CRM into multiple entities.
  • New fields in Teacher’s form.
  • New screen for Descriptive Marking.
  • Location – New fields in Portal.
  • Financial in Portal (Bulk Arrangements, Billing Categories, etc.).
  • SEPA Transactions.
Below we provide a list of changes and improvements per module or functional area:


#19647 Student’s Form

New tab “Demographic Data”. The “Nationality” option was single select, and it became multi-select.

In this new tab, new fields included, and some other fields have been transferred from the dashboard.

In detail the fields are shown below:

  • Academic Registration Number
  • Nationality [drop-downmultiple]
  • Religion [dropdown single]
  • Tax ID
  • Tax Office [dropdown single]
  • Social Security Number
  • City [dropdown single]
  • Place of Birth [dropdown single]
  • Country [drop-downsingle]
  • IdentityNumber
  • IssueDate
  • IssuingAuthority
  • Passport Number
  • Issue Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Issuing Authority
  • Army Number
  • Registration Date
  • Issuing Authority
  • External Code

#19795 Personal Data of Students

On Portal, users (e.g., secretaries) can upload files for each student. There is a limitation per file up to 10MB. Files can be categorized into dynamically specified categories.

#20674 Students from Period to Period

Layout’s developments:

In this version, you can filter better the students to be transferred. There are filters called “Periods” – “From Registrations” – “To Registrations” – “Increase Institute’s Registration Based on”.

Also, there have been developments in the process of transfer, and some new functions have been created, such as the year and the registry category are now increased simultaneously.

#19993 Student Data

Students’ data that were missing (e.g., Student Code), are available in this new version for view and export in excel.

#19995 From/To School

The information about the student’s origin school data has been added.

In Student’s form in Portal, on the “Admission Data” tab, there is a new fieldset called “School Transfer Data”.

  • Origin Institute | Destination Institute
    • Reason [dropdown list] - list of reasons
    • Institute [dropdown list] - List of other contacts
    • Comments [plain text]

#20049 & #20094 New Fields in Student form

In Portal, now, you can manage the Register number. Two new fields when you add “Educational Program” to a student.

  • Registration Number

Also, if the institute has marking structures, a new option appears (dropdown list) to select them.

In “Demographic Data” there is a new field called “Academic Registration Number”. In “Enrollments” tab, “Comments” option, also works with a drop-down providing default values from a specific table.

#20066 Student's Form – Multiple Contact Data

New field under “CONTACT” data of the “Student Profile” tab, called “EXTRA PHONES/CONTACT DATA” and an “Add” button with a drop-down list:

  • Home – Mobile – Work – Email – Office365 – Other for the “Type” option, and two more columns called “Data” and “Comments”.

#21030 Student’s Form

In the student form, in the “EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM” menu, there is a new “Edit” icon, under the existing “Add” button.

#22344 Student’s Form - Enrollments

Redesign of the Enrollments tab.

  • The subject can be transferred from group to group.
  • A student can leave from a subject in the middle of the academic period.
  • A student can enroll with more than one basic group.

#21872 Students' List

In students' list, all the “Actions” buttons should have the same options (when entered as Secretary).

Note: In students list that a teacher has access, remains the same.

#20794 Student's Messaging History

New tab in student’s form, called “Messages”, with Date filters [From – To]. In this tab, user can find all the messages related with him/her, but will have limited actions.

#22879 Minor Improvements

In students list, “View” > “Students per Consents”, in the “Submitted” column, the consents can be filtered in those has filters related to whether the consent has been approved or not.

#22269 Medical Drop Downs in Parametric List

The list has four different types.
  • Medical Conditions
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Assessments

#21857 Changes in the “Students List” menu

  • The setting “Default View” can be the “Grid View” instead of the tiles view.
  • All students’ grids have now an identical set of available actions.
  • Students Grid: Name column is split into First and Last Name columns.
  • Tiles View: Under the name, we now present the full name of both parents instead just the first name of the father.

#22214 Two new reports with Students’ and Relatives’ Contact Data

Two new reports are now available in the “Students List”. These reports provide all contact data for each student (it includes all student data as well as relative/parents data). A similar report added in the “Groups List” for teachers.

#18089 Students & Guardians - Portal

Students can have, now, multiple Guardians. Please note that on the portal, only parents and guardians can see student’s data.

#20061 Parametric Lists: Student Drop Downs values

All student drop-down values can now be edit in Portal in the General Settings/Parametric List section.

#20795 Groups – Subjects Enrollments

When you define Groups in student’s form > “Enrollments” tab > ”+Enroll Groups – Subjects”, there is a new “ON/OFF” option called “Enroll to Groups/Subjects that are not available in registered curriculums”. This option will be by default “OFF”.

#22473 Special Settings

A new setting that allows multiple connections between relatives and students (i.e., a relative can be added twice for a student with two different relations).

#20698 Siblings Cohabitation – Portal

In this version of Classter, two or more siblings have a checkbox (switch) called “Cohabitation”. In the bulk actions “Create Siblings”, this should be an option preselected. Depending on the user selection, siblings will take or not this check.

  • “Activities Categories”: A new checkbox added - “Registered once per Family”.

#19947 Teacher’s Form Improvements

New fields are available in teacher's form in Portal. You can set multi selected “Locations” to define in which locations of the company the teacher is active.

Also, we have added the “Abbreviation” box in “BASIC DATA” and the “Scientific Fields” menu on Teacher’s profile tab.

#20838 Teacher’s Form

“Scientific field” values, should be filtered through the “Job Role”.

  • One more field has been added, and it’s called “Teaching Position/Type” [drop-down].
  • In “BASIC DATA” we have one more field with the name “Educational Level”.

#19648 Definition of the Teacher’s type

The possibility of determining the type of teacher is now supported. The importance is that a group/subject could be assigned to two teachers, but one of them could be Basic and the other one Assistant teacher.

New list with default option zero (0):
  • 0 – Basic
  • 1 – Assistant
  • 2 – Special Associate
  • 3 –Mentor

#19661 Communication between Teachers

On the administration’s menu, in “Management” > “Groups” > “Group Statistics” there is a new link called “Message to teachers”.

#21031 Teacher’s Portal

Apart from the triple connections, there is a control on whether the teacher is a mentor for a student. Mentors have access to students’ data.

#21203 Improvements in Teacher's Form

In “CONTACT” menu, there is a new box called “Area”, that defines the region of the “Address”.

#20100 Teachers and Office365 Email

In manager, with a right click on the list of teachers:

  • A new option added: Send to teachers’ Οffice365 email.
  • The existing option is now split into two new options: “Send to Personal Email” and “Send to user’s account email”. The last one works only for verified account emails.

#19982 Teachers per Custom Fields Data

Classter adds a new option called “Teachers per Custom Fields” (same with students) that appears in Admin/Owner/Staff roles only.

#18243 Teachers Groups Subjects - Report

In this report, the filters have been updated. “Group” filters teachers, but there is also the option “None” to “Group” and “Subject” filter so that the report can display teachers with no group/subject.

#22124 Reports at Teacher – My Groups

New “Reports” are available for Teacher’s role in “My Groups” related with student’s contact data.

#22646 Mentor Capabilities

So far, the “Admin” and the “Secretary” could have access to “Medical Data” of a student. That changes in this new version, because the “Mentor”, now, can have access to these data of a student that he/she is a mentor.

#22642 Better Filtering of Students in My groups’ form (teacher portal)

In “My Group” feature of the teacher, the teacher can see only the students that enrolled with his/her “Subject” and not all the students of a “Group” as it used to be.

#20111 Group Evaluation

We created the capability to add an academic comment per marking period on a group level.

  • This option is available for every teacher who is the supervisor in a group and has access to enter and manage the above records.
In teacher’s Portal, when you have the list of groups the teacher teaches AND, is a Supervisor, a new option appears called “Manage Academic Comments” in the “Actions” drop-down menu.

#19645 Developments in Substitution Feature

Through the “Sessions”, substitution teachers can record absences. The Substitution option when it is activated brings all the Groups – Courses. In this new version, it brings for the selected date all the groups and courses the teacher has in Sessions or weekly implementation (always for the selected date).

#19652 Attached Files on Homework in Portal

On “Homework” option, teachers can now attach files. Also, on this version of Classter, there are special screens that support homework for primary school and kindergarten.

#21524 Employees & Contacts Deletion

In “Employees & Contacts” option under “Personnel & Contacts” menu, the ability of deletion has been created. With a click on the “Actions” button on the top of the menu, the “Delete” option will appear.

#19642 Manage Contacts in Portal

A new feature on the Portal for Contacts’ Management. This feature is under the existing “Personnel & Contacts” menu, and it is called “Employees & Contacts”.

  • The list appears only in Secretary/Administrator/Owner.
“+Create New” option has a dropdown list with the following options:
  • Employees
  • Companies
  • Suppliers
  • Institutes
  • Other Contacts
Subsequently, a “Grid” view only with a list of the Contacts-Registers:
  • Filters (Show/Hide)
    • Type (drop-down option)
    • Category (Select All option)
General search option, with columns like:
  • Actions – Full Name – Brand Title – Sex – Mobile Phone – Contact Email – ID Number – Registration Status – Comment – Birthday – Username – Father’s Name – Address – City – Maiden Name – Date of contact – Date of work – Level – Title – Category

#22314 Role Deletion – On Portal

The role deletion option is now available on Portal.

#20918 Role Management – General Category

In roles like Staff/Employees, a new right has been added. You can hide the “General Category” box from the Students’ profile data tab, and from the view option “Students per Demographic Data” in the filter “Type”.

#22573 Connected Contacts – Other Contacts

In this new section called “Connected Contacts”, “Other contact” type of users (“Personnel & Contacts” > “Employees & Contacts”), can connect with existing ones (Employees, Companies, Suppliers, Institutes, Other Contacts) with a click on the “Connect with Existing” button.

#20067 Filter by Location

New tab in “Role Management” > “Actions” > “Edit Rights”, called “Special Settings”. In this tab, there is a group of customizations related to settings per role and period. The setting “Location” refers to the locations of the institute.

#19952 Location Improvements

New fields in “Levels” menu under the “Main Settings” of “Configuration”.

  • Description - (Long Name)
  • ID Number
  • Website
  • Location Type (School, College, etc.)
  • LAT – LOT

#21450 New Languages supported

Translation of Classter to French and German and Arabic languages.

#22717 Examination Averages Calculation (Cross Company)

Support for cross-company calculation of averages per examination/assessment.

#20793 Communication Data

In this new version, the “Preferred Contact Method” list can be set and have preselected options (except from the “via internal message” option). Through the “General Settings” > “User Settings” > “Available preferred contact methods” you can set the options to be displayed on “My Profile” feature.

#20332 General Issues

  • Descriptive Listing Form
    • Keystroke function in the drop-down list.
  • Capability to show the Expiration Date field in the “Quizzes”.

#19991 & #19977 Custom Fields for all Entities

With this new version, you can activate different custom fields(multi-select) through “Main Settings” > “Customize Terminology”, and next to “General” tab there are the “Custom Students/Teacher/Other Contacts” tabs. These fields can be used by Students, Teachers, Contacts, and Relatives.

  • Create values of custom fields with a dropdown type.
  • Group files above a group and display them in the correct order, in different entities’ forms.
  • New form “Parametric Lists” in “General Settings” to create the available options of the custom fields.
    • Type [dropdown]
    • Parametric Lists [custom dropdown options]

#20091 Postcodes

The field “Post Code” so far, was a textbox. With this new version, this field has become a drop-down list with the area’s postcodes options. However, if you don’t want to use the custom postcodes, you can deactivate the option “Use custom postcodes”, in “General Settings” > “Basic Settings” > “Import Settings” > “Use custom postcodes”.

#22427 Deletion of Internal Messages

On Portal, an open internal message/email/SMS from the message center can be archived by teachers. Also, bulk deletion for selected internal messages/emails/SMS from the message center of the teacher is now supported by Classter.

#15434 Improvements in Groups List

New filters have been added in “Manage Groups” option, same with those on “Students List”.

  • Level
  • Years
  • Program
  • Categories
  • Basic Group (brings the groups that have been mentioned as basic)


#20090 Customizing CRM Categories based on Portal roles

Until today, an admin could not specify the CRM categories security rights for the Employees or Secretaries when they access the portal. Although the admin could specify security rights for all CRM categories for Classter Manager, those rights did not apply when the user accessed Portal. This improvement extended the CRM categories configuration page so that Admins can now give rights to Employee portal roles. The Admin & Secretary type roles can come in the “CRM Settings” configuration screen on Manager.
  • “Special Settings” > ” Appearance options” > ” To selected roles”.

#21049 Event Creation

In the creation of a new event, new filters have been added so that the selection could be easier. You can choose students per “Year”, “Group”, “Subject”, and the same options appear when you add teachers.

Also, an “Add to my Calendar” option that can be active or not has been added so that the creator of the event can display the event on his/her calendar.

#21843 Improvements in events creation

  • Teacher in event creation can add other teachers as receivers/participants.
  • In employee’s selection when you “Add Participants”, a “Categories” box exists with first option “All”.
  • “Show in Calendar” option so that the user can control if an event should be displayed on the calendar. Also, filter for the events with no display on the calendar is available.
  • The “Short Description” text can be displayed when you click an event from the calendar, above the “Description”.

#19745 Minor Improvements in Events

Attending to Events”: Users can select a range of dates and not a specific one as it used to be (helps when you don’t remember the exact date of the event).

Add Parents to an event: In the list of parents, we added the name(s) of the related students.

#20078 Administration CRM

The new version of Classter gives the opportunity to administrators to register CRM in multiple entities. Administrator’s options are:
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Relatives
  • Employees

#20109 Calendar and Student’s Position

The Daily Calendar allows you to submit the position of the student in the school easily and quickly.

New Option called “Student Position Calendar”.

  • Appears in Secretary / Admin / Owner.
  • When you add absences, you can use the positioning of the calendar.
    • In Portal: “Academic Settings” > ”Attendance Settings” > ”General Attendance Settings” you can activate the option “Update Positioning Calendar Through Attendance”, available only for Secretary & Admin users.
  • “Last Known Position” on the Dashboard: On parents’ dashboard, above the timeline, information about the last position of the student is provided.
    • Full Name – Status – Date/Time – Comment


#19650 Block Assessment Date per year and/or Group

Another need was the definition of days as half-holidays. So now, Classter has the possibility for academics to develop half-holidays (for example, a day before a “National Day”, a trip day). In this optional type of day, assessments can’t be scheduled.

#20105 Descriptive Marking - Multiple Categories and Students

There is a new “Filter”, called “Per Marking Period”:

As of now there are three different options for entering descriptive marks:

Per Student:

  • For a selected student, the system will bring in rows all the available marking categories (criteria) and in columns the available marking periods (e.g. terms or semesters) based on the marking scenario/criteria.
Per Descriptive Category:
  • For the selected marking category (criteria), the system will bring all the students of the subject-group and in columns the available marking periods (e.g. terms or semesters) based on the marking scenario/criteria.
Per Marking Period:
  • For the selected marking period (e.g., terms or semesters), the system will bring all the students of the subject-group and in columns the available marking categories (criteria) based on the marking scenario/criteria.

#19649 Concealment of the Term Marks

In this new version of Classter, the administration could define and select where the “Term Marks” feature would be displayed.

The administration has the choice to conceal “Term Marks” from Parents and Students for specific grades or years.
  • On manager “Classter Web Portal” a new setting has been added “Show term report results for the following [Grades]”.
  • If the student does not have available data for preview or no obligation to publish the corresponding report, a message will appear: “No data is available to view or there is no obligation to publish a corresponding report”.

#21149 Scenarios from Period to Period

It allows end users to copy marking scenarios from one academic period to another.

#20265 Academics Configuration

  • Mass entries (when creating marking scenarios).
  • In Marking categories, scenarios and ranges, bulk actions like edit and delete are available.
  • General improvements in Marking categories.
  • Three new fields in Timetable Periods:
    • Days
    • Type of Timetable Period
    • External Code

#20271 Subject’s Form

In the Subject form, we created the ability to manage the “Descriptive Marking Scales” in the “General Data” tab of a subject.

#20146 Sessions Processing by Admin

The Administration, in this development, can make a “List of Sessions”, “+Create New” button and edit them as well.

#21850 Delete Session

A teacher/secretary role can now delete “Sessions” created by them.

#20301 Improvements in Academic Tasks

  • When creating “Quizzes” or “Homework”, the available “from Date” info is preselected.
  • New feature “+New Assessment/Exam” in the “Management” menu, “Academic Tasks” > ”Assessments” > ”Assessment Scheduling” > ”+Create New”.
  • The teacher schedules an assessment, an exam in-class, test or work. After this event takes place, the teacher can mark each student and comment on each mark. The mark may be descriptive or numerical. This exam or assessment can be scheduled for the whole class or group.

#20552 Upload of Marked Assessments

Teachers can return to their students corrected and marked assessments.

#22920 Final Mark and Promotion

The “Promotion” feature can’t be affected by the “Final Mark” of the student.

#16802 Timetable Periods – Manager

The Timetable periods can be filtered when you record Absences.

#16785 Timetable Category – Manager

On a student’s timetable (Manager), the “Timetable Category” field brings as preselected the category that has been defined as “Default”.

#21047 Sessions in Timetable

When you import the timetable from excel file, sessions can be created.

#21675 Timetable Periods – Copy Option

The user can copy the timetable hours/ periods from an academic period to an academic period.

#19660 & #23023 Timetable Appearance

On the “Timetable” of a student on Manager, absences could be displayed. There is a box option called “Absences” and a message “The shown absences do not concern the group – subject, but the shown timetable period”. With a drag of the option “Absences” on the timetable, absences column will appear. Also, the groups of the student will be in color. On Portal, to the teacher’s timetable, groups appear with different colors.

Furthermore, if the title is the same for different cells, they can be merged for continuous hours and appear as one, including a time period (the hour that the subject is active).

#22024 Timetable Improvements

A new field called “Columns Groups” in the “Configuration” menu, “Academic Settings” > ”Timetable” > ”Schedule Timetable”, through which you can change the appearance of the Timetable. Using this new option, the timetable can now be presented:
  • By Group and Day/Timetable period
  • By Teacher and Day/Timetable period
  • By Classroom and Day/Timetable period
In all three cases, the end user can select which entity will be displayed in rows and which entity will be displayed in columns.

#22745 Timetable Management

In “Schedule Timetable”, new options have been created.

In the gear icon, the “Preferences” tab includes the “Update teachers’ hours from timetable”. The “Constraints” tab inspects all the restrictions related with the teacher. The active option makes a restriction enabled and the critical ON/OFF option when is activated gives to the user no option when a restriction is over the limits. For example, when the critical is OFF and a teacher expands his/her hours, a message will appear with a question “Teacher has expanded the teaching hours. Are you sure you want to continue?”. If the critical is ON, this message gives you no question, “Teacher has expanded the teaching hours”.

#20110 Fast Absences Entry for Admin/Secretary/Owner

There is a new option for Admin/Secretary/Owner, called “Fast Absences Entry” that opens a new screen. In Management list, “Academic Tasks” > ”Absences” > ”Subjects Attendance” > ”Actions”. The “Operating Mode” can either be “Manual” (the user should select all the necessary data) or “Automatic” (the student must use a card with a unique code when enters the institute and based on rules, the presence entry should be done automatically). Manual options:
  • Student – searches for the student (registered ones) based on name, RFID, ID card.
  • Timetable Category – based on the student brings the available categories.
  • Subjects – if the entry is based on subjects, brings the subjects of the student.
  • Absence Types – the type of absence (Absence, Tardy, Presences).
  • Absence Category – based on type brings the available categories.

#20700 Mass Enrollments of Services

In the “Actions” option of “Students”, a “Mass Imports” category has been added with first option “Enroll to Services”. For all the selected students of the list, when you select “Enroll to Services” a new window appears in which you can also add/remove students.

#16032 List of Services

The following view types (groupings) are now supported on the services grid:
  • per “Service Category”
  • Per “Grade”
  • Per “Teacher”
  • Per “Classroom”
Additional improvement: The user selected grouping method is also cached so that the user does not need to select it every time.

#18332 Absences Report

A new report for absences per group that displays all the students, whether they have absences or not. The report can be found in “Academics” > “Reports” > “Absences”.


#18895 Transportation Module

Classter has the capability in this new version to create Routes, with the declaration of buses’ information and students’ addresses based on the route they would like to choose. The Institute designs and manages routes with FROM and TO destination.
  • Starting from the “Configuration” menu, at the drop-down list of “Transportation”, you select “Route Category”, and you create the different route categories, if they exist.
  • Subsequently, you can create “Zone” of the route. By this we mean, the orientation of the bus and the exact time of the route.
  • On the “Route’s Header” option, you can create the basic characteristics of the route, for example, what Zone represents, and its category.
  • Also, at the “Management” option, “Students” > ’’Students’’ you select a student and in the “Views & Statistics” tab you select “Transportation”.
  • In the next three tabs, you can create route per student per day, or “Intentions” / “Exceptions” for emergency changes you might want.
  • Finally, at the “Management” menu, at the “Transportation” > ’’Routes Configuration’’ option, is possible to place each student to each route and to create the mapping of the routes.

#20114 Transportation Module (2nd Round)

Besides, this version has a form used by the Bus driver/co-driver which tracks the pickups and the get offs of a student through a special screen. In “Management” menu, we have upgraded the “Transportation” option, and when the bus driver/co-driver selects “Student Daily Routes” he/she can submit the “Check IN” and “Check OUT” of every student.

#22113 & #21764 Improvements in Transportation Module

  • Students’ routes can be copied in every day.
  • “Reset Position” option on the map.
  • “Routes Configuration” – with a click on the student’s name, a new tab will open with the defined “Transportation” of the student.
  • “Route Stop” – The “Description” box has now a max size.

#21267 Transportation Reports

In transportation menu, under “Management” list, “Transportation” > ”Routes Configuration” you can preview, and export “Reports” related to:
  • “Bus Routes List” – “Bus Routes” – “Drivers Routes Program” – “Drivers Schedule”.

#21804 Improvements in Transportation

Some extra features in the transportation module:
  • Display of the route per student or route.
  • Export the route in EXCEL file.

#21865 Transportation Tab in Read only Mode

In “Students List”, in grid view, in “Actions” button, depending on the rights, the “Preview & Edit” option can be hidden, but the “Transportation” option can be a read only option.

Third Party Integrations

#21582 Improvements in Office365 Integration

The option "Convert to Office365 Email Account" is now a bulk action (for the selected users). When students are imported through an excel file, Office365 accounts are created automatically.

#21458 API ISBN for Paid Editions

The ISBN.com integration has changed plans (free edition removed). Classter uses the new APIs and paid plans to lookup for books. Customers must purchase the paid plan to use Classter’s integration with isbn.com

#21913 Google API Integration – Users Creation

The logic is like Office365. Classter will automatically create Google users for all students, teachers or employees created in Classter. It will also add their properties and provision their email boxes. Note that Google API and Office365 cannot be used simultaneously.

#22065 & #21063 Crowdin Integration

Crowdin In-Context tool allows translating texts directly within the actual web application. Classter sends a URL to the user, the user logs in, selects Institute, then the language to be translated at the “Target Language”, and logs in with an account from the list. Then on Portal, selects the language to translate and edits the translations.

#19641 Google – G Suite

Classter implements the Single Sign-on with the proposed methodology of Google. By extending Single Sign-On (SSO) to our cloud app, we can use our corporate credentials to sign into our software as a service (SaaS) app. SSO provides a single point of authentication through an Identity Provider (IdP). In that way, Classter wants to increase security by enforcing SSO while providing the convenience of SSO to users. Through the “General Settings” > “Third-Party Integrations” > “Google G Suite Settings” you can activate this provider. Note that you can have one active third-party provider, either Office or Google G Suite.

#22610 BrightSpace Integration

Classter integrates with BrightSpace, which is a flexible learning management platform that helps in better learning outcomes by offering every learner a highly personalized, digital experience. In the system users can create, host, and edit online learning resources. Through “General Settings” > “Third-Party Integrations” > “Brightspace” you can follow the instructions to register to the platform.

#22475 SMS AMD Telecoms

Classter enables a new SMS gateway interconnection, the AMDTelecom. Through “General Settings” > “Third-Party Integrations” > “SMS Settings”, you can change the “Provider” and select “AMDTelecom”.


#20096 Registration Documents

Two to three new checkboxes in admission documents and student admission documents.
  • Start Date (date/time) &
  • End Date (date/time) in admission documents list.

#19627 Candidates’ Statistics – Manager

New grouping of Registry Category in the grid of candidates’ statistics.

#20097 Document Categories

Manager has been modified to support Admission Document Categories or sections. Admission documents categories are used to group set of admission documents and manage the order of appearance.


#20136 Inspection of Outstanding Payments

On student’s “Calendar”, if a student has an outstanding amount a message will appear that says: "You need to close any outstanding payments to join this meeting" before he/she can attend an event.

#20089 Student Accounting Card – Financials

New fields in students’ form used in online financial statements and SEPA files.

Portal: On the “Financial” tab, there are two new fields.

  • Bank Account (IBAN)

#20117 General Missing of Functions

When setting “Allow issuing of a voucher only if the agreement has a committed agreement” is active, in student’s fees tab, there is a tab called “Private Agreement” which connects with the “Arrangement” tab. The inspection on whether the arrangement has a committed agreement is available. Those settings can be found on Manager, but the inspection is available and on Portal.

#19944 Developments in Financial

In “Financial” menu a new option appears, and it’s called “List of Payers” which brings a list of all the registered payers. For each payer, there is info related to:
  • First Name – Last Name – Home Phone – Mobile Phone – E-mail – Address – Tax ID – Tax Office – Total amount of arrangements – Total amount of Payments – Balance – Delayed amount – Arrangement balance from other periods.
Also, all this info can be printed, copied and exported in EXCEL/CSV file, and you can manage which columns you want to appear. Available Filters (based on students): “Location” – “Grade”.

#19943 List of Arrangements

Arrangement List: List with all active arrangements in the current period and relevant data. New Option called “Arrangements List” in the “Financial” menu.
  • Appears in Admin / Secretary / Owner.
  • Filters
    • Arrangement Types (multi-select)
    • Level (multi-select)
    • Year (multi-select)
    • Program (multi-select)
  • Columns
    • Student – Arrangement – Initial Amount – Discount Value - Discount % – Reduction Amount – Agreed Amount – Discount Types – Payment Method – Payer – Arrangement Billing Plan – Educational Programs - Year – Program – Basic Group – Registration Status – Billing Category – Zero invoice – Published – Father's Name – Reg. Number – Mobile phone – E-mail.

#20122 Arrangements – Portal

Doses of Arrangements in Portal can be added/removed. This function is similar to the Manager’s function without the Deposit option.

#20899 Arrangements settings

New setting “Default Payment Type” for new arrangements. This setting can be defined in “Financial Settings” > “General Settings” in “Payment Method” box. Then, on student’s profile, on “Financial” tab when you “Manage” an arrangement, the “Payment Method” will be preselected. This default option helps in transactions (Invoice and Payment, Payment Receipt) so that the preferred method for each customer can be preselected.

#20019 Billing Categories

Improvements in Subject’s form: In Portal, on the subject’s form, in the “Billing & Prices” tab, if: The setting related to a “Pricing Category” (Use Tuition Fees Table) is activated, and there is at least one “Pricing/Billing Category” related to the subject, the “Pricing Category” appears. New setting on Manager called “Default pricing category per student category” that opens a new window with the pricing categories of the student, the default pricing category, and the type (if it’s related to a service/subject).

#19945 SEPA Files Transactions

In this new version, SEPA transactions are available. With SEPA transactions, payment receipts can be exported. First, on student’s form the fields “Bank Account” and “SEPA ID” should be defined. This will be the linked bank account of the student. Then, configuration should be done in the new menu called “Financial Settings” under “Configuration” for Admin, Secretary, and Owner with submenu:
  • “General Settings” with two tabs.
    • “General Settings”
    • “Billing Parameters”
      • With a field called “SEPA Transactions” and options:
        • “Payment Method” [multiselect].
        • “File Category” – list of files categories of the organization.
        • “Bank” [drop-down list].

Surveys & Quizzes

#23019 Surveys for Events

In “Calendar” > “Attending to Events” Classter gives you the capability to distribute a survey to those who attended a specific event, for example, if you’d like to receive some feedback. Select them and click the “Bulk Actions” button > “Quiz Distribution”. The quiz comes through the “Surveys & Quizzes” module.

User Accounts

#21115 Improvements in User Accounts Management

Email invitations to students can, also, be sent to parents/guardians. A bulk action is available on Portal called “Send initial invitation” that sends a registration email.

#20399 User Accounts

Bulk action available when you want to change the role of the teacher in the new period. In “Actions”, there is a new option called “Change password in next login”. Bulk Actions: “Bulk Print” of users, and “Bulk update of Office365/Moodle”.

Two Factor Authentication

#20199 New field PosOrder

This new field defines the appearance order of the consents when they include categories (Admission student form, Admission documents).

#19644 Consents Management

Portal-level password identification was not available, so Classter developed the implementation of Two-Factor Authentication. Two-Factor Authentication is used in:
  • [Consents] and [Profile Changes] that are multiple choice.
The authentication method can be through:
  • [Email] or [SMS].
When this setting is activated, we consider that in the selected functions we should send a temp code random created (60 minutes availability). A message then will be sent as an email or SMS, depending on the second setting.
  • Message: Hi, please use the following security code.
  • Security Code: xxxxxxxx
Consents: When Two-factor is activated, an introduction popup textbox appears and then a box to insert code “This energy demands import of a security code. You can either request for a code or if you already have it, insert it to the appropriate box below”.

#20806 Digital Signature

New option in “Two-factor authentication” menu, “General Settings”>”Basic Settings”, called “Use digital signature” with an “ON/OFF” button.

Quick Actions Feature

#20785 Quick Actions New Window

A quick “Search” slider/window is now available on the right side. The end user can search for students/teachers/relatives using their name, id/RFID or phone number.
3Changes Backlog for Classter 5.2018 Edition (20th of May 2018)

About this version

This edition of Classter (released on May 2018) is another important step for Classter development.

Below is a list of the most important developments:

1) This is the first full web edition of Classter. Employees and back office users can replace the use of Classter Manager with the newly developed web employees and admin portal. We expect from our customers to start using this new amazing interface as soon as possible. The new interface is web based, mobile friendly and it replaces about 75% of the total Classter Manager functionality. Our strategy is to make Classter an all-in-one web and mobile based, cloud SaaS school and learning management system.

2) Classter is fully re-designed to support GDPR requirements. We have improved security, user access control, password management and we created new tools such as consents management, anonymization and many more.

3) This is the first edition of Classter that combines school and learning management (LMS), all in one platform. In particular: in addition to exam and test management, grade reports and attendance management, we now support:

  • Management of sessions & homework and digital content
  • Management of personal or team assignments and upload of student work/answers.
  • Online quizzes and questionnaires
  • Course plans & monitoring of their implementation
  • Real time learning delivery using WebEx training center

4) Classter is among the few school management systems (world-wide) that support integrated web-based timetable creation and management

5) We improved Admission and Enrollment management.

6) We keep on internationalizing our platform. We support German, Arabic and soon French in addition to English and Greek. Turkish are about to be fully supported soon in this Version too.

Below we provide a list of changes and improvements per module or functional area


#19149 Consents Management

Full management of consents for parent users. Capability to configure and set-up required consents. Pop-up form for consents capturing during logon process. Part of the admission/supporting documents.

#17610 Tab Consents added in Student Forms (admin portal)

New Tab with consents in Student forms. The list Student per Consents is provided.

#17617 Management of roles in Portal – Roles per period

Management of Roles for portal users is extended. Important privileges supported. There are even more to be added in next versions.

New roles per school period. Now, a user may have a role, but may have different privileges per school period. This can be used during the set-up of next year's periods when users should be able to see only specific options for next year.

#17553 On-the-fly Pseudo-Anonymization

Based on a specific UserTypeRole, a back-office user may have access into the system without viewing personal data at all. All student's, teacher's or other person's name data are pseudo-anonymized on the fly.

The following fields are hidden: Name – Surname – ID/Passports – Addresses – Phones – Photos.

#19098 Anonymization of students, teachers and relatives

The Anonymization button applies a non-reversible conversion of all personal data into Asterisks (***). Data are lost forever. Only system owners can perform this action. This action applies to Students, Employees, Teachers.

The following fields are replaced: Name – Surname – ID/Passports – Addresses – Phones – Photos.

Note: Photos and personal files are deleted from Classter.

#19167 My personal data in users profil.

A parent may check all existing personal data in Classter using this report. The report must be enabled in their role and exist in their profile. This is a default report. You may need to customize this report based on your needs. If so, please contact our support center.

#19037 DPO Setting

DPO setting for email notifications, reports and future needs.

#19069 Password Strength

Capability to enable strong password policy

#19063 Password Expiration policy

Enable expiration policy (number of days for password change)


#18757 Read-Only Student Form (only admin Portal)

Based on role settings, back office users may access in student data in a "read only" form.

#16694 Tab Medical/Special Education Needs SEN in Student Form

New TAB for Medical and Special Education needs. All relevant data as well as medical examinations, immunizations and other CRM medical remarks or actions are recorded here. Visible, based on role settings.

A list of medical data per student is also supported.

#17732 Custom Fields in Student, Teacher and relatives form

We added three Datetime pickers, three Drop Down lists, three Check Boxes to be used as custom fields in each one of the following forms:

Students, Teachers, Relatives.

The names of these fields are set up in system terminology.

All these fields are presented in the first TAB of each entity form.

#16224 Title field in Teachers and Relatives (Manager/Portal)1

A new drop-down name title is added in Teachers and Relatives. Default values: Μr/Mrs/Ms/Dr

Using Classter Manager command line: Wizard/Basic Customization -> "Edit Pronunciation Titles", an admin can change these values or add new ones.

#14599 Templates Management for eMails, SMS etc

Template manager for all emails that are sent from the application.

#14883 Feedback button redesign: send feedback to school or Classter team

The feedback button is re-designed. A user can now choose between two feedback receivers (school or Classter team).

#16583 Check Duplication of teacher or student based on ID/Passport

New setting: "Check_User_Existance_Based"  in multi-company setting in Wizard.

No Check    = 0

ID Number = 1

Tax Number = 2

ID Number + Tax Number = 3

Depending on the setting's value, the system will check the existence of a student using either the ID, or the Passport or both.

#17182 Add Print button in all Portal lists.

We added a print button in every list of Portal where an export button already existed.

#16592 New fields in Classroom – Convert to Resources entity

New fields in Classroom

  • Room Type  
  • No of Rows
  • No of Columns
  • Exam Capacity
  • Maximum Number of Lessons
  • Maximum Number of Staff
  • Building
  • Room Location
  • Floor
  • Floor Size

Room Type values: Classroom, amphitheater, music room, library, gymnasium, science room, cafeteria, principal’s office, school grounds, playground, pool, computer room, auditorium, locker room, teachers’ room, parking lot.

We also added a connection setting for a virtual classroom (WebEx integration).

#16662 Contact Priority in Student-Relatives connection

Contact priority setting in the Relative box within Student Form.

Possible values: First Contact Priority, Second Contact Priority, Third Contact Priority, disturb if Urgent, Do Not Disturb, Without Priority(=NULL).

Support only in Portal. This feature is disabled by default (for every customer). If you want to enable it, please contact our support center.

#18875 Who may pick up a child property in Student-Relatives connection

“May pick up child” property added in Relative box within Student Form.

Implementation in Portal and Manager.

#16728 Add Nationality & Religion general fields

New general drop down: Nationality & Religion. Added in Students / Teachers / Parents

#16726 New fields and entities in Teacher form

New fields in Teacher forms:

  • Teacher Medical Data
  • ICE – In Case of Emergency Contact)
  • Contact Date | Employment Date | Delete Date.
  • Extra Addresses
  • CRM actions TAB.

#17748 Immigration Status for a Teacher

Basic data related to immigration status of a teacher.

#17328 Student lookup using ID/RFID Number in Dashboard

Lookup students in Portal dashboard using ID/RFID. Implemented in employees’ portal.

#17424 ID Number in students and teacher list

We added ID Number column in the students list.

#17551 Changes and new fields in Group form (Portal)

We added classroom and supervisor fields in the Group form (previously only in Manager).

In the subjects TAB, we added the name of teachers teaching each subject in the group.

#17746 School entity extra fields - Company Data

We added the following fields for the Company (Institute):

  • Admission Authority
  • Highest NCY (National Curriculum Year)
  • Lowest NCY (National Curriculum Year)
  • Gender Mix [Bit]
  • Governance (e.g state, church, independent, etc.)

Only in Portal.

#18290 Add main group field in List. (Only in Classter Manager)

In the list Relatives – Parents Data per student, we added the field "main group of a student".

#18404 Addition of new statistic dashboard in employees portal

In the admin portal we added the following statistical Charts:

  1. Students per Sex

  2. Students per Educational program
  3. Presence/absence per Educational program

#18491 Change Password reset process

From now on, password reset will send notification to the following email addresses:

  1. Alternative email (if exists)
  2. User account email (if exists and if it is verified)
  3. email of a student card (stuEmail , paeMail) (if exist)

If no email exists, an error message is displayed.

#18647 External simple API for student creation

Simplified Web API for creating students from external web forms or apps.


#15816 Support of Billing Units in Activities Agreements (Daily, Hourly, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Per Day, Custom/Normal)

New property (IsDailyPricing ) for an activity category with values: Daily, Hourly, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Per Day, Custom/Normal. If you select any other value than Normal or Custom, then the arrangement of activity (with this property) will be calculated as: Calculated billing units X activity price.

The column "Calculated billing units" is added in the student-activity enrollment table (Unit Count column). This column is editable but is pre-registered with a value from the activity enrollment history. The unit is calculated using the starting and ending date of the activity enrollment. This calculation depends on the IsDailyPricing enum value:

If the enum value is:

  • 0 – Custom: No calculation done. By default, the Unit Count value is 1
  • 1 – Hourly: Total number of hours of an activity are enrolled into a student
  • 2 – Daily: Total number of days of an activity are enrolled into a student
  • 3 – Weekly: Total number of weeks, calculated by dividing total number of days with 7. Rounding to 1 decimal.
  • 4 – Monthly: Total number of months an activity is enrolled to student. Calculated by dividing total number of days with 30. Rounding to 1 decimal.
  • 5 – Yearly: Calculated by dividing total number of days with 365. Rounding to 1 decimal.

#18033 Billing Categories

From now on, every price list in Classter (YEAR, PROGRAM, ACTIVITY, SUBJECT or GROUP related) is connected with billing categories. Any student enrollment into an educational program or activity or subject or group can be connected with a billing (pricing) category. A suggested price is provided based on the billing category.

#16598 – Ask for arrangement change when add-remove subjects

New setting called “Notice users to change the arrangement, after making changes at student’s subjects” in Wizard\General Financial Parameters.

If this setting is enabled and the setting “Use Tuition Fees table” is also enabled, then:

Upon the student saving process, Classter checks if the total number of enrolled subject hours per YEAR is modified. If so, notifies the end user, that an arrangement re-calculation must be done.

#19463 Create arrangements and import installment using EXCEL

A new import process from EXCEL is added. Now you can import a list of installments from EXCEL file. The import will also create a set of financial arrangements. A mapping form is provided (it maps DB fields with EXCEL columns).

#16526 General Ledger connection – new fields

In all main entities (Student, Activity, Activity Category, Subject, Payment method, YEAR, PROGRAM), we added an “account2” field. The General Ledger transactions mapping tool is also enabled to use this field. Now, we can create more advanced GL transaction automatically based on more complex business rules.

#16630 Automated Date of change in arrangement

There is a new privilege in User Roles: “XXXX”

If a user gets this privilege, then during the Agreement Commit action, the commit date will be automatically used as the Effective date of an agreement change. Thus, the commit date is saved in agreement changes history as a date of change. (instead of the current date).

#18910 Method of payment property in financial arrangements

Every financial agreement has a new property called: “Payment method”. It stores the preferred / suggested payment method to be used in every financial transaction that is associated with this financial agreement.

Soon, this feature is going to be used in SEPA transactions. Supported only in Portal.


#17349 Web based Timetable creation tool

A new web-based tool for creating and managing timetables.

It allows end users to create manually timetables in a grid form. Days/Period are used in Columns. Groups are used in rows. In each cell, you can add one or more teachers or subjects.

A new feature here, is that this tool does not require any teacher enrollment to Group/Subjects. By creating the timetable, teachers are also assigned to Group/Subjects (a triple connection Teacher-Group-Subject is saved in the DB automatically).

For now, constraints and conflicts checks are limited.

Please note that this timetable may be edited by Classter Manager interface and vice versa.

#17549 Import timetable and enrollments from EXCEL

A new EXCEL import capability is provided. Timetable entries and teacher/student enrollments may be done via import of an EXCEL.

#18923 Automated Sessions creation based on timetable – weekly timetable creation

You can create/monitor the implementation of a timetable in a weekly basis. This action creates a session and it provides the number of working hours for a teacher in a specific period. It also provides the basis for session creation and can be used from teachers to upload content and files.

#14385 Change timetable reports to support multiple session or teacher in a period

We now support two teachers in a timetable period and one or more group or subjects being together in the classroom.

#15929 Teacher per Subject Report – We added timetable category parameter

We added a parameter in this report: timetable category

#19406 WebEx Integration – Real time course delivery

Classrooms are now connected with WebEx. We can now create a session and initiate a real time class delivery using WebEx.

#14933 Course Plan in subjects.

New capability of creating course plans for a subject. This is a hierarchical structure of subject delivery per session/lesson and week with all the related information, book related information, files and content to be suggested to teachers. (template planning)

#18635 Homework tool improvements

We added new tools in homework module. We can now include files in any homework scenario. In addition, we can enable homework module also for kindergartens.

In the first case, we allow teachers to add files in homework.

In the second case, we allow teachers to add information related to:

  • General Comment
  • Food
    • Breakfast (All | Some | None) - Description
    • Lunch (All | Some | None) - Description
    • Snack (All | Some | None) - Description
  • Sleep (Duration, Wakeup Time)
  • Hygiene (Number of poop, Number of pee)


When a homework category has the file property, then upon clicking [+] button, an Add a file dialog opens. The end user can select files from his/her local drive or from OneDrive. In the first case, files can be added with drag-drop. Files may be photos or other files. Multiple files may be loaded.

Per Student mode has now a new layout. End users may view all students in a grid and add personal homework in a form of a table.

#15203 Improvements in Sessions for parents/students

Session modules for parents and students has been improved.

Parents/Students may be able to check:

Session content – Books used – Subject/Course plan content covered – Assignments/Assessment – Homework of the day – Daily marks – Absences/Attendance.

#19182 Add files in homework

The session creation form has been redesigned. It is now possible to add automatically content from the subject/course plan and add assessments/test/quiz or assignments. It also allows teachers to add external files or links.

#18760 Homework & Session Menu re-design

Homework and session menus have been combined into one menu. Menu structure is re-designed.

#18831 New Report : Teacher that did not enter homework or course plan

A new checking report based on the timetable is entered. This report will produce data only if a timetable is entered/created in Classter.

#15221 Quiz in parents and students – Integration with Assignments

If the assessment type is "Quiz" and it is connected with an online quiz, then all students assigned to this assessment or quiz will have a new entry in their timeline. This entry will remain in the timeline until the date of this quiz expires, or until the student answers this quiz.

The information is also presented in parent’s timeline.

We have also implemented the automated quiz mark calculation. This mark is sent automatically to the related assessment.

#16808 Personal and team assignments – Upload assignments

The new version allows teachers to create assignments. Assignments have the following properties:

  • Teachers may upload material (i.e. attach files) or links related to the assignments
  • Teacher may give the assignment to one or more students of a group (until now all assessments were related to the whole group)
  • Students can view the assignment in their calendar and download any related files
  • Students may upload answers using Classter.
  • Teachers can review the status of each assignment (per student)
  • Teachers can mark every answered assignment by reviewing the documents/files uploaded per student.

Assignment Status are:

  • Sent -10%
  • In Progress -25%
  • Submitted- 50%
  • Reviewed- 75%
  • Completed- 100% (when a teacher enters a mark)

The Assignment/Assessment scheduling form is modified to support the new functionality better.

The "add new assessment" button has now three options:

Create a new:

  • Assessment or Test |
  • Assignment |
  • Quiz


  • The option add new assessment or Test, is the previous option
  • The new Assignment is related to the new assignment type of solution described above.
  • The quiz option refers to creation of an assessment connected with an online or offline quiz.

In the student/parent portal there is now a more detailed list of assessments and the form is modified to support personal/team assignments.

Please note that in case of an Assignment, when a teacher is using the marking form, the presented list of students are all students who have submitted an assignment (assignment status=reviewed).

How can I configure Classter to enable assignments?

This configuration is available in Classter Manager through the command line: Wizard/Academics/Examination/Examination Types.

The admin can set any examination (=assessment) type to behave like an assignment by checking the property IsAssignment. By doing that, any assessment of this category will be a type of assignment.

#16654 Invigilation support in assignments and exams.

In the assessment/test/exams creation we can enable the addition of invigilators. Invigilator are also presented in the scheduled exams/test list.

This is exclusively a portal function. It is enabled in the portal by an owner/admin account in the configuration menu and then through the command line: Academic Settings->Marking Settings-> General Marking Settings. you can enable the “Assessments Enable Invigilation”

Note: Invigilation are also presented in a teacher calendar if they are invigilators.

#16741 New method of Exam/Assignment/Assessment daily limit.

The new edition supports a daily exam/assessment/assignment limit per YEAR.

You can add the new limit per YEAR in Classter Manager in the grid of the entity YEAR.

During the scheduling of a new assignment/assessment/test, Classter will check for every involved student the limit defined for the given date in their YEAR. If a student exceeds this limit a message is displayed.

#18759 General Comment in Assignments/Assessments (Schedule and marking)

A General assessment comment is added in the scheduling and in the marking forms. These are teacher comments related to the assessment. (not related to a specific student)

#16624 Add files in Assignments/Assessments

You can enable any assessment type (=Examination Type in Classter Manager) to support the attachment of files. In this case, during the creation/scheduling of an assessment, a teacher can add files.

#18563 Privilege for Creation and Edit of Assignments/Assessments (Manager Only)

Through Classter Manager roles, there is a new privilege for creating and editing assessments. This allows admin to allow a user to preview the list of planned assessments/assignments/tests but cannot edit / delete or add a new one.

#15399 Assessment/Assignment Marking: Do not auto-enter 0 when focus in

Assessment /Assignment marking form: In the previous version, when a teacher was entering the cell of marking in the list of students, a 0 was entered automatically. This is now changed, and nothing happens.

#17739 Assessment/Assignment Marking: Drop down-like marking scale

We support the marking of assessments/assignments using descriptive ranges (drop downs such as A+, A, A-.. etc). It is enabled in Classter Manager, in the Examination Types grid (=Assessment types) by adding a marking scale that is set to be descriptive (the marking scale has a property descriptive=True).

#17771 Assessments TAB and upcoming assessments in students/parents portal

In a student/parent portal, there is a new list for upcoming assessments/exams/assignments. Similarly, the statistics view of a student visible to employees and teachers is also enriched with such a list.

#17741 Mark Scales: 2nd free literal / description. Use in conversion tables

In the marking scales, we added a 2nd free text box (2nd literal). This can be used in Reports. It is also used as a conversion value (marking conversion table). This is used when an assessment mark is transferred to marking periods marks. You can enable this in any marking scenario.

#18152 Descriptive Marking: capability to use numeric marking in a category

Until the previous release, we supported three marking calculation methods. The third method was: «sum based on weights» and it now renamed to "Sum based on Mark to Limit". This method calculates the final mark as a percentage of mark limit column. However, it does not use the weight column.

We added a fourth method: «sum based on weights»

This method uses the weights column.

Based on the above the final mark is calculated as follows:

In case you select: “Sum based on Mark to Limit”, then the final mark =sum (Grade/Max * GradeTo )

In case you select: “Sum based on weights”, then final mark = sum ((Grade/Max * Weight) * (GradeTo / 100)).

#17330 Administration of descriptive marking scenario: new capabilities

In the descriptive marking we added the following options:

Numeric Marking: If a line in descriptive marking scenario has this property, then a teacher is asked to enter a numeric value. This value will be the final mark of the subject for the given academic period. (#16322 – Improve in descriptive marking – use numeric marking).

Free Text: if a line has this property, then teachers can add free text.

Custom Scale: In this case, admin can add a custom marking scale in a specific line. If it is combined with the Free Text option, then a set of ready-made text paragraphs are available to teachers. Teachers can select any ready paragraph and modify the text.

#16996 Descriptive marking statistics and analysis

New statistical view for all results of descriptive marking. Added to employees and teachers' portal. Teachers can view only their groups/subjects.

Types of statistical questions presented:

  • Answers per student and subject
  • Answers distribution per subject
  • Progress overview per question and subject (growth)

#16977 Student/Parent Portal - My Portfolio

A new form in Student and parent portal is added. This form replaces the old Academic Progress form. It provides an overview of the student progress and activity including:

  • Logging status (First/Last login, number of days logged in last week/month/year)
  • Collected Outcomes*
  • Attendance/Absences
  • Badges
  • Thumb up/down
  • CRM Actions: Achievements / Detentions / Rewards (new feature, see related task)
  • Assessments / Assignments / Test & Quiz marks
  • Term Grade Marks
  • Assignment and personal files / student work material & portfolio. (available only on Student portal)

About outcomes:

Outcomes are usually academic/learning targets or goals related to subjects. Each student can have a unique plan for outcomes collection. Outcomes are collected through activities or assessments, provided by teachers to students. Outcomes provide an advanced evaluation structure.

We are planning an extended outcomes development. A student may acquire or meet an outcome with a result defined as:

  • Introduces-Student is not familiar with content or skill.  Instruction concentrates on introducing students to the content area or skill.
  • Emphasizes-Student should have brought basic content or skill to the course.  Instruction concentrates on enhancing content/strengthening skill and adding new content material building more complex skills based on entrance competency
  • Reinforces-Student brings reasonable knowledge/content/skill/Competency to the situation as a result of content or skill being taught and/or emphasized at some previous point in their educational career.  Instructional activity continues to teach and build upon previous competency and reinforces content or skill competency
  • Applies-Student has knowledge/content/skill/Competency as a result of content or skill being taught and/or emphasized at some previous point in their educational career.  Instructional activity applies a previously taught and/or emphasized content or skill.

#17256 Attendance form: new columns

We added the columns Student ID Number & RFID number in the attendance form. Classter allows teachers to filter students using this form.

You need to enable this future by using the setting "District_Use_ID_IN_Absences"), Possible values: (0 – disable , 1 – ID Card, 2 – RFID). This is a district setting.

#15139 Attendance Analysis form

A new statistical analysis form related to attendance is added in teachers, employees and admin portals. Teachers have access only in data related to their students.

List of statistical questions supported:

  • Students' Absences - Numeric (per student & number of absences)
  • Students' Absences - Presence to Absence Percentage (per student & Presence to Absence Percentage)
  • Students' Absences Per Subject (per subject & Per student & number of absences)
  • Time Frame based Absences Per time frame (per student & Per time frame)
  • Students with Late records - Numeric (per student & count of lates)
  • Students' Presences - (per student & count of Presences)
  • Subjects' Absences Per Student & Per Subject (per student & number of absences & for selected Subject)
  • Subjects' Presences Per Student & Per Subject (per student & count of Presences & for selected Subject) 

The above questions are enabled for different types of absences registrations.

Classter supports the following absences registration types:

  • Per Day: 1,2,5,6
  • Per timetable: 1,2,,3,4,5,6,7
  • Per timetable periods: 1,2,4,5,6
  • Per subject: 1,2,3,5,6,7
  • Questions 2 & 6 & 8 are available only if you set up Classter into auto-register presence.

#14532 SMS/email in attendance registration

New process for sending SMS or Email upon the registration of an absence (both in Portal and Manager)

Classter Manager

Settings: Auto-sending SMS:

Setting: Activate SMS SendingActions upon absence registration in Classter ManagerActions upon absence registration in Portal
CheckedSend SMS check is pre-checked. If remains checked, upon Save, it sends automatically SMS. If unchecked by the end user, upon Save, no SMS is sent.Send SMS automatically
Un-checkedSend SMS check is un-checked by default. If remains un-checked, upon save, nothing happens. If it is checked, then opens the SMS form.Nothing happens

Similarly, for the email

Setting: Enable Auto Send EmailActions upon absence registration in Classter ManagerActions upon absence registration in Portal
CheckedSend email check is pre-checked. If remains checked, upon Save it sends automatically Email. If unchecked by the end user, upon Save, no email is sent.Send SMS automatically
Un-checkedSend email check is un-checked by default. If remains un-checked, upon save, nothing happens. If it is checked, then opens the email form.Nothing happens

#17630 Attendance List – Support for absence/late/presence filters

The list of absences is added to the employee’s portal. We also added all tools to manage the absence type, category, related information and documents.

In the attendance list a filter was added. We can now filter absences or late entries or presences.

#17611 Automated absence registration – Show presence/absence in lists

Classter can automatically register presence to every student has no absence. The presence is added when a teacher press «save» for a day or timetable entry in the attendance taking form (absences entry)

The presence has a specific type (absence type) where the number of absences registered is equal to 0. You have to add this absence type (Wizard or Portal settings) in order to enable it.

#17811 Changes in Absences Analysis tool (Classter Manager)

In Classter Manager, Absence Analysis tool is updated. An end user can filter students using the total number of absences. It can be used for mass export and sending of Absences letters.


#17448 Messaging Center – new tool for mass SMS/eMailing and newsletters

A new tool for sending messages is added to portal. This tool uses the internal message methodology, but it can also send SMS and emails (we will soon add push notification).

All messages sent via this tool are also sent as internal messages. The table of internal messages is used as a log book of all messaging for a user.

The tool provides the following sending options: e-Mail, SMS, User Preferred Method.

In the last option, the message is send either as an e-Mail or as a SMS based on the end user's preferences.

Selection of recipients (employees portal):

For employee users, the tool provides special tools for selecting recipients. The user can select students, teachers, employees and relatives. Additionally, the end user can select recipients using as a filter a specific student. The user may select Parents, Guardians, Financial Responsible, Financial Contact responsible by filtering students.

Emails are sending using the MailGun gateway.

#15082 User Profile: new options added - “Do not send notification options” , Preferred communication method.

New drop down menu in users profile (students, teachers , parents) for enabling or disabling communication. If enabling, there are three possible communication methods (SMS , email, Internal Message).

#18834 Internal messaging among Employees and teachers

Teachers and employees can now send messages to each other using internal notification.

#16354 Evening Appointments - improvements

In the new edition, parents can add meeting comments/issues to discuss when they book an appointment with a teacher.

In the meeting actions, we added the option “Edit comment meetings”. This option displays a dialog form where the teacher can edit/add the appointment comment.

Teachers portal: in the teachers list, we added a new column “Meeting Main Comment” and the existing column is now renamed to “Meeting Completion comment”

#16900 CRM Points System

The new version supports points (positive / negative) for CRM actions. When a user adds a new CRM action or remark for a student, the action is associated with pre-defined positive or negative mark points. The pre-defined number of points is set up on the second literal (drop down) of the CRM action.

CRM points are used as a pointing system for measuring student behavior or actions. Those numbers are presented in the student progress form available to teachers, parents and employees along with students.

#17109 New CRM types : Αchievements/Rewards/Detentions

Three new CRM types are added: Achievements, rewards and detentions. You can use them to create CRM categories/actions. They are used to separate CRM actions apart and present them in student progress form. They can be used in conjunction with new pointing system (#16900).

#13827 CRM Completion - Set up possible next actions. (Only Classter Manager)

The completion of a CRM action may lead to a new CRM action. This feature is supported (for the time being) in Classter Manager. If a CRM completion action is configured like this, upon the completion of this CRM action, a pop-up form opens, and the end user can register a new CRM action. Until now Classter only allowed the end user to select any available (to end user) CRM action of the same type.

The new version allows the configuration of possible next actions. They must be of the same type. Now, only the list of selected CRM actions is presented to the end user. This allows the creation of workflow paths.

This configuration is done in the list of CRM completion types.

#19052 Στα CRM actions – Employee drop down auto-fill

When a new CRM action is created the employee field must be filled in. In the new version, the drop-down field will autofill with the logged in user.

This works only if the logged in user is associated with an employee entity. It does not work for Classter Manager only type of users (legacy Classter Users)

Related only with Classter Manager.

#19065 Calendar Pop up Notification event in Classter Manager

In Classter Manager, when a user opens the calendar, it will pop-up any upcoming meetings or events (calendar event notification).

#17589 Events – Classroom connection – Search for available classroom/resource

(Portal only) When a user creates a new event, a classroom searching tool is available. The tool allows the end user to select the classroom where the event could be held. Classter will reserve this classroom once the event is created.

#16395 Add TAGS in templates (SMS/email)

In the template management tool, we added the capability of adding TAGS. TAGS are related to DB fields and are automatically replaced by these data when an email or SMS is created (mail merge type of function).

#18927 Auto setting of Mentor in Student creation (Classter Manager only)

When a new student is created, the Mentor field is based on a special setting. The following values are supported:

0. Teacher or Employees – User selects

1. Auto-assignments of employee based on the logged in user.

If the setting is 0 or null, it works as it used to do.

If the setting is 1, then the option teacher is disabled and the list has only employees. If the logged in user is associated with an employee, then this employee is pre-selected.

Surveys & Quizzes

#15700 Book review and subject surveys from teachers

We can now connect books and subjects with surveys. As a result, we can implement a process where teachers evaluate books or course plans.


#16648 Book download link

In the library module of Classter Manager, we added the field “Book Link”. By adding a link there, book copies can be downloaded from the portal.


#18318 Enable TAX Data.

#18349 Check for Duplicate entries using ID Numbers

When an application is submitted, Classter will check for duplicate ID numbers

#18491 Password Reset for Admission users

Password reset is enabled also for the admission users.

#19166 Delete my Account for Admission users

Admission users can delete their account.

#15756 Extra fields and layout format in Admission documents (supporting docs)

In admission document we added the following new (dynamic) fields:

  • UseFiles2
  • FileLabel2
  • FileCategory2
  • UseFIlesInAdmission2
  • UseFiles3
  • FileLabel3
  • FileCategory3
  • UseFIlesInAdmission3

Additionally, we have implemented an auto-layout tool where an administrator user can easily define the position and the size of every field presented in an admission document TAB. All rows have 12 Columns. Any field has a PosOrder setting and Col setting. Col may be from 1 to 12. Depending of the PorOrder and Col properties, fields are presented so that they can fit in a row. For example:

  • Field A, Pos1, Col3
  • Field B, Pos2, Col6
  • Field C, Pos3, Col6
  • Field D, Pos4, Col2

In this case, Field A and Field B will be in the first row (3+6=9<=12) and Field C will go to the second line (because 3+6+6>12)

#19160 Set-up mandatory fields in Demographics TAB

In the Wizard/Admission we added a new setting “Required fields in demographics TAB in registration”

This setting is a multi-select drop down with the following options

  • Name
  • Last Name
  • ID Card Number
  • Issue Authority
  • Student’s TAX ID Number
  • Student’s Email
  • Student’s Mobile Phone

All selected fields can be mandatory in the demographics TAB of the admission application created by candidates.

Porting of Classter Manager Portal features and functions to Employees/Admins portal

#17773 Migrate Manager reports to Portal

We migrated about 30 Classter Manager reports to portal.

#17773(2) Web Report Designer

We have integrated Stimulsoft Report Designer.

#19097 Delete button for students, teachers and relatives.

We added a delete button for all major entities in portal.

#15169 Create a copy - siblings

Method A: In the list of students, there is the button “Bulk Actions\Create Relatives”. This button will display a dialog where the end user may select one or more students. Upon saving, Classter will make these students siblings and as the same time (if possible) and merge all relatives. (Please note that this works with students selected in the dialog form and not with students selected in the student grid).

Method B: In the student's form, on the top right Action button, we added the option “Create a copy”. This option is available only in existing students (you need to save a new student before you can find this option). It will create a new student with the Last Name pre-populated and all relatives added. The initial student will be automatically added as a sibling. The end student may add more data and save the new student.

#16323 Improvements in CRM Action Portal

#19446 CRM creation for employees

#14792 Add mentor in Student Form

#15966 Extra Fields in Enrollment TABS (student form)

#17104 CRM 2nd drop down – Edit form in Portal

#16592 Classroom management in Portal

#16618 Attendance List in Portal

#16663 Student – Relatives connections - improvements

#17547 User Accounts management in Portal - improvements

#18436 Password management in Portal for admins

#17607 ID Card form

#17610(2) Tab Admission in student form

#17694 Students Per list in Students grid

We added the following student per:

  • Students per subjects
  • Students per [YEAR]
  • Students per Group
  • Students per activity
  • Students per medical data
  • Student per demographic data (the end user can select any of the 6 custom student drop down, Nationality, Religion, Category, Sex)
  • Students per Consents

#17747 Teacher CRM Page

#17323 Import Students from EXCEL using the Portal

Initial approach for importing students using EXCEL. It can be used with any EXCEL and provides a mapping of columns into DB fields. You don’t need to use IDs in EXCEL. Classter will look up for values using the description field for all drop down values.

#17605 Descriptive Assessment & Marking result in Student Form (Employees portal) and in Statistics Progress report (student/parent/teacher) portal

#17742 Publish & Locking Marking Period

#17759 Extra Address support in Portal

#18318 Marks list/grid in Employees Portal

Multi-Company / District Management

#16572 District Management section in Wizard

#17983 District management menu in Portal

#17918 Students from all instates (portal)

#17936 Copy settings and configuration to another institute

#16970 Transfer students among institutes (portal)

In the student list, in a grid view option, we can select one or more students and perform the “Transfer to another institute” action (available in the Bulk actions menu).

This will open a dialog with the following fields:

  • Date: Date of transfer (= date of contact for the new school)
  • Use Custom Institutes OFF/ON: if ON, then the transfer refers to a school that it is not in the customer’s Classter system. If Off, then you can select an institute that exist as a school/entity in the Classter DB. In the first case, you need add the external institute/school as a school in the other contacts section before using this option.
  • Institute -> Single Select list that contains all institutes/school that I am allows to see based on the setting: Students_Transfer_To_Other_Institute (district settings)
  • Transfer Parents: ON/OFF
  • Promote Data/Keep Data (mid-year transfer) Radio Button [Σύμβολο] If promote then it will promote the student to next school year.
  • Comments->TextBox

A transfer of a student, will:

  1. Copy all basic demographic student data. It also sets the Student CrossCode and enables the ΑccountID for the new school
  2. Add educational programs to the student
  3. Copy parents/relative data
  4. Transfer SEN/Medical data if exists
  5. In the old school sets the student status equal to the status with the check TransferedFromInstitute and with ChangeDate=Transfer date specified by the end user in the dialog.
  6. In the new school sets the student status equal to the status with the check TransferedToInstitute and with ChangeDate=Transfer date specified by the end user in the dialog.
  7. It sets the transfer information in the School Transfer Data form (both in the origin and destination schools). Any comment added by the user is also added there.

#16970 (2) Transfer teachers among instates (portal)

In teachers list, I can select one ore more teachers and then select the “Transfer teachers” . This opens the dialog with the following options:

  • Date: Change of transfer (= date of contact in the destination school)
  • Institute: Single Select of all schools I can send teachers to. The list is defined in the Wizard (Teachers_Transfer_To_Other_Institute)
  • Keep Teacher as Active OFF/ΟΝ: If ON then the teacher remains also active in the origin school. If Off the teacher status is changed to inactive with date of change equal to the date of transfer.

#16981 Teachers/Parents single sign on among multiple institutes (portal)

It can be used if a teacher or a parents uses Office365 or personal email to logon. Classter will ask the end user to choose role and then school (institute)

#15401 New tools for marking setting copy from one institute to another

#17331 Transfer of Subject from institute to institute (portal)

#15698 Multi-institute assessment management

#18233 Calculate Assessments Average(s) among multiple institutes

#18257 Attendance Categories copy from institute to institute (Manager)

Classter for Higher Education specific changes

#16566 Certificate Eligibility tool

#16445 Change Subject status based on annual result

#18833 Auto-enrollment of failed subjects

Classter for K12 specific changes (Kindergarten & Child centers)

Add Kindergarten Mode in Homework tool (see #18635 in Academics)

4Classter Oct 2017 Updates, changes and new features from September to October 2017


  • Groups
    • Group statistics (teachers & secretaries) – new section: teachers who teach in this group
  • Timetable:
    • Replace classroom option
    • Improvement / bugs correction for ASCTimetale import. More checks before import implemented.
    • Improvements in My Timetable form.
    • Add co-teacher support in timetable reports
    • Support Breaks in timetable. Timetable hours can now have the property isBreak
  • Absences
    • Capability to register student as present when registering absences in teacher’s portal.
    • Improvement in absences registration form when registering using timetable entries (Manager)
    • Students with “No Availability” entry in a specific time, are now auto-removed from Group list in teacher’s absences form
    • Auto-sending of email/ SMS from teacher portal
    • Improvements in email/SMS sending in secretaries’ absences form
    • The word “Tardy” used in the Portal, can now be modified in the school terminology
  • Mentors Support
    • Teachers can see students that they don’t teach if they are their mentors (teachers portal)
  • Homework & Duties
    • Capability to copy homework from one Group to many (teacher’s portal)
  • Exams/Assignments
    • Exam type can be now filtered out by the selected Grade/Year
    • You can define if students / parents see Exam mark or related literal
    • Teacher exam planning: View students’ workload
  • Term Marking
    • Support for Conversion tables when marks are transferred from Exams/Assignments to Term grades
    • Capability to enable the Literal column and/or subject enrollment status in term grades form (teachers’ portal)
    • Term Marking form in Manager: capability to filter lines.
  • Academic analysis tools
    • Include the exam/assignment weight in the Exams analysis view
    • Analysis tools added to Secretaries menu also. Modifications to support secretaries
  • Supervisor Mode: A setting defines now in which forms (in teachers’ portal), this option will be available.

Quizzes & Surveys

  • Quiz Answers menu and analysis view in Secretary & Admin portal
  • UI improvements, graphs and statistics
  • Improvements in Quiz or questionnaires submission process.

Admission and Enrollments

  • Add activities filter in the Grid “Admission Document”
  • Improvements at “Online Registration” Grid in Manager
  • Improvements in Re-registration form in Portal
  • Capability to define which Admission documents can be edited by Candidates and/or Secretaries

Secretaries’ Portal

  • Support of relative’s creation & management
  • Support of relatives in students form
  • Support of Mentor in students form
  • Add “General Category” field in students form
  • Support for the 6 dynamically defined student form fields
  • Improvements and new functions in Students Lists and Student From
  • Change student status capability in portal
  • Delete of Student’s educational programs and arrangement is now supported in portal also
  • Ability to manage custom menus structure from the Portal
  • Financial Management

    • Improvements and Fixes in Students’ financial management in Secretaries portal
    • New Report: Student Changes in a Period (changes in Educational Programs and arrangements)
    • Private agreement report in Secretaries portal
    • Financial Overview form in Secretaries portal
    • Financial Documents improvement in Secretaries portal
    • Financial overview form in Manager: Advance search / Activities dropdown: user now see only activities that are associated with a financial arrangement.

    CRM & Communication

    • Templates creation and management tool for eMails, auto-emailing, CRM actions and SMS. The new tool is accessible via the secretaries/admin portal page.
    • Full redesign and new functions in CRM – Improvements in terminology
    • New list for CRM actions in Secretaries’ Portal.
    • CRM Action Tracker –Show CRM action per case (in Manager).
    • Import students email accounts from EXCEL
    • eMail sent issues fixes
    • Central announcement can now be created using events tools. Functional improvements
    • Add events presence menu in secretary menu
    • CRM Improvement for managing «Extra Hours Students Support» (Ενισχυτική Διδασκαλία). The process starts from the teachers, it requires management and parents approval and monitors the implementation of the extra teaching periods.
    • Portal Feedback: A user can now send feedback to the school or to Vertitech based on configuration and user selection.

    Parents Meeting

    • Small UI improvements. Teachers can see students name, not only parents name in the meetings list


    • New tool for Bus Routes creation using Google Maps in Secretary Portal Cross Institute/Company management
    • Multiple institutes revenue report
    • Cross Company Tool for events management and presence management


    • Increase of Book title field size
    • Change of column name in Book list in Greek language («Εκδότες» to “Εκδότης”)


    • Minor improvements in Teachers and secretaries’ portal
    • Improve Students Per Group report
    • Improvement in “Transfer data to another period”
    • Student per Additional Data: Add Office365 column
    • Student Per Year: Add student email column
    • Portal Dashboard – Security and design improvements
    • Portal, Group form: A new tab for the Group’s timetable is added
    • Role type “secretary” renamed to “Administrative Staff”
    • Mass Report printing (Manager): it now can handle parameters. A new pop up form opens where all parameters must be filled in by the user.
    • Non-removable term “Classter copyright”.
    • Download of server connection file using Customer registration number (Manager)

    GPDR Compliance

    • Security Reviews and improvements
    • Institutions can now create their Term & Conditions text
    • All students, teachers and employees using the port have to accept Classter and Institute terms and conditions
    5Classter August 2017 Updates, changes and new features from May to August 2017


    • New functionality Supported: Daily Sessions. Connected with Homework’s, Books, Course syllabus.
    • Daily Marking scenarios and marking. Daily Marking analysis tool
    • Improvement in marking:
      • Support of marking summaries and marks limits
      • Show columns with related exams / assignments marks in term grades grid (only for portal)
    • Improvement of descriptive marking:
      • new methods of marking: Free text marking and list of ready paragraphs supported. (only for portal)
      • Marking drop down list can now be different in each marking category (or marking questions) (only for portal)
    • Exam / Assessment planning:
      • Connection of exams with a Quiz. Assign a quiz to a new exam or test.
      • Automated creation of quiz when a new exam is created.
      • Weights in Exams
      • Teacher’s comment for an exam or an assignment
      • Improvements in the controlling tool related to the number of allowed assessments or exams per Grade/Year and Group. Different limit per Grade/Year
    • College Academics
      • Improvement for transcripts – final mark calculation for Colleges
      • Identify students eligible for graduation routine
      • Improvement of Traineeship & Theses management
    • Improvements and new Features in Absences
      • Absences connected with CRM Actions
      • Absences History improvements
      • Improvements in absences taking form for teachers
      • Improvements in Absences handling processes for secretaries (manager)
      • Absences export for MySchool for Greek schools
      • Different method of Absences registration per Grade/Year
      • Auto approve of absences using a setting in absences categories
    • Improvement and new functions in timetable management:
      • Support for co-teaching: 2 teachers in a period and co-teaching of 2 groups.
      • Timetable import from EXCEL
      • Improvement in timetable import from ASCTimetable
      • Teachers enrollments update from timetable.
      • Support of different timetable periods per day
      • Improvements in timetable overview for teachers, parents and students
      • Timetable external IDs for all main entities (students, teachers, subjects, Groups, Classrooms, timetable periods)
    • Exam/Quiz Marking
      • Capability to mark an exam in multiple columns (each column is one exam question)
      • Capability to mark quizzes manually
    • Term Grades
      • Weighted based calculated of exams or assessments for a column
      • Capability to support sum of marks instead of weighted averages
      • Support for mark limit in a column
    • Analysis Tools (for teachers and secretaries – portal)
      • Assessments/Exam/Assignment analysis tools and graphs
      • Term Grades analysis tools and graphs

    Quizzes and Surveys

    • Connection of Exams/Assignments with Quizzes
    • Automated creation of a quiz when a new exam is created.
    • Quizzes manual marking Support
    • Assign default questionnaire in a Course
    • Assign default questionnaire to an Activity
    • Menu in teachers’ portal for creating and managing quizzes and surveys
    • Tool for distributing surveys to users in Secretaries portal
    • Tool for distributing surveys to users in Manager with advanced capabilities.

    Admission and Enrollments

    • Improvements and new features in online course enrollments
    • Improvements and new features in online activity enrollments. Parents can request a stop of an activity.
    • Online enrollments: support of financial commands
    • Improvements in Admission Documents and new use of them in Admission modules
    • Capability to ban the enrollment of a Grade/Year or Stream/Specialty entities to students
    • Import Groups-Subjects enrollments for students and teachers from EXCEL
    • New Gird in Manager : “Students from Online Registration”
    • New Grid : Registration / Registration – Comparison between 2 periods
    • Limit of students in Groups.
    • Students per course list in Teachers and Secretaries’ portal
    • Capability to allow users to answer a questionnaire during the online enrollment to an activity.

    Financial Management

    • Support of arrangement creation and financial management for a student in Secretaries/Admin portal – Financial TAB in Students
    • Invoice & Payments support in Secretaries/Admins portal
    • List of transactions / Payment Documents in Secretaries/Admins portal
    • New method of automated reduction in financial arrangements
    • Improvements in Private Courses
    • Improvement in Hourly cost forecast and related reports
    • New control in student creation form: Classter will check now if a payer exists as an relative in the student’s main form. (e.g. If a user enters “father” as a payer but no father is inserted in the main data tab, Classter will raise an error)
    • New tool for Franchising fees calculation
    • “Prepayment amount” support in financial arrangement plans

    CRM & Communication

    • New email capabilities in CRM actions
    • Teachers presence in Events management
    • Public Events in secretaries’ calendar (Manager)
    • Improvement in e-Mail sending form
    • Users can call from within Manager (integration with TAPI telephone centers)
    • Small Improvements in CRM form Layout in manager
    • Capability to send SMS to user ad-hoc numbers during mass SMS sending action.
    • Changes in parents request form. It is now called Request & Feedback. It now includes also Complaints / Feedback

    Parents Meeting

    • Improvement in functionality and processes


    • Parents’ wishes for transportation. New tab and function (only Manager)
    • Improvements for the inbound / outbound distinction.
    • Bus usage Status in Absences teachers form

    Cross Institute/Company management

    • New central menu
    • New Grids and improvements in Existing grids
    • Transfer students from multiple institutes to next year
    • New tool for Franchising fees calculation
    • Cross Company academic reports and grids
    • Cross company management of financial series
    • New Grid for cross company overview of registration / registrations and deletions. Comparison with previous school years


    • Connection with Files
    • Improvements in performance (manager)

    Office365/Moodle Connection

    • Tool to update email accounts in Office365 in user management form.
    • Improvements and fixes in Moodle and Office365 integration


    • Improvement in “Transfer to Period” function
    • Users can edit Education Program history log
    • Capability to lock student status change using dates
    • New customization functions / capabilities using Secretaries portal
    • New report for teacher worked hours
    • Improvements in Students form in Secretaries’ portal
    • Improvements in Students List in Secretaries’ portal
    6Classter May 2017 - Updates, changes and new features from January to May 2017



    • Academic Supervisor mode in Portal
    • Support mentors in portal (secretary, teacher and student portal)
    • Forbid change of student status after a mark is entered.
    • Mark Ranges / Scales
      • Second literal added
    • Homework / Duties
      • Automated approval based on time.
      • The word “Homework” or «Καθήκον» is now presented depending on the configuration
      • “All Groups” option in Teachers filters.
    • Attendance & Absences:
      • Lock absences if the absence is verified and the category has a relevant check.
      • Absences History in teachers’ portal
      • Layout improvements in absence pivot form in Student form Manager
      • Improvements in attendance history – Add filters
      • Calculate absences Grid: Add student category
      • Ability to exclude absences based on timetable category
    • College Academics
      • Support admission exams
      • Support Exam retakes (Εξετάσεις Σεπτ) – Support it in the Course Status management form
      • Marking of theses
      • Automated enrollment of non-passed subjects during student transfer from year to year
    • Term Grades
      • New control about who can modify marking scenarios – Add button
    • Timetable
      • Allow to select multiple Groups in filters during timetable creation
      • When I remove subjects from teachers, it asks to remove relevant entries from the timetable.
      • New handling of pdf print out in MyTimetable in Portal
      • Activities Timetable: filter days based on active working days in Settings
      • Better handling of error in XML import
      • Improvements in MyTimetable for related to timetable category selection (Paretns/Students). Add also Location in filters.

    Quizzes & Surveys

    • Create Quiz creation module
    • Create Quiz distribution form
    • Create user surveys & quizzes forms
    • Add menu questionnaires answers
    • Add menu questionnaires distribution

    Admission and Enrollments

    • Finalize Admission Forms and processes
    • Add more fields in Demographics data tab
    • Improve submission finalization process and management
    • Provide the capability for students to upload documents in the admission form
    • Admission Setting re-arranged and re-structured
    • End date for admission added
    • Add student email in Admission form
    • Improvements in Reregistration
    • Invite students to self register to School/Group from the group form (Secretaries portal)
    • Support mandatory fields in Admission documents in Portal
    • Support unique ID card number control in the admission form

    Alumni’s Portal

    • Create Alumni’s Portal
    • Create events forms for alumni portal
    • Internal messaging among alumni students
    • Support option to see all Alumni from all periods in Manager

    Secretaries’ Portal

    • Find student field in dashboard
    • Student Form improvements

    Financial Management

    • Billing Plan field added in Activities
    • Add a limit to discount (Discount limit). Check for the limit when an arrangement is created
    • Improve Letter for financial issue used in Financial overview grid
    • Changes in hours auto-calculation when the arrangement refer to courses hours
    • The option “No issue of invoices” in billing plan to be disabled using a setting
    • Improvements in Mass billing process
    • Improvements in Parents financial card. (tooltips and labels)
    • Support one-time use discount coupon in Portal (Admission form)
    • Support more decimals in Billing plans

    CRM & Communication

    • Create internal messaging forms and tools
    • Improve Events creation capabilities in Manager
    • Add delete event task to teachers in their Portal
    • Ability to add the sender in CC field automatically
    • Portal calendar to present all my public events
    • Show all time in Portal in the form of 24h
    • Save and stay option in CRM form in Portal
    • Add Year/Grade column in CRM grids in Manager Parents Meeting
    • Add teachers’ courses when a teacher name is presented to parent Transportation
    • Add isBasic filter in the form “Show routes on Map” in Manager Cross Institute/Company management
    • Cross Company management of Financial series settings
    • Teacher from all companies


    • Copy books from institute to institute
    • Add book code in Current Lending grid

    Office365/Moodle Connection

    • Improve the username format settings
    • Improvement – Changes in Classter – Moodle connection
    • Support Course Duplication in Moodle integration
    • Capability to forbid un-enrolling a course from a student at the end of the school period
    • Support change of Office365 eMail in existing student



    • Improvements in Custom Menu function in Portal. Support of multiple languages
    • Improvement in Reports section in Portal. Give initial default value in all parameters
    • New settings menu in Portal
    • Support for Custom layouts/backgrounds in Verification page for Portal
    • My Students / My Teachers options in Portal: Show the O365 email if exists.


    • Transfer students from Semester to Semester for Colleagues.
    • User Management in Manager: Mass sending of invitation letter
    • Student Form in Manager: Add function to find if students with similar names exist in any period
    • Mass export of pdf (report). Capability to define files name format
    • Groups per Student and Teacher, add classroom column
    • Manual change of re-registration variable in students.
    • Student Per Year grid in Manager: Add basic Group column


    • Setting for not fetching My Colleagues in the mobile
    7Version 2016.4 BuildNumber: 4.4.2016.41130 [December Update]


    • New Feature: Mass Export of students to MySchool platform
    • Auto change of the Class description while saving a Course (College Company)
    • New Setting: Show birthday date within Classter Dashboards profiles
    • New Feature: Online Meetings Management
    • New Feature: Manage Thesis and Internships
    • New columns addition (Grade, Stream, Father's name, Home phone number, Mobile) on Students Per Teachers list
    • New option addition: Show Timetable (on right-click) on students and teachers' lists
    • New Timetable tab in Teacher's tab
    • New and updated email sending settings
    • New Parameter: Show timetable (per teacher / per class) setting for all exclusive users of Classter Manager
    • Auto checker for the same assigned hour/day to a teacher/course on a weekly timetable implementation
    • New option to automatically assign teacher to course on a weekly timetable implementation
    • Updated settings in student's tab (Billing) to display arrangements within Classter Dashboards
    • Add Reports tab on roles’ management (student/teacher/parent/secretary)
    • Display teachers’ email addresses on the teachers' list within Classter Dashboards
    • New copy timetable option from one category to another
    • New auto-update via email on the Dashboards account creation (students, teachers, parents)
    • New allow/not allow delete permission with presence/grades on examinations
    • Updated Show Buses on Map features (option to show names, routes filter)
    • New setting: Hide students thumbs up/down comparison from the Dashboards
    • New setting: Hide information of courses that have not been assigned to the teacher
    • New extra email field on send email form
    • New check (permitted, prohibited, alert) on course with grades deletion from the student's tab
    • New column “Basic Class” on the Students Per Activities list
    • Increase of the field capacity for the Certification's description
    • Show the unified students list in the teachers’ account within Classter Dashboards
    • New PBX interface connection with Classter Manager
    • New Feature: specify expiration dates in online registrations
    • New option to select timetable hours while creating a new CRM record within Classter Dashboards
    • New option: Mass edit of the registration number in the Students per School Register list


    • Dual arrangement commands on mass activities import
    • Show all week days on timetable
    • Correction of the connection error during the logon in Classter for Teachers Android app
    • Correction of the character conversion from Greek to English in student/teacher names
    • Correction of the absences submission per day and late arrival
    • Correction of the comment editing on the absences list
    • Correction of the error during the email send out while issuing a payment receipt
    8Version 2016.1 BuildNumber: 4.4.2016.30920 [September Update]


    • Full College support added
    • New Student General Category column on Students per School Register list
    • New option to print bus routes
    • New From Reregistration column on Students per Course list
    • Enhancements on Descriptive Assessments
    • Range marking separation between descriptive and numerical
    • Show descriptive assessments on students
    • Option to add marking range on courses (course form and in right click)
    • Option to add descriptive assessment range on courses list
    • Add literals in plural grade
    • New Last Payment Date column at Per Student view on Payments Overview
    • New Use Bus column on Students list
    • New Check Limits option only on selected examination categories
    • New Show Per Activity option on Students per Documents list
    • New auto-approval option on Duties
    • Hide Activities/Courses tab on portal when it's disabled
    • Registered teacher hours on Export to XML for timetables
    • Course delete prevention when recorded scores
    • Addition of Sex on Teacher's required entry fields
    • New From Reregistration and Main Class columns on Students per Class list
    • Option to send email using multiple aliases


    • Correction of father/mother mobile loss while editing students list
    • Correction view for all students on Students per Documents list
    • Correction of errors on Create Timetable
    • Correction of view Day column on Students per Activity and Timetable
    • View CRM data on teachers portal accounts
    • Change marital status on the create brother (copy) process
    • Correction of Examinations Limits filter per class and week
    • Correction of user list on copy setting to period dialog box on school administration settings
    • Correction of the show/check payments until filter on Payments Overview
    9Version 2016.1 BuildNumber: 4.4.2016.30823 [23/08/2016]


    • Missing mother / father mobile number in edit mode on student list


    • Enhanced functionality on export financial payments to 3rd party software
    10Version 2016.1 BuildNumber: 4.4.2016.20723 [21/07/2016]


    • Addition of a column “From Reregistration” at the List Students’ per Additional Data
    • Enhancements of the Finance’s Appearance process for the Students, Parents and the Contact for Financial Issues
    • Print for the Marks per trimester and for the Marks per Exams
    • Enhancement of the button of the calculation of the Special Receipt Issue Plan for students' arrangements
    • Addition of Marking Scenarios
    • Addition of Duties Scenarios
    • Addition of the field “Alias” into the Teachers’ List
    • Improvements at the admin roles in CRM
    • Addition of filter for students based on the activity during the massive record of absences in an activity
    • Connection of the School Registry with Activities Arrangements
    • Addition of the impeding of save during the simultaneous edit of a student by 2 users
    • Change of the description of the discounts per period
    • Improvements in the Scenarios of Descriptive Assessment form of the users for the new portal
    • New Setting: Activities history delete by deleting an activity of a student (General Customizations – Activities Parameters)
    • Addition of the column “From Status and To Status” during the transfer of a student to a school period. If both of them are selected then the reregistration will be automatically selected for a student
    • Email send out with attached files and simultaneous use of an independent file per student
    • Check and deleting of SchoolPortal accounts during the delete of students from a specific period
    • Export of the Financial moves into a file (Finance)
    • Appearance of the description and the abbreviation for the voucher series
    • Possibility of filtering on the way of payment
    • Appearance of the field “Assessment Analysis” during the recording of Assessment Categories (Academics - Grades - Categories Review Entry)
    • Portal: Impeding of recording and deleting exam marks into locked marking periods
    • Appearance of smaller scale map while viewing the student’s address on a map
    • Filters in Marking Periods and Classes at the Absences’ Analysis Tab (Academic - Absences - Analysis)
    • Addition of dates’ filter “From-To” for the current month in Revenue-Expenses
    • Better selection in appearance of Income - Expenses (Financial tab)
    • Activation of the edit in a list at the Completion of Income-Expenses, automatically
    • Addition of the Tab “Actions” in the Relatives Tab
    • Enhancement of the speed during the opening of the list “Students Accounting” in the Finance Tab
    • Improvements in the Lending History and the Books Reservations at the Library Tab
    • Addition of the selection “check” for appearance in the Portal, during the automated creation of arrangements
    • Select email to students and parents at the email form while more than one email addresses are recorded
    • Reissue History (with the use of stored PDF files) at the Payments Documents in the Finance Tab
    • Automatic addition of the respective sex for a relative (father and mother)
    • Recalculation of an arrangement while changing a student’s status into Stop from within the tab student’s Academic Data


    • During the change of a name in the Relatives Tab, the sex change is corrected
    • During the mass change in the School Registry prevents the import Class-Stream that doesn’t belong to the company
    • Correction on the save process of the mobile of father and mother into the Student’s Tab
    • Correction of data during the export to MySchool system
    • Modifications in the Incidents appearance for all users in the Incidents’ List
    • Continuance and Stop of an activity of a student that already has the same status in activities
    • Refresh of parents’ names in students’ list at the time of a parent’s name change in the Student’s Tab
    • Correction of the error in the mass report issue
    • Correction of the error in the list “Students per Class”
    • Correction of the change of the sex into Female during the name change into the Relative’s Tab
    • Correction of the error during the connection to Classter Manager via desktop with Windows XP
    • Correction of the error on Change Invoice Plan to Special for students' arrangements
    11Version 2016.2 BuildNumber: 4.4.2016.20406 [06/04/2016]


    • Bus Exceptions, students with multiple exceptions during the same day are marked with red color
    • Bus Exceptions, impeding of adding, editing, deleting, or updating exceptions on dates prior to the current one
    • The "Create a school event of meeting" form on CRM opens in new tab instead of a window
    • Different rights in users’ role to delete markings
    • Impeding of editing/deleting markings when the marking period is locked or has a lock date
    • New “Check Discounts” button on the Financial tab
    • Control and warning message in case of updating data in a student's tab which is open by two users simultaneously
    • New separator on the “Create new action” form to improve comment uploading on computers with smaller screens
    • Addition of new column “Stream” and of the filter “Class” at "Add Classes - Courses" window on the student tab, based on the school register
    • Impeding of the student deletion if he/she has existing registered marks
    • Impeding of the Marking Period deletion in case that registered marks are uploaded
    • Addition of new “Duties list” in “Academic Settings” of the “Customization Wizard”
    • Addition of new “Descriptive Assessment” tab on the “Student's Progress” tab
    • Addition of new setting on the “Basic Customization” menu: Display Last Name first while projecting the full name
    • Addition of new short description field for Public Events on CRM
    • Extended absence functionality with the ability to declare which teacher entered each absence
    • Addition of new export of the Calendar to Outlook
    • Clear activity history setting when deleting activity from student
    • Select which arrangement types won't display at SchoolPortal


    • Save receipts in PDF format
    • Import books from Excel
    • Update checks "Show in SchoolPortal" in the “Student's arrangement” tab
    • Update of the “Father, Mother” fields in “Student” tab
    • Export Letter to all students in the Payments Overview tab
    • Keep activities dates when a student status changes
    • Dual line correction on Activity Hours while adding same hours on different day
    • Delete student's activity when deleting a removed day
    • Correction on the “Other Contacts” filter in the email sending form
    • Start and stop student's activities optimization
    12Version 2015.1 BuildNumber: 4.3.2015.11210 [10/12/2015]


    • Change the submission of  number of Absences at Absences of the Timetable
    • Change of insertion of the new Category CRM
    • Change the Calculation of the final grade through Grades Structure of the Course in case of not grading of the one Category
    • Change the  Calculation of the final term grade based on the My School
    • Change of the submission of absence per day
    • Updates to  the Grades Reports
    • Updates, Insertions to the Absences Reports
    • Changes  to the literal of the windows of the descriptive assessments


    • Copy Grading Category from one School period to another
    • Change Calendar Category, addition field  Announcement for the Announcements to SchoolPortal
    • Tools for insertions of the Grades Structure from Template database(New option to Imports/Exports at the  Configuration )
    • Dynamic title of sending email with the student’s name about the registration to CRM
    • Filter based on the date on the Planning Examinations list
    • Improve speed using the new indexes and change of the setting best fit to the lists
    • General setting for automatic or not filling of the  final grade free (VertiSchool και SchoolPortal)
    • New setting for the decimals of the Grading categories
    • New report of student’s progress to the Customization Wizard
    • Additional chances to the lock of Marking period, updates to the locks of the portal
    • Insert field of main class to the list of the Grading and Descriptive Assessments
    • Addition right for the deleted grades
    • Show / Hide Arrangements to Portal
    • Update the editor of the announcement using the HTML support
    • Manage roles to School portal  (through Vertischool)
    • Addition filters and improve speed to the view (list) of Grades
    • Insertion the type of roles for teachers,students,parents
    • Ability to change titles, colors, and icons order to    SchoolPortal per role
    • Improve procedure of books reservations to the library
    • Presentation Activities – Choice of the user  instead of the absence
    • Change to Sending email for the delete  of  no visible characters in case of copy-paste
    • Addition ApiFon as new sector for sending SMS
    13Version 2015.1 BuildNumber: 4.3.2015.11116 [16/11/2015]


    • Change the calculation of grades using the Grades structure

    14Version 2015.1 BuildNumber: 4.3.2015.11105 [05/11/2015]


    • Change Error in the views of the Payments-Balances tab of the Student’s Accounting Tab
    • Change errors to the general event management, to the Actions of CRM
    • Change to absences’ submission
    • Change to the sending SMS about Absences’ submission

    • Automatic Sending Email at CRM
    • Automatic approval of action at the CRM
    • Enable the default of the sending email field for new actions at the CRM
    • Open with  single click of the links to the Academic data through Student’s tab
    • Addition to actions for delete, enable, disable by the right click at Teacher’s List
    • Ability for insertion to additional data of mobile numbers at Student’s tab
    • Ability for not automatic transfer of the bus routes at student’s transfer to school period
    • Ability for insertion of email addresses to new TLDs
    • Ability for view of the Cheques balances at Payments-Balances through student’s billing tab
    Start for FREELogin