Moodle Integration

Classter integrates directly with Moodle Learning Management System in order to provide a fully integrated asynchronous learning experience.


Integrated Solution

Learning Management System (LMS)

Integration Features
Single Sign On, Subjects Synchronization, Enrollments Synchronization

Moodle Features
Competency Frameworks, Individual Learning Plans, Badges, Certificates, Forums, Assignments

Moodle for Classter Integration Overview

As a global player in the educational sector, Moodle offers free LMS capabilities. Since Moodle is popular around many institutions, Classter provides full integration will Moodle for a complete asynchronous learning experience by synching Classter Subjects with Moodle and vice versa.

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Integration Features

Classter has been fully integrated with Moodle. For any student and teacher enrolled in Classter, an account is automatically generated in Moodle. Moreover, any subject assigned to a student or teacher in Classter is also automatically assigned to each user in Moodle. 

Classter offers a unique solution by allowing its users to use the software in combination with Moodle and Office365. Thus, Classter serves as a single sign-on hub among all three platforms that are easily created and maintained. Moodle complements Classter, making it a powerful all-in-one Student & Learning Management System. 

Data Sync

Classter-Moodle integration allows one-way (Classter to Moodle) push of data for the following entities:





Key Functionality

Sign On

Students and Teachers can sign in to Moodle courses with Classter credentials.

Automatic Account Creation

With this integration, user accounts in Moodle are automatically created when a Classter account is created.

Subjects/Classes Synchronization

A subject/class from Classter is automatically created in Moodle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Moodle create courses or provide content for courses?

Moodle focuses on building the most effective Learning Management System (LMS), so we don’t create courses or content for our users. However, if you need help with this challenge, take a look at Learn Admin Basics video series to learn how to create courses or contact one of Moodle’s partners to help you.

How do I teach on Moodle? How do I get students on my site? How do I enroll users?

Moodle has designed a Learn Moodle Basics free course, which you can take at any time, and a series of training videos, for anyone who wants to use the Moodle learning platform for teaching, whether it be in a school, a university, a company or for personal interest.

Moodle has also created a Moodle Admin Basics free course and a series of training videos that cover the management of a Moodle site from the Administration interface within Moodle.

Moodle hosting options

MoodleCloud is a hosting service provided by the creators of Moodle, where you can get a fully-hosted Moodle site.

There are 3 ways you can get your hands on Moodle:

If you choose a MoodleCloud site, we manage the:

  • Servers 
  • Moodle upgrades
  • MoodleCloud subdomain: (although you can redirect your website to us if you prefer)

You can choose from different plans that scale according to your user or storage needs (up to 1000 users and 5 GB). With MoodleCloud you can:

  • Create courses
  • Provide activities and resources for learning and assessment
  • Setup competency frameworks
  • Allow learners to complete quizzes or submit files
  • Grade assignments
  • Provide certificates
  • Communicate with your learners

Learn more here.

How can I get help to set up and configure my Moodle site?

You will find all the needed documentation to get started, to easily configure and create your courses on Moodle Docs. Moodle also has a dedicated community forum focusing on installation and upgrade queries that you may find useful.

I need help to configure Moodle?

Moodle HQ does not offer full support or consulting services, but there are many free and paid resources to help with your Moodle configuration, including:

  • Moodle Partners are a global network of independent companies providing Moodle-related services for a fair price.
  • Free online Moodle documentation resources can be accessed at
  • Joining our community user forums, which are monitored by people well versed in all things Moodle and posting your queries in the forums for assistance:

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