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Student Progress Tracking

Enhances the teaching environment by allowing educators to identify trends in student performance, offering students visibility of their academic progress.

Homework & Classwork Management

Simplifies the assignment process, enabling educators to efficiently manage tasks and resources, thus reducing repetitive workloads.

Timetable Management

Facilitates the creation of flexible and conflict-free schedules, optimizing resource allocation and class management.

Assessments, Exams & Assignments

Offers a versatile assessment management tool, enabling varied and customizable testing methods to assess student learning comprehensively.

Advanced Numerical/Descriptive Marking & Analysis

Provides a customizable grading system that accommodates diverse evaluation criteria, enhancing the accuracy of student assessments.

Behavior Management & Pointing System

Engages students through a gamified approach to learning, promoting positive behavior and active participation in the educational process.

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Power-Packed Functionality Meets Seamless User Experience

Homework & Classwork Management

Streamline assignment distribution and management, enabling educators to efficiently assign and track homework and classwork, enhancing student organization and academic performance.

Timetable Management

Offer dynamic scheduling solutions, simplifying class and resource allocation while minimizing conflicts, ensuring a smooth educational operation.

Sessions & Lesson Plans Management

Facilitate detailed planning and resource allocation for each teaching session, promoting thorough and effective instruction.

Assessments, Exams & Assignments

Provide comprehensive tools for creating and managing diverse assessments, supporting varied learning styles and comprehensive evaluation.

Advanced Attendance System

 Enhance attendance tracking with multiple methodologies, improving student accountability and parental involvement.

Mentors & Advisors

Assign mentors to students for personalized guidance, enhancing student support and academic progress.

Advanced Numerical/Descriptive Marking & Analysis

Offer flexible grading systems tailored to institutional needs, ensuring accurate and comprehensive student evaluation.

Daily Marking & Evaluation

Allow regular student performance assessments, fostering continuous learning and immediate feedback.

Outcomes Management & Descriptive Marking

Integrate goal-setting into assessments, providing a holistic view of student achievement and facilitating personalized learning strategies.

Behavior Management & Pointing System

Engage students with a gamified approach, encouraging positive behavior and active participation in the learning process.

Assessment Workflows & Blind Marking

Ensure fair and unbiased grading, maintaining academic integrity and transparency.

Synoptic, Retakes & Deferred Management

Accommodate diverse learning paths with options for retakes and credit transfers, supporting student success and flexibility.

Gradebook & Degree Audit

Offer real-time tracking of academic progress, enabling efficient transcript management and academic planning.

Check in/out Tools

Simplify attendance monitoring with advanced check-in/out methods, ensuring accurate and effortless tracking.

Classter is Fully Integrated with 40+ Tools

Classter offers seamless integration with over 40 of the most popular third-party tools, including Office 365, Moodle, Webex, MS Teams, Zoom, Hubspot and more. With an open API, Classter makes it easy for you to connect with your existing tools and workflows, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.

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Classter is featured on Capterra & SourceForge as a great choice for educational organizations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Classter's Academics & LMS Module cost?

Classter’s pricing is tailored to the specific needs of educational institutions. For detailed pricing information, including any customization or additional features, it’s recommended to contact Classter’s sales team directly.

Can I track student progress using this module?

Classter’s Academics Module provides a user-friendly environment for tracking student progress. Educators can identify trends in individual and group performance, and students can also access visibility into their academic progress, fostering a collaborative and informed learning environment.

Are there different subscription plans available?

Yes, Classter provides flexible subscription plans tailored to the needs and size of educational institutions. During the demo or consultation, our sales team can discuss the available subscription options and help you choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Can I try Classter’s Academics & LMS Module before making a commitment?

Yes, Classter offers a free demo to educational institutions interested in exploring the functionalities of the Academics & LMS Module. This allows you to experience the platform firsthand and understand how it aligns with your institution’s requirements.

Can I build and manage our institution's curriculum?

Classter’s Academics Module includes a Curriculum Builder tool, allowing institutions to create comprehensive curriculums, manage credit requirements, and automate student progression. It supports semester planning, credit tracking, and enrollment processes.

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