Cutting-edge Financial Management with Classter's ERP

Efficient Billing & Payments for a Streamlined Educational Experience

Embrace the future of financial management in education with Classter. Sync your financial operations seamlessly with your educational services, providing a comprehensive overview of your organization’s finances.

This integrated billing solution not only simplifies processes but also ensures accuracy and efficiency across your financial ecosystem​.

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Unifying Education: The Classter Advantage

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Integrated Academic & Service Billing

Our comprehensive system health checks evaluate the performance and stability of your current SaaS solutions, identifying potential issues and providing actionable insights to enhance system reliability and user experience.

Flexible Invoicing

Classter’s data security audits assess your institution’s adherence to data protection standards, identifying vulnerabilities and recommending robust measures to safeguard sensitive information against emerging threats.

Online Payments

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with our compliance verification service, ensuring that your institution meets all legal and educational standards, minimizing risk, and maintaining your esteemed reputation.

In-Depth Reporting & Forecasting

Make informed financial decisions with Classter’s reporting and forecasting tools. Monitor revenue, track financial arrangements, and get detailed reports on the financial performance of courses or classes. Push data to 3rd-party systems for advanced financial reporting and ensure compliance with regulations.

Automated Mass Billing

Save time and reduce errors with Classter’s mass billing feature. Automatically generate detailed billing plans and issue invoices with just a few clicks. This system ensures that all billing information is accurate and readily available for download or email.

Integrated Billing Process

Create and manage diverse financial arrangements efficiently. Classter’s integrated billing process allows back-office employees to manage tuition fees and other payments effectively, ensuring each financial commitment is tracked and fulfilled.

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Find out why organisations like yours are using Classter to boost their efficiency by up to 50%

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Simplify Your IT Infrastructure

Say goodbye to fragmented IT infrastructure and hello to the simplicity of a fully integrated solution. Classter is a modular solution that combines the functionality of five different systems into one platform that provides unified experience.

Simplify your school's billing and payment processes and enhance financial management with Classter's Billing & Payments module - try it now!

Streamline your school's internship and thesis management and enhance student career development with Classter's Internship & Thesis module - try it now!

Building Strong Educational Relationships: Elevate your community engagement with our Academic CRM Module, designed to foster meaningful interactions among students, educators, parents  and staff.
Streamlined Enrollment, Simplified: The Admissions Module offers a seamless, efficient process for student applications, ensuring a positive first impression and a hassle-free start to their educational journey.

For Organizations of all Sizes and Types

Customize Classter to fit your needs. Create a personalized system just for you.


Elevate your higher education institution with Classter's comprehensive and customizable management system, designed to streamline complex administrative tasks and enhance the student experience.


Transform your K-12 institution with Classter's complete school management system - streamline complex tasks, enhance communication and collaboration, and provide an exceptional learning experience for students and staff.


Maximize the efficiency of your academy or training centre and provide an exceptional learning experience with Classter's end-to-end management system, featuring advanced tools for course management, communication, and billing.


Revolutionize your corporate learning programs with Classter's innovative and comprehensive management system, designed to streamline administrative tasks and enhance employee engagement and training.


Optimize the performance of your seminary education institution and provide an exceptional learning experience with Classter's innovative and comprehensive management system, featuring advanced tools for academic and financial management, communication, and more.


Streamline the complex tasks of your school district and enhance the educational experience of your students and staff with Classter's powerful and flexible management system.

Classter is the SIS of choice for Higher Education, due to its fully configurable, modular, cloud-based architecture. Classter team worked with UCreativa, a leading institution with hundreds of students in Costa Rica offering exceptionally designed, student-centred education programs in creative fields such as Fashion, Interior Design etc.

Classter helped UCreativa accommodate all operations under one roof and automate its Admission Process and Academic Management & Reporting.

Classter, with its straightforward and cloud- based platform, is the preferred student information system for K12 schools.AHF Grundschule, a state-approved private school in Germany which prioritizes individualized learning experiences for each child, collaborated with Classter to manage all its processes like admissions, attendance monitoring and hybrid learning in a single system.

Seminary educational organizations trust Classter as their SIS system. Classter team worked with The Master’s Academy International, a registered nonprofit organization, providing financial and academic support to ministry and pastoral training centers in 12 countries.

Classter helped TMAI accommodate all operations under one roof and automate its Admission Process, District Management and Hybrid Learning.

Classter collaborated with Global School for Entrepreneurship, a higher education organization providing international students with B. Sc., Pre-M. Sc., M. Sc., and other entrepreneurship-related degrees. Classter aided GS4E in simplifying its procedures, supplying faculty with the means to communicate more efficiently with their students and managing academics more easily.

Furthermore, the seamless integration of Canvas LMS and Zoom enables educators and learners to swiftly transition to remote learning based on a unified curriculum.

Empowering Education with Smart Solutions

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Proactive Notifications & Communications

Keep all stakeholders informed with automated notifications about payment deadlines and outstanding balances. Classter’s powerful messaging system ensures that everyone is aware of their financial obligations, enhancing transparency and accountability.

Payment Barcodes Generator

Simplify the payment process with generated barcodes for each transaction. This feature allows for quick scanning and processing, reducing wait times and enhancing the user experience.

Sync with Wire Transfers from Banks

Ensure smooth financial operations by syncing with wire transfers from banks. This integration allows for accurate and timely recording of payments, streamlining the reconciliation process​.

Effective Payments Forecasts & Planning

Forecast and plan your financials effectively with Classter. Gain insights into future revenue streams and expenditures, allowing for better financial planning and budgeting.

Specialized Billing for Private Courses & Extra-Curricular Activities

Tailor your billing for specific needs with Classter. Whether it’s private courses or extra-curricular activities, set up customized billing to suit the unique offerings of your educational institution.

Diverse Payment Gateway Integrations

Benefit from the flexibility of 10+ local payment gateway integrations. Classter provides options to suit various preferences and locations, ensuring that you can offer the most convenient payment methods to your users.

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How Efficient is Your Institution?

Discover how efficient your institution is and unlock personalized insights tailored to your specific needs!

98% User Satisfaction Rating

Classter is featured on Capterra & SourceForge as a great choice for educational organizations.

Classter is an Award Winning Software & a Leader in Edtech Revolution

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my institution use Classter?

Classter is an end-to-end Student & Learning Management System for any organization that offers educational or training services that will help you manage your processes and digitalize your school to save time and money. With Classter, you can get rid of your fragmented IT infrastructure. That’s because Classter combines the functionality of 5 different types of solutions: SIS, SMS, LMS, ERP, and CRM in 12 Modules.

Is Classter safe?

Classter provides a reliable centralized cloud-based environment for storing and accessing students’ and faculty data, with the security of MS Azure infrastructure. Classter uses Azure Backup to provide clients with secure and reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions.

How often am I going to be billed?

Classter offers customers the choice between an annual and bi-annual billing plan. If you choose the former option, your subscription will be invoiced and billed every year. For those who opt for a bi-annual subscription, the process will only happen every two years, plus you can benefit from a discount of up to 20% on your total fees!

How does Classter cater to different types of educational organizations?

Classter is versatile and fully adaptable. It offers tailored solutions for Higher Education, Academies and Training Centers, K12 Schools, Seminary Education, Corporate Learning, and School Districts. The platform is designed to meet the unique requirements of each educational segment.

Can I customize Classter's platform to fit the specific needs of my educational institution?

Absolutely! Classter’s modular approach allows complete customization to suit your institution’s unique needs. You can select and integrate specific modules for a tailored solution, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in meeting your educational requirements.

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