MS Teams Integration

Enhance Classter capabilities and features by pairing them up with the Microsoft Teams videoconference app.


Integrated Solution
MS Teams

Video-conferencing app

Assignments, Screensharing, Immersive Reader, Whiteboard, Raise Hand, Accessibility, Insights

School Leaders, Educators, Students, IT Pro, Higher Education

MS Teams for Classter Integration Overview

Let students, faculty, educators, and staff meet, work together, create content, and share resources in Office 365 Education — featuring the simple, intuitive power of Microsoft Teams.

The powerful integration between Classter and MS Teams allows educational organizations to:

  • Collaborate with ease: Meet for free with up to 300 students or community members. Access persistent chat to ensure everyone stays connected for learning or work.

  • Engage Learners: Organize classrooms and assignments, collaborate and share files, access class material in one central location.

  • Elevate day-to-day work: Access insights for the school and classroom, use apps and integrations to reduce workloads, and build community, all on a safe and secure platform.

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Integration Features

Key features for student-educator collaboration:

  • Assignments: Educators can assign, track, and grade class assignments.

  • Screensharing: Users can share screens or presentations in real-time.

  • Immersive reader: Users can easily read conversations and chats in a more personalized format, all in Microsoft Teams.

  • Accessibility: Users can get ASL visibility features, live closed captions (US only), and an immersive reader.

  • Insights: Educators can access student engagement data from an intuitive dashboard.

Key features for classroom collaboration:

  • Breakout Rooms: Educators can make discussions and teamwork easier by dividing classes into small groups in Microsoft Teams.

  • Whiteboard: Educators and students collaborate together on a shared digital canvas with Microsoft Whiteboard, integrated into Teams.

Data Sync

One-way integration where data are pushed from Classter to MS Teams. Data fields/entities that are syncing:






Key Functionality

Hybrid Learning

Create an effective Hybrid Learning environment with Classter and MS Teams for Education.

1:1 Meetings With Educators

Enhance engagement with the most advanced tools for managing day-to-day communication.

Virtual Classroom

Give the option to students and educators to interact online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to Microsoft Teams?

To access Microsoft Teams for Education, enter the email address and password provided by your school. If your school is already signed up for Office 365 for Education and has turned on access to Microsoft Teams, or if your school is an accredited academic institution, you’ll be able to sign in or sign up. If you’re having trouble, please contact your school’s IT administrator.

How do I get started using Microsoft Teams?

The easiest way to get started is to sign in, download the Teams app to your desired device, and get going. You can find some helpful tips about Teams for Education in the student quick start guide.

How can I use Microsoft Teams to collaborate on group projects?

Teams makes collaborating on group projects easy with chat, online meetings, threaded conversations, file sharing, etc. Either start a chat, use a designated channel in a class team, or start your own team to begin a collaboration. Learn more with some quick tips about collaboration in Teams in this teamwork article.

Where can I find quick training about Microsoft Teams for Education?

If you already have Teams, just click on the Help icon on the bottom left in the app, then click on Training. You’ll find the latest training guides and be you’ll be able to search from how to get started to anything else you might need to learn. You can also find a lot of great learning content for education and for general Teams usage in the Microsoft Teams support site.

What control do educators and school's IT team have for student safety in online meetings?

Educators and IT administrators have many options to keep students safe before, during, and after classes held in online meetings and in student-to-student interaction. Learn more about how educators can keep students safe in our guide for IT and educators.

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