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Create a hybrid learning environment with Classter and let teachers and parents stay in sync with students’ academic performance.

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Classter all-in-one school management system helps Leonteios School to Digitalize Academic Processes

Classter all-in-one school management system helps Leonteios School to Digitalize Academic Processes



End-to-end Management

Classter provides end-to-end functionality to K12 IT admins for managing the full lifecycle of education for students 3-18 years old. A no-code, fully configurable environment for digitalizing academic processes such as registrations, record management, curriculum development, attendance tracking, grading reports, billing, and online payments, just to name a few.

Stay in the loop with kids’ performance

Parents stay updated with their kid’s academic performance by having all types of information, relevant to their kid’s performance, at the tip of their fingerprints (hint: we offer an Android and iOS mobile app).

Focus on teaching, get rid of everything else

Teachers can get rid of boring, repetitive tasks, such as daily attendance tracking, and focus on what matters the most: teaching. Also, in-depth analytics about their students’ performance gives the flexibility to tailor the teaching approach to the needs of every student.


A fully customizable, no-code SIS for managing educational organizations

Create a paperless admission process for your educational organization.

Sync your financial management with your academic activities.

Transportation Management
Manage effectively your daily students’ commute to and from school.

Advanced Features
Create customized and effective academic experiences.

Academics & LMS
Access the most advanced tools for managing day-to-day academic activity.

Academic CRM
Enhance day-to-day communication between all users, physically and online.

Surveys & Quizzes
Powerful, flexible online academic surveys, tests and quizzes.

An integrated solution for managing physical and online libraries.

Mobile Apps
Android and iOS Apps for Students, Parents and Teachers.


School Management

IT Management

Admissions & Registrations

Billing & Payments

Student Attendance

Gradebook & Assessment

Hybrid Learning Management

Student Engagement



Pre-school education is the start of the learning journey. Managing a variety of sensitive data related to your students can be easily handled with Classter for K12 and be accessible on the secure cloud environment of Microsoft Azure. Allow parents to be in touch with teachers regarding academic projects and day-to-day issues through Classter Mobile App. Leverage the functionality of the Classter Transportation module for providing a safe commute environment to your young students.



Classter provides a reliable cloud-based school management system for the day-to-day management of elementary schools in more than 25 countries. Education leaders and IT administrators can leverage Classter’s built-in functionality and 3rd party integrations for managing smartly your school and creating a hybrid learning environment. Manage effortlessly your elementary’s school day-to-day processes: registrations, timetable creation, attendance tracking, event announcement, grading & reporting, billing and online payments, and much more.



Empower your teachers and students by offering the combined functionality of SMS and LMS in one place. Classter architecture allows teachers to switch from physical to online teaching without compromising the academic performance of any student. The integrity and depth of available data in Classter allow K12 schools to offer personalized curriculums based on each students’ pace of learning. Parents stay in the loop with everything related to their kid’s academic life: from attendance and grade reports to activities and tuition fees payments.



Classter streamlines districts operations across different locations with its fully configurable and robust cloud-based architecture. Districts leadership can have a centralized student database and could get access to real-time reports and notifications. By implementing the Classter school management system in your district you have immediately a one-stop-shop through which you could instantly access information about your student success. By removing unnecessary and repetitive processes your school administrators can focus on what matters most: providing students with the best learning environment possible.



Keeping your students and parents engaged with the academic process is a crucial factor in each students’ success. Teachers can intervene early and assure that no student-at-risk has been left behind. Classter for K12 schools offers a personalized portal to each type of user, ensuring that your institution is always engaged with teachers, students, and their parents.


Students have a user-friendly place for accessing information about teaching sessions, calendar events and marking.


Parents can stay in the loop with kids’ academic calendars, create one-to-one meetings with teachers and manage online tuitions and payments through their personalized portal.


Employees can manage multiple administrative tasks and automate repetitive actions. They can easily manage communication between the organization, students, and parents, proceed with students’ enrollments and teachers’ allocation to classes as well as organize the institution’s timetable.


Educators can use the personalized portal for creating teaching sessions, tracking attendance, updating marking information, and getting real-time information about students’ performance.


Engaged students become engaged alumni through this personalized portal. Students can keep connected with the school after the graduation ceremony and create a strong network that will support the student community and will engage in future donor activities.

Integrate your Student Information System with 40+ Solutions

Integrate your Student Information System with 40+ Solutions

Gerard S.
Gerard S.
September 21, 2022.
Classter @ MCAST ☺Hosting and main setup is handled by the supplier, and the support is very responsive for the implementation used. ☹In some cases, the user interface needs some tweaking, as the software offers a little too much choice for the end user, which can cause the user to choose the wrong option in some cases. It would be ideal for the user interface to reduce the amount of choice to the user so that the user flows through the system are straightforward.
Heather C.
Heather C.
September 20, 2022.
Easy to use and functional I was skeptical at first and rather do things manually, but after 2 years i find it very easy to navigate. ☺I find it easy to use. Customer support helps in showing me how to use the tools to my advantage ☹it suffers from glitches very so often and sometimes the format can change.
Amit S.
Amit S.
September 16, 2022.
Ease to use ☺It is very user friendly, easy to understand and implement. ☹it's a very useful software for School administration and management .
Deborah A.
Deborah A.
September 14, 2022.
i love the app ☺the ease in usage and system support, i can easily navigate through the app ☹colours on the app, its too dull, use more bright colours
Constant K.
Constant K.
September 14, 2022.
Classter is a plaform that came to solve a lot of difficulties in our system. I am enjoying the system ☺With this system, we have improved our management system. The thing I like the most was the admission process, the online payment, the student management, and many more... ☹The only thing I found useless was the Mobil App. It just doesn't support the entire functionality of the platform. It needs improvement.
James P.
James P.
September 9, 2022.
Pros and Cons of Classter I find Classter very interesting and looking forward for further developments and improvements ☺The software works in a logical manner and is easy to comprehend. The more you sue it the easier it gets. It allows a lot of flexibility when it come to assessments and scheduling . ☹Some features need to be automated since in some cases, there are steps that are forgotten such as the updating of a synoptic mark on the grade book. while it is good to give multiple options some should be restricted such as creating an assessment from wither bulk assessment or from assessment scheduling especially since the scheduling section does not take into consideration the overall mark.
Ivan G.
Ivan G.
September 8, 2022.
A robust system that has it all for any educational institution It was easy managing the school I work for while there were less than a 100 students. However with it growing it became much bothersome and difficult to monitor and manage everything, so classter came at the greatest time. Really helped us manage the finances, payments and debts, student grades and so on. ☺The quick setup and get go. You can have a fully functional software in a matter of weeks. Also, the support and friendliness of the implementation team was a great plus. ☹Maybe the report designer could be made a bit more user friendly. It works great so far, but for non-programmers or general users it can be a bit confusing to get reports going.


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