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Classter and Microsoft Office 365 can create a powerful end-to-end infrastructure that improves the educational experience.


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Microsoft O365 Classter Integration Overview

Classter is one of the trusted Microsoft Partners for Cloud Solutions in Education. Educational institutes will be able to adopt the latest software solutions available from Microsoft to make their organization run smoothly with maximum efficiency.

Key Functionality

Classter is one of the first School Management Systems fully integrated with Office 365. Once a student, teacher, employee, or parent creates a Classter account, the system automatically creates an Office 365 account. Additionally, Classter will automatically create mailboxes, security groups and assign Office 365 licenses. Any subject in Classter is associated with Office 365 SharePoint libraries or MS Teams.


By enabling Office 365, end-users will log on using the secured and reliable Microsoft Authentication service for Office 365. Using this single sign-on mechanism, end-users can access any Office 365 application from within the Classter portal. Single sign-on with Azure Active Directory using OAuth 2.0 allows students and teachers to authenticate with their existing Office 365 credentials.

Email Provisioning

With Classter, email inboxes are automatically provisioned by Classter. With the term automated provisioning, we mean that every account created in Office 365 will have the same security access as was configured on the Classter platform.

Integration with MS Teams

This powerful integration creates a digital hub that enables the communication between educators and students. Teachers can manage assignments and marking from Class Notebooks. Moreover, students can have open communication and collaboration.

Integration with MS OneNote

Any subject in Classter is associated with Office 365 SharePoint libraries or OneDrive, allowing the creation of personalized digital libraries that can be accessed only by the students assigned to a Class or Session. OneDrive and SharePoint enable seamless collaboration within and beyond the classroom. Individual students or staff can store, sync and share documents, photos and videos with ease. It enables the creation and organization of classroom content.

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Integration Features

Office 365

Classter and Microsoft Office 365 can create a powerful end-to-end infrastructure that improves the educational experience. Although Classter SIS provides a wide range of functionalities, it can be even more effective when integrated with the most popular productivity cloud-software of the market.

MS Teams

Students, faculty, educators, and staff are able to meet, work together, create content and share resources in Office 365 Education – featuring the simple and intuitive power of Microsoft Teams.

Data Sync (School Data Sync – SDS)

School Data Sync (SDS) is a service in Office 365 for Education that reads the educational organization and roster data from the organization’s Student Information System (SIS). This functionality saves time through the automated class management in Office 365 and enables educational institutions to sync their data with SIS through Office 365.

More specifically, SDS technology automatically creates a group in MS Teams for every class/subject in Classter. When doing so, the educator becomes the owner of this group, while students are members. Moreover, educators can make use of MS Teams assignments, while, after marking them, the grading will return to Classter.

An important advantage is that it allows automatic updates, therefore if a student leaves or joins a class, the corresponding MS Teams group is automatically updated. Therefore, the SDS integration removes the hassle of manually adding or removing students in two systems.

In a nutshell:

  • An MS Teams group is created automatically as soon as a class is created in Classter.
  • MS Teams assessment’s grades return in Classter, simultaneously.
  • The MS Teams group gets updated immediately when you add / remove a student.

Key Functionality

MS Teams

Create and Manage Classes from Classter to MS Teams.


Sync educational content from Classter to Office 365 SharePoint libraries and OneDrive.

School Data Sync (SDS)

Create an automated class management experience with Office 365 for Education and Classter SIS.

Reach out to our Sales team for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

I purchaced Microsoft 365. Where can I set up my account and install Microsoft 365?

To set up your account and install Microsoft 365 for the first time, visit more about setting up your account. If you have already created your account, visit more about installing Microsoft 365.

What is a product key and where do I find it?

A product key is a unique 25-character alpha-numeric code used to redeem and activate your Microsoft 365 subscription or Office product. You cannot use a product key for an older Office product (or a different product) to redeem your new copy of Office or Microsoft 365 subscription.

To find your product key, look for the 25-character alpha-numeric code on the back of the card inside your Microsoft 365 or Office product packaging. Sometimes the product key may be printed on your retail receipt. If you purchased from a PC manufacturer, your product key will be located somewhere in your PC packaging. Sample product key format: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

For which languages is Microsoft 365 available?

Microsoft 365 plans are available in most countries/regions. In countries/regions where Microsoft 365 plans are not available, you can still buy an Office 2021 suite, a one-time purchase which includes 2021 versions of the Office apps, but no additional security or storage features. When buying Microsoft 365, it’s important that you select the country/region in which you will be billed and in which you’ll use the software. Selecting a different country/region may cause problems with subscription setup and renewal.

How do I access my apps after installing Microsoft 365 or Office?

Icons for Office apps are created when you install Office. You can start the apps by clicking the icons, which are installed in the following locations:

• Windows

  • Windows 7: Start menu
  • Windows 8: Start screen and Apps view (the view under the Start screen that includes all apps installed on a PC)*
  • Windows 8.1: Apps view*

*If you cannot find your icons in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, go to the Start screen and type the name of the app you want to launch (for example, Word). You can also pin an app shortcut to your Start screen or your desktop taskbar for convenient access. Learn more.

• Mac OS X

  • 10.6 (Snow Leopard): Dock
  • 10.7 (Lion): Dock and Launchpad
  • 10.8 (Mountain Lion): Dock and Launchpad
  • 10.9 (Mavericks): Dock and Launchpad
  • 10.10 (Yosemite): You can start the apps by clicking the app icons which can be found in the Launchpad and Apps folder in Finder.

How can I change which devices have Microsoft 365 installed?

If you have installed Microsoft 365 on the maximum number of PCs, Macs, or tablets and want to use Microsoft 365 on a different device, you can deactivate a device by visiting, after which you can install Microsoft 365 on a new device. The copy of Microsoft 365 on the device you deactivated will revert to read-only mode, which means documents can be viewed but not edited. You will not lose any documents that are saved locally on the original device.

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