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Classter is integrated with Turnitin, a web-based plagiarism prevention system used by numerous educational organizations worldwide.


Integrated Solution

Plagiarism Checker

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Higher Education, Secondary Education

Turnitin for Classter Integration Overview

Uphold academic integrity: Ensure original work from students and address even the most sophisticated potential misconduct.

Superpower your assessment: Give instructors tools that streamline manual grading processes, so they can spend more time teaching.

Foster original thinking: Help develop students’ original thinking skills with high-quality, actionable feedback that fits easily into teachers’ existing workflows.

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Data Sync

Turnitin’s plagiarism report integrates with the Classter platform, providing in-app the report’s key features with single sign on

01. Quality Ingredients

Color-coding, filters, and source comparison for easy interpretation.

02. Lasting Results

Data insights to show deliberate text manipulation.

03. Fast Shipping

Compare against the industry-leading database of content for comprehensive results.

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Key Functionality


Address the originality of student work and emerging trends in misconduct.


A robust, integrated plagiarism checker into Classter's extensive funtionality.

Higher Education

Uphold academic integrity, streamile grading and protect the reputation of your organization.

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