Homework & Classwork management

Teachers can support students more effectively by uploading detailed duties, To-Dos and homework tasks anytime, anywhere and especially in a few steps.

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Educators may plan in advance lesson plans, register work done in classroom and homework assigned to students. The tool allows easy management of external links, repetitive tasks and management either per group of students or per individual student.

Behavior Management

To motivate your students and engage them with the learning process, is an action accomplished through an effective behavior management. And Classter gives you a complete feature set.

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A wide variety of badges and behavior marks such as thumbs up/down is the way to transform learning and give smart incentives to your entire class, either while in class or from anywhere.

Additionally, teachers can register remarks related to each student behavior that automatically inform parents in case of misbehavior or lack of preparation.

Sessions and Lesson Plans management

Every time a teacher starts a new class session, she or he can register the event either using the Mobile App for teachers or Classter’ teacher dashboard.

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Teachers can provide blog text for each session, register what books used or even chapters or pages covered. Additionally, if detailed lesson plans are inserted in Classter, teachers can indicate what part of the lesson planned is covered in each class session.

Sessions are connected with daily marking tools, attendance data, daily remarks, homework and To-Dos entries, badges, thump up/down feedback and much more.

Upload documents, files and other useful information to each session, distribute quizzes and get an easy to use , simple e-learning module up and running!

Assessments, Exams and Assignments

A complete school management system cannot but offer an advanced assessment management tool.

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Create any type of assessment such as assignments, team works, presentations, in-class tests, online or offline quizzes or whatever else required.

Plan and schedule semester or year-end exams, external certifications or re-takes in a few steps.

Classter supports assessments grades tabulation using and results uploading in order to keep students and parents up to date.

Don’t spend a lot of time on organizing your student’s assessment, meet Classter powerful tools.

Outcomes Management & Descriptive Marking

Set-up advanced outcomes structure per course. Align them with course plans and assess if students have met specific outcomes in each assignment or exam executed.

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Outcomes are integrated with the overall marking structure. Thus, Classter allows institutes to provide a holistic, comprehensive overview of the student’s progress.

Create scenarios of marking and specify how a student meet specific outcomes. Provide a set of descriptive assessment criteria to be answered by the educators.

Allow educators to use pre-defined, modifiable text to assess a student’s progress or just provide free text assessment capability to a set of assessment questions.

Classter may provide one of the most comprehensive and configurable assessment tools in the market today! Ask us now to present you how Classter can make your teachers happier by minimizing the marking effort!

Advanced Attendance System

When it comes to attendances, Classter caters you with 4 different methods of attendance recording per student or massively!

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Keep track of students’ attendance per date and hour, per subject , per day only or based on your timetable entries. Set the types and causes of absences once and then in just 2 clicks indicate whether a student is present, late, or absent and why.

Now, students and parents can get an overview of the absences from within their dashboards but you can also inform them by automatically sending an sms or email!

Advanced Numerical Marking and Analysis

With Classter you get access to a fully customizable grading/marking system.

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Teachers use a variety of grading means with custom criteria to set multiple grade structures and marking levels. Recognizing the complexity of the grading process and how time consuming it is, Classter provides different ways for automatic grading tabulation per student, subject or marking period.

Classter may provide marking calculation and averages per semester, term, year or across multiple academic years.

For the Higher Education, Classter provides additional tools for ECTS or other credits management, total transcript management, automated calculation of graduation or promotion capability.

For the K12 academies, Classter can provide a combination of numerical, descriptive and outcome based assessment tools and reports. All fully customizable by your IT department or our team!

Theses and Traineeship

Classter gives you all the modern tools to handle your students’ traineeships and theses management.

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Within Classter you can now create theses and traineeships projects and specify the supervisor teachers in a few clicks. Alternatively, teachers may publish open positions for Theses or Traineeships and students can apply online.

A whole workflow process may be implemented for accepting students and assessing or marking theses or traineeship .

Detailed default reports are included in the app but you can always create your custom ones.

Mentors & Advisors

Mentoring, advisors or student’s supervisor teachers are also supported in Classter.

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Any student may be assigned to one advisor or mentor.

Mentors may register actions, remarks, schedule meetings and much more.

OneNote Plugin for Classter

Get rid of stacks of papers and form your personal teacher’s notebook from within Classter dashboard. Your students can upload assignments, projects and collaborate with their team or with you online and in real time, via OneNote!

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This is thanks to OneNote plugin developed by Microsoft Corporation specially for Classter! Any student who has access to Classter via Office365 can get a OneNote course notebook. Teachers can create assignments or assessments in Classter from within OneNote, mark assignments using OneNote and review students work online thanks to unparalleled combination on OneNote with the Classter platform!

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