Classter Awarded as Best SaaS Platform and Best Cloud Project in Education

We are delighted and proud to announce that Classter All-in-One Student & Learning Management System has been awarded as the Best SaaS Platform and the Best Cloud Project in Education in Cloud Computing Awards 2021.

Best SaaS Platform for Education

Classter won the Winner award in this category for being an EdTech solution designed and developed with the vision of helping educational organizations to streamline back-end operations and remove unnecessary day-to-day repetitive tasks for employees and admin staff. Being an all-in-one SIS and LMS, Classter provides educational organizations with all the tools and functionality for the successful management of the full lifecycle of the education process. The modular, cloud-based architecture allows users to access information at any time, from anywhere. Among the improvement of user experience, Classter’s cloud architecture offers educational organizations the most secure and reliable solution for managing sensitive student data, as all the data are hosted in EU-based MS Azure servers.

Classter has stood out from the competition among other cloud providers for offering 4 unique characteristics that make its value proposition unique:

  • Open school to society: direct communication between students, teachers, parents, and administration
  • Adaptive learning and blended learning functionality (synchronous and asynchronous)
  • A unified cloud solution, easy to be used by non-sophisticated IT users.
  • A fully configurable academic structure that can be customized for every type of educational organization.

Best Cloud Project in Education

Classter implemented the digital transformation of Malta’s largest educational institution, MCAST, by delivering its award-winning, unified cloud solution that combines SIS, SMS and LMS. MCAST’s main objective was to automate its day-to-day processes while connecting its departments located in different geographical areas. Being one of the most innovative cloud education management software in the world, using the full stack of MS Azure using SaaS infrastructure and providing an integrated solution, Classter was able to automate the college’s administrative processes while creating a centralized database for its departments and reducing its overall operating costs, bringing it closer to achieving its goals.

MCAST is Malta’s leading vocational education and training institution. MCAST’s management committee wanted to replace its fragmented, on-premise IT infrastructure with a unified, cloud-based solution. Their main objective was to automate its administrative processes while connecting its departments located in different geographical areas. Classter’s end-to-end cloud solution unified the back-end operations of the two campuses spanning two islands, reduced the college’s overall operating costs, and automated the admission process, student account creation, and degree completion, bringing the college closer to achieving its goals.

As part of the digital transformation of the educational institution, MCAST’s management wanted to replace its outdated, on-premises, IT systems with an innovative solution based on a cloud environment that would simplify and improve its administrative processes while connecting its campuses located in different geographical areas. After the adoption of the platform, there have been several challenges related to the implementation of the system.

Time constraints were the most difficult to be overcome for both parties involved, as the main part of the project had to be delivered within a short timeframe. As in any case of an upgrade of an existing IT system, at first, there are many concerns from users and a general denial of the impending change. Time must pass to develop the necessary trust for a successful partnership. The fact that Classter has extensive out-of-the-box functionality helped to achieve this goal despite the limitations in time.

About Cloud Computing Awards 2021

The awards are organized for the first time in Greece with the aim of promoting companies, organizations, and service providers that successfully migrate to the cloud business operations and processes, while at the same time stand out for their digital transformation projects, innovative practices, and business models, being the benchmark for their industries.

About Classter

Classter brings educational innovation to more than 500 educational institutions in more than 25 countries worldwide and will continue along this path. Therefore, it is a great honor to be placed among the Top 10 EdTech Start-ups in Europe for 2020 and this is just the beginning of our journey aiding the educational sector in digitalizing its operations cost-effectively, not only in Europe but also around the world.

Classter is revolutionizing the EdTech space with its cloud-based, end-to-end student and learning management system. Founded in 2016, is one of the most innovative software systems in the world, using cloud-based SaaS technology, providing a comprehensive solution for educators, integrating the features of three different management systems, the Student (SIS), School (SMS) and Learning (LMS).

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