Classter in The News: An Interview for The National Herald of New York

Classter CEO Nikolaos Nikou recently gave an interview for The National Herald of New York, where he analyzed his goals and ambitions, and Classter’s successful journey. He emphasized the fact that Classter tries to “technologically educate…education”, meaning that the platform fits every educational institution and leads education towards digital transformation. Classter is a modular, and configurable platform for all levels of Education, today’s most complete, innovative and cost-effective technological solution for education.

The platform is revolutionizing the EdTech space with its cloud-based, end-to-end student and learning management system. It is one of the most innovative software systems in the world, using cloud-based SaaS technology, providing a comprehensive solution for educators, integrating the features of three different management systems, the Student (SIS), School (SMS) and Learning (LMS). It is fully configurable according to different education institution’s requirements, based on different geographies. Classter’s configuration does not require special IT skills, which turns it into an ideal solution for institutions with a limited budget, that cannot afford large enterprise solutions.

Classter has been successfully adopted by many educational organizations, managing to establish an extensive network of partners and resellers in more than 15 countries across 4 continents, including Europe, Middle East & Africa, and North America. The platform is currently used by over 500 educational institutions worldwide, with over 500.000 active students, teachers, and parents on the platform. As Mr. Nikou said, “Classter aims to further expand in North America and Canada, where we primarily target cloud solutions at colleges and training centers. We have already taken the first steps in a huge market in which large US players do not provide cloud solutions, and we have so far received extended positive feedback. Thus, we will further intensify our efforts and strengthen our partner network in North America, to better understand how we can better meet the wants and needs.”

The company’s vision is the implementation of a new platform that will lead to a new age for education in the academic environment. A new system should provide all the necessary tools to teachers and employees to create an open and unrestricted educational environment, where each student can learn at a personalized pace and each institution will treat each pupil as a unique case.

Classter has been awarded numerous times, both nationally and internationally. For instance, Classter was selected among the Top 10 start-ups at the SXSW 2019 International Pitching Competition. The company was also distinguished as one of the Top 5 Greek technology start-ups for 2019 at Start-ups D. Day organized by SEPE. Classter is a member of the Greek ICT Business Association (SEPE) as well as an official Microsoft Partner. More recently, it was chosen as one of the top 10 EdTech Start-ups in Europe by the leading EdTech magazine Educational Technology Insights.

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