Classter @ OEB Berlin 2022

Classter will be exhibiting at this year’s OEB Berlin Conference and Expo on Digital Learning and Training. We couldn’t be more excited to participate in one of the most influential Cross-Sector Exhibitions on Digital Learning and Training in the world! From November 23-25, 2022 Classter will be exhibiting at OEB Berlin 2022, connecting educators and administrators with the all-in-one platform of the future.

About OEB

OEB is the annual, global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on digital learning and training, bringing together participants from the higher education, workplace and government sectors since 1995, while critically examining how technology opportunities and challenges are transforming the world of learning. This vibrant and thought-provoking conference and exhibition provides the perfect environment to stimulate, explore and inform working practices to create a better digital learning world.

Classter in DACH

Classter is already present in the German market, helping K12 schools achieve academic and administrative task automation. Classter team worked with AHF Grundschule, a state-recognized private school in Germany offering a stimulating learning environment. The solution helped AHF Grundschule accommodate all operations under one roof and automate its admission process and attendance tracking, among others.

“We are happy Classter exists as a very superior tool for our school. Classter offers unique approaches and adequate solutions for almost any process we can think of. It really helped us survive COVID-19 better, and I feel the passion of the whole Classter Team to make the tool better and better.”

Steffen Schörner, CEO AHF Grundschule

Classter aims to make its presence even stronger in the region and gain a deeper understanding of the regional market’s needs.

Visit Classter’s booth at OEB Berlin 2022 to learn how we work with educational institutions to accelerate the use of technology to completing operational tasks in the most effective manner.


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