Lending Physical Libraries

An open school community means access to information for all!

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Lend books to students, teachers, employees and parents and keep track of historical lending data per student or teacher.

Classter upholds barcode-based multiple lending for the book lovers and serves all your digital or physical libraries.

Books Recording

Use library sophisticated tools to record your books.

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It supports book entry with detailed structure and chapters, management of book sizes with actual dimensions accompanied with information about the authors, the editors or other book contributors.

Manage book copies and get an overview of book location and availability per copy. Encourage book donations as Classter supports it, too!

Online Reservation

Inspire your pupils to enrich their knowledge wherever they are.

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Students and teachers, too, can access school libraries from within their personal portals.

They can simply search books and reserve them online in just a click!

Your librarians are automatically notified and all day-to-day tasks are smoothly handled.

Smart Search

Users don’t spend a lot of time on searching. That is why Classter Team deployed smart search tools.

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If you record LCC and DCC categorization and ISBN10, ISBN13 support, you can get information retrieval automatically, via isbndb.com integration.

To make your job easier, all back-office employees and students, teachers and parents can search books via Full text search within their portal.

Course Libraries

Except for the school’s libraries, in Classter you can create and manage your courses libraries.

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Enrich courses with accompanying books and create course delivery planning based on book structures, that will engage your students.

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