7 Career Development Features in Higher Ed School Management Systems

Give your students the competitive edge they need in today’s job market! Explore the essential career development features in Higher Ed School Management Systems (SMS). Learn how Classter empowers institutions to seamlessly integrate career counseling services and job board functionalities. Download now and unlock the tools to let your students thrive professionally!

Are you doing enough to ensure your student’s success beyond graduation? Discover the essential career development features integrated into Higher Education School Management Systems (SMS) with our insightful infographic. Learn how SMS platforms offer personalized resume-building, internship opportunities, career counseling, alumni networking, and more to shape students’ career trajectories. Gain valuable insights into preparing students for the competitive job market post-graduation. 


What is a School Management System (SMS)? 

A School Management System (SMS) is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline administrative tasks, academic management, and communication within educational institutions. 

How can an SMS support career development for students? 

SMS platforms often include features like resume-building tools, job/internship boards, career counseling services, alumni networking, and skills assessment to support students’ career readiness. 

Why should our institution choose Classter for our SMS needs? 

Classter offers tailored tools and resources to support students in their career journey, including seamless integration of career counseling services and job board functionality, ensuring successful post-graduation outcomes. 

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