Best iSAMS Alternatives: Find the Top SIS for Modern Schools

Best Alternatives to iSAMS

The market is filled with shiny new software that promises to make our lives easier, but not all systems live up to the hype. When it comes to Student Information Systems, iSAMS has been a popular choice for many institutions. However, as users navigate its intricacies, it becomes clear that this tool is not without its flaws.

  • Are you struggling with the steep learning curve when first using iSAMS?
  • Do you find the interface of iSAMS outdated and unappealing?
  • Are simple tasks like loading target grades more complicated than they should be?

If these questions resonate with you, it might be time to consider alternatives to iSAMS. But fear not; we have researched and compiled a comprehensive analysis of other Student Information Systems that could better meet the needs of modern educational institutions.

Here are the best alternatives to iSAMS:

1.           Classter

2.           Gradelink

We’ll explore their features and benefits and explain why they are viable options for institutions seeking an innovative system that ACTUALLY works.

What is iSAMS, and Why is it used?

iSAMS is a web-based Management Information System (MIS) designed to streamline school administrative tasks. Launched in 2005, it was the first MIS to offer a web-based platform, making it accessible from anywhere. Today, iSAMS is used by over 1,500 schools in more than 90 countries, managing 1.4 million student profiles. The system boasts a range of features that aim to simplify school management and enhance the educational experience for students, parents, and staff.

iSAMS Pros and Cons

Key features of iSAMS include:

1. A paperless, online solution for managing student admissions.

2. Offers a cloud server option alongside traditional on-site hosting.

3. iTeacher, iParent, and iStudent apps allow users to access critical data on the go

Despite these impressive features, users often find that iSAMS falls short in several areas. Many report a steep learning curve, which can be particularly challenging for new users. Simple tasks are often more complicated than they should be. And the system can be clunky and counterintuitive.

Why do you need an iSAMS Alternative?

iSAMS Reviews

Outdated Interface

The design of iSAMS is considered outdated, resembling software from several decades ago. This can be off-putting for users who expect modern, sleek, and user-friendly interfaces.

Complexity and Glitches

Users find that many tasks within iSAMS are more complicated than necessary. For example, completing simple processes may require navigating through multiple steps,. Additionally, the software is prone to technical glitches, which can disrupt operations and require troubleshooting.

iSAMS Complexity and Glitches

Lack of Organization

Its organization does not meet current expectations for ease of use and efficiency. Users report that the system is not well-organized, which makes finding and using different features cumbersome.

iSAMS Lack of Organisation

High Assistance Requirement

Many aspects of iSAMS require assistance from the helpdesk, indicating that the software is not user-friendly or intuitive. This reliance on external assistance can slow down processes and increase users’ frustration.

Inefficient Task Management

iSAMS overly complicates tasks that should be straightforward, such as taking attendance or inputting student grades. The system’s design requires users to go through unnecessary steps, making everyday operations more time-consuming and less efficient. This inefficiency can disrupt the workflow of teachers and administrative staff, leading to decreased productivity.

Additional Costs for Essential Features

Essential features that should be included in the core system require purchasing additional modules. For example, the ability to manage cover for absent teachers necessitates an extra purchase. This can be a significant financial burden on schools, especially those with limited budgets, and can lead to dissatisfaction with the software’s value for money.

Steep Learning Curve for New Users

New users often find the iSAMS system difficult to navigate and understand. The software’s interface and functionality are not intuitive, requiring extensive training and practice to become proficient. This steep learning curve can be particularly challenging for staff who are not tech-savvy, leading to delays in productivity and increased reliance on support staff for guidance.

iSAMS Steep Learning Curve

Alternatives like Classter’s Student Information System offer a promising pathway toward streamlined operations and enhanced user satisfaction. Here’s how:

  • Customization capabilities to empower users to tailor the software.
  • Offers comprehensive support during every phase of the product lifecycle.
  • Robust admissions and finance modules to empower all stakeholders at the institution

How to Compare Student Information Systems

When finding the right alternative to iSAMS, there are some factors to consider:

1. Is it easy for everyone to use?

When you’re picking a SIS for your school, think about whether it’s easy for teachers, administrators, and parents to figure out how to use it. You want something that doesn’t need a lot of training or tech skills.

2. Can it integrate with my existing system?

Make sure the Student Information System can smoothly integrate with other systems your school already uses, such as websites, apps, and other programs. You don’t want things to get mixed up or stop working properly.

3. Will they help us if we get stuck?

Look for offerings such as responsive customer support, comprehensive training programs, online resources, and user communities to ensure that your institution receives timely assistance and guidance throughout implementation and ongoing usage.

4. How much is it going to cost?

Think about the SIS’s cost, both initially and over time. Make sure you understand all the costs, such as setup fees, yearly payments, and extra things you might need to buy later.

Classter: Best Student Information System Alternative to iSAMS

Before exploring the features of Classter, it’s important to note that our assessment is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of Student Information Systems available on the market. We’ve strived for complete transparency by compiling both the pros and cons of various systems, including Classter. This offers an unbiased approach to finding the right solution.

Classter Pros and Cons

Pros of Using Classter

Ease of Use

Classter boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for administrators, teachers, students, and parents to navigate its features effortlessly. Users appreciate the intuitive design, which allows for quick access to essential functionalities without extensive training or technical expertise.

Classter Reviews


One of the standout features of Classter is its affordability, especially compared to other school management systems on the market. Despite its competitive pricing, Classter doesn’t compromise on quality or functionality, offering excellent value for money to educational institutions of all sizes.


Classter supports seamless integration with various third-party applications and systems, enhancing its functionality and adaptability. Whether it’s integrating with ERP systems, communication tools, or learning management systems, Classter ensures compatibility and interoperability.

Classter Integration


One of the strengths of Classter is its high level of configurability, allowing educational institutions to tailor the system to their specific needs and requirements.

Classter Customization

Customer Service

Users consistently praise Classter’s exceptional customer service and support. From implementation assistance to ongoing technical support, the Classter team is responsive, knowledgeable, and dedicated to ensuring a positive user experience.

Classter Customer Service

Continuous Innovation

Classter is dedicated to continuous innovation. It regularly updates its features and functionalities to meet educational institutions’ evolving needs.

Classter's Innovation

Demo Trial

Classter offers a demo trial, allowing institutions to explore its features and functionality before making a commitment. This allows users to experience firsthand how Classter can meet their specific needs and requirements.

Gradelink is a cloud-based platform that simplifies workflow for school managers and teachers by providing accessibility from anywhere. It enhances transparent communication between educators and parents and offers time-saving tools for lesson planning. The software is user-friendly, tracks everything in one place, and is supported by responsive customer service.

Gradelink Pros and Cons

While Gradelink offers a comprehensive range of features, its pricing structure can be prohibitive for smaller schools that are trying to manage budgets and increase enrollment. The cost may outweigh the benefits for these institutions, making it difficult for them to justify the expense.

Gradelink Price Review

Those who are not tech-savvy may face a significant learning curve, requiring them to rely heavily on Gradelink’s monthly support until they become more comfortable with the system.

Gradelink Steep Learning Curve

Users have reported a lack of flexibility in changing the order in which classes appear on certain screens. Additionally, there is limited ability to customize grades and divisions according to specific needs. This inflexibility can hinder the personalization of the system to better suit the school’s unique requirements.

Comparison of iSAMS

Final Review

With the research conducted on Classter and Gradelink, you can now make informed decisions when seeking alternatives to iSAMS.

Gradelink emerges as a top choice for institutions seeking a streamlined and intuitive Student Information System. Despite its comprehensive features and responsive customer support, Gradelink’s pricing structure might be a concern for smaller schools. However, for those who can accommodate the cost, Gradelink offers a robust, all-in-one solution that tracks everything in one place, ensuring smooth operations and improved productivity.


Classter emerges as the best overall alternative to iSAMS, offering a highly configurable and user-friendly interface at an affordable price point. It stands out for its rich reports, seamless integration with third-party applications, and exceptional customer support. Classter prioritizes customer satisfaction and offers extensive customization options, allowing educational institutions to tailor the system to their specific needs. With its comprehensive features and robust data management capabilities, Classter presents a compelling solution for schools seeking an efficient and user-friendly Student Information System.


Why do I need an alternative to iSAMS?

iSAMS has an outdated interface, complex navigation, frequent glitches, and a steep learning curve, leading to inefficiencies and increased reliance on support.

What is the best alternative to iSAMS?

Classter emerges as the top alternative, offering a user-friendly interface, robust modules, seamless integrations, excellent support, and affordability.

Why should I choose Classter as my SIS provider?

Classter provides a user-friendly interface, affordability, seamless integrations, customization capabilities, and exceptional customer service, making it a compelling choice for educational institutions.

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