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Quiz management has always been an important issue in the academic world. The exam process in most countries nowadays revolves around the creation and the implementation of the quiz-model exam. Since repetition is important, if not the most important element of the learning process; one way to absorb learning content is through quick quizzes.

That’s why the management of quizzes is a major part of effective tutoring and student academic success. Institutions tend to choose the quiz model to test their students since it’s an easy, fast and effective way to monitor student’s performance and see where they lack behind their peers. In other words, having a smart exam process with different kind of interactive quizzes improve the learning environment for students of all ages. Also, having a student information system that enhances quiz creation allows teachers to create their own quizzes through the questions and answers database or creating their own.

The utility of quizzes & surveys and student information systems

Quizzes have been around for a very long time in the education system. They have evolved in structure, content and deployment. The aim of a quiz must be to bring out the learning spirit in all types of students and to give them the chance to prove what they have learned. Quizzes are perceived by students with mixed feelings in general. They don’t hate them; they don’t love them either. As a result, these sensitive position students have towards this way of testing, makes it equally sensitive on managing it. As a teacher, you need to strike a balance on how many quizzes you want to give students, and the frequency of them as well.

Student & Learning Management Systems are here to give teachers solutions as well as the creative tools to apply Quizzes and Assignments in a more student-friendly way.

The major advantages of quiz assessment

The truth is, quizzes applied in the classroom have many advantages. First and foremost, quizzes can implement teamwork as well as a better understanding of the material that is being taught. Students pay attention more to the material when they are being tested on it regularly.

Quizzes can be very supportive in helping students concentrate their efforts and knowledge. This is done automatically in a way because students adapt and focus on ways to apply their knowledge in answering specific questions. They can also teachers help identify gaps in knowledge, help children gain confidence and retain information.

Designing a quiz is also quite important. It can make or break an examination for students. Teachers must make a good mix of questions: multiple-choice, true or false etc. By using a customized Quiz Module from a Student & Learning Information System, teachers can apply any mix of questions you want on a quiz and be able to measure different aspects of students learning capabilities.

Classter and the Quiz & Surveys module

When it comes to a student information system, the surveys and quizzes module is an incredibly important extension. Student engagement is the biggest advantage, and this is what this module offers. The Quiz module can also help better organize and give instant results when it comes to testing students. Quiz management, either online or offline, is yet another part of a robust student information system, like Classter.

Classter provides an advanced quiz creation tool that allows users to easily built a quiz or questionnaire. Create question banks per subject or course and then use them to build your personalized quiz or questionnaire in seconds. With its user-friendly interface, you can create unique and dynamic quizzes, while you will be in total control of the structural design.

With Classter, you can create your questionnaire via the quiz creation tool, as an examination strategy or distribute them using assignments and daily homework. Classter provides teachers with the opportunity for quiz management either online or offline. They can easily create a questionnaire according to their needs or their students’ needs, while the system allows the creation of a collection of questions per course or academic sector.

Classter, also, offers the opportunity to calculate student’s scores. In case the quiz has open-ended questions, the system allows the teachers to evaluate student’s answers online. Additionally, Classter provides answer sheets, where the students can give their answers on paper that can be scanned by the school and automatically be imported into the system to calculate the score.

Further into the surveys and quizzes module

With this module, you can keep students within the school administration system engaged in the classroom through interactive polls, quizzes, surveys, and short tests that can all be administered and managed by the teacher.

Create a checklist and get creative in your implementation—choose the type of interactive and engaging content and questions that best suit your lecture style, based on how your students prefer to learn.

Adopt an active learning teaching strategy that promotes interaction, and a collaborative and robust learning environment among all students—from those in the front row to those all the way at the back. Everyone can participate in academically, collaborating using the student information system on their mobile devices.

Classter provides teachers with the opportunity to generate their quizzes either online or offline. Moreover, it is possible to adopt a quiz according to your needs, while the system allows the creation of a collection of questions per course or academic sector. Create your quiz as an examination strategy or distribute them using assignments and daily homework.


Quiz examinations can be of great importance when it comes to class organization and effective learning. As we mentioned above, quizzes can be a means to collaborate with your students, improve learning as well as student attendance and in general provide top-level schooling. Want to know more?


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