Classter for Academies

  • Classter is flexible enough to cover all the complexity related to supplementary education, training centers, language, music or dance schools.
  • It provides flexible studies structure, independent course selection and multiple program studies per student coupled with all other academic or other functions provided to any academy.
  • Online students’ registration and academic CRM will enhance your academy profile!
  • Use Classter to bill students, monitor payments and outstanding amounts.
  • Communicate easily with candidates, students and parents using Classter’s mailing and SMS mechanism, provide news and announcements and much more.
  • Check Classter to find out how we can support you growing your academy!

Classter Core

  • Multiple Institutes, Locations & Adaptive Terminology
  • Contacts Detailed Cards & Family Management
  • Educational Programs & School Registers Administration
  • Curriculum Management
  • Subject & Groups Management
  • Timetable Management
  • Extra Curriculum Activities
  • Additional Services
  • Document Management
  • Employees & Other Contacts
  • Year to year transfers
  • Automated User Management
  • Personal Data & Demographics
  • Moodle & Office365 Integration
  • Secure Solution - Cloud, Hybrid or On-premises
  • BI Tools & Dashboards
  • Customizable Reports & Lists
  • Report Builder
  • Open Web API
  • Customization Features
  • Integrations
  • Templates Management
  • Customized Portal & Pages
  • Mass Export
  • Bulk Actions

Everything you need to manage your School, College, University or Academy. Take a look at the innovative Classter Modules & prepare today's students for tomorrow's workplace.



Combine your Classter Core with Classter modern modules that will literally transform your educational community. Choose between Classter Admissions, Advanced Academics, CRM, Billing, Surveys & Quizzes, Transportation, Library and Mobile Apps and manage your institute more easy than ever before.

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