Classter Is One of Europe’s Top 10 EdTech Solution Providers

It is always a pleasure to be recognized as an industry leader and for this reason, we are very happy to announce that Classter All-in-One Student & Learning Management System has been named as one of Europe’s EdTech Solution Providers for 2019 by Education Technology Insights magazine! 

Education Technology Insights is primarily a print-focused magazine with over 31,000 subscribers across Europe and 93,000 digital subscribers globally. Its readers are key technology decision-makers like CIOs, CTOs, Digital learning Advisors, Chief Education and learning Officers, Vice Chancellors of technology and Assistant Deans of Information Technology. It focuses on bringing forth new classroom technologies that Teachers are using as well as presenting EdTech Solutions and their benefits to education professionals. 

EdTech solutions are focused on streamlining and simplifying the management and operations for education providers such as schools, universities and academies. By simplifying these processes, institutions become more effective and efficient in providing their services to students through teacher empowerment and tailored educational programs. By enabling EdTech solutions to institutions, educational leaders can offer benefits to all stakeholders: students, teachers, parents and employees. As a result, institutions can decrease operational cost, teachers can spend less time on administrative tasks and focus on teaching and students can follow custom curriculums tailored to their specific learning needs.  

Classter brings educational innovation to more than 300 educational institutions around the world and will continue to do so in the future. So, for us, It is a great honor to be placed among the Top 10 EdTech Solution Providers in Europe for 2019 and this is just the beginning of our journey in democratizing the management of educational institutions not only in Europe but worldwide. 

Keep in touch to find out what’s coming down the line in 2020! 


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