PAGS and Classter Join Forces to Revolutionize Special Education Needs (SEN) Management

PAGS, the leading provider of Special Education technology solutions, has teamed up with Classter, the specialist in School Management Information Systems (SMIS), to provide a cutting-edge solution for educators. PAGS innovative profiling, assessment, and goal setting tool, which provides unique and invaluable insights into learners capabilities and developmental needs, has been integrated with Classter’s comprehensive student information system, which combines the features of three different management systems: Student (SIS), School (SMS), and Learning (LMS).

The result is a truly comprehensive and integrated solution that will take special education processes to a new level. Schools can now seamlessly transfer data between the two platforms, providing educators with the support they need to optimize the potential of learners with Cognitive and Social Thinking Differences.

About PAGS

PAGS’ 360° digital solution for managing Special Education Needs (SEN) processes empower educators to optimise the potential of learners with Cognitive and Social Thinking Differences. PAGS provides unique and invaluable insights into learners’ capabilities and developmental needs together with smart targets and strategies, enabling educators to develop personalised intervention plans. As a tool, PAGS also tracks and monitors progress, facilitates report writing and enables users to create a visual analysis of the learners’ SEN journey, all from one platform. 

Feliciea Jibson, founder and CEO of PAGS commented: ‘With the number of SEN learners increasing year by year, the need for such a tool has long been felt. PAGS enables a proactive approach to SEN management and inclusion, ensuring that learners receive the support they need to thrive whilst reducing the workload for educators, freeing them up to work with what matters most, their learners’. 

About Classter

Classter’s full-service school, learning & student information management system is one of the most comprehensive solutions available in the EdTech industry. The cloud-based SaaS technology leverages a comprehensive solution for educators, making it an optimal choice for establishments that don’t have expansive funds to purchase enterprise solutions.

Nikolaos Nikou, Founder & CEO of Classter, added, “The combination of PAGS innovative SEN solution and Classter’s powerful student management system will provide schools and educators with a truly comprehensive and integrated solution that places special education processes on a new level.”

Together, PAGS and Classter are transforming the SEN management landscape with a solution that empowers educators to optimize the potential of learners with Cognitive and Social Thinking Differences.

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