Classter & Zoom Integration: A Complete Virtual Classroom Environment

The Virtual Classroom

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, educational institutions have been scrambling to find solutions for moving their operations online. Education has traditionally been face-to-face, a teacher in a classroom full of students, presenting a subject. This is no longer the norm, and, in some countries, it is no longer possible at all.

With the knowledge that for a couple of months online classes would be required, educational institutions turned to videoconferencing tools. After the first months of the pandemic, institutions realized that this situation is not temporary and that this calamity has brought changes that are here to stay.

In response to this situation Classter All in One Student and Learning Management System came up with a more permanent solution not only for a Virtual Classroom but for Virtual School.

Classter combines the functions of an SIS and LMS system and at the same time offers new integration with the world leader in videoconferencing, Zoom for Education.

Classter & Zoom Integration: A Complete Virtual Classroom Environment

Zoom for Education

Zoom is the leader in the world of videoconferencing and in response to this unprecedented situation has created a specific service to cater to the needs of educational institutions and teachers around the world in their time of need.

Zoom for Education has lifted the time limit of 40min per session for educational institutions using the free version of Zoom.

It offers:

  • A Robust and Secure service for online classes.
  • Virtual and Hybrid Classrooms.
  • Teacher and Admin Security Settings.
  • HD Video and Sound.
  • Easy to use Online Environment for Learning.

Classter All in One SIS

Classter is a cloud-based (MS Azure), modular, student and learning management system suitable for educational institutions of any level. The capabilities of the system cater to the need of all the educational institution stakeholders with personalized portals for Teachers, Students, Parents, Employees and Alumni.

In the safety of the cloud, educational institutions can handle the application process, enrollments, billing, timetabling, absence taking, marking, examinations and much more.

From start to finish, an educational institution using Classter can be in control of the learning process in this new age of Virtual Learning.

Zoom & Classter

Classter and Zoom formed an official partnership to better serve educational institutions around the world, the combination of the two systems opens the door for a successful and complete transition of an institution from the physical classroom to a virtual environment.

Teachers can now plan sessions through Classter in a completely organized fashion and students can participate in these sessions online through Zoom Classrooms.

The Zoom & Classter integration functions in two main ways,.

First you are able to connect a Zoom account per Classroom, where you can create a classroom license on Zoom and use the same Zoom credentials when creating a classroom on Classter. The connection of a Zoom License with a Classter Classroom would allow any Teacher teaching a subject through this virtual classroom to receive a link on their Classter Calendar and via email for a Zoom Classroom Session. Nice and easy.

Users such as teachers have a second option for integration. Zoom Meetings per Lecturer. Teachers can use their zoom account or license and enter their credentials into their profile page. In this way every time they create a teaching session they automatically create a zoom meeting that can be found on Student and Teachers Classter Calendars.


In some cases, more is not better, but for the sake of education, offering a complete virtual school is all about offering more. Classter SIS and LMS functionality partnered with Zoom’s leading videoconferencing services make for a complete virtual school experience.

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