Classter All-In-One SIS Helps AHF Grundschule Digitalize School Operations

“We are happy Classter exists as a very superior tool for our school. Classter offers unique approaches and adequate solutions for almost any process we can think of. It really helped us survive COVID-19 better, and I feel the passion of the whole Classter Team to make the tool better and better. “

Steffen Schörner

CEO, AHF Grundschule

About AHF

The AHF Grundschule is a state-recognized private school in Leipzig,
Germany. It offers a stimulating learning environment, based on Christian
values and focuses on the individuality of each child.

It enrolls 160 students in Primary School, offering 2 distinct educational
curriculums: the “Schule” and the “Hort”. “Schule” curriculum consists of the
state-approved courses for pupils in the state of Saxony, while “Hort” is the
extracurricular activities program that makes the AHF educational offering

In AHF Grundschule, education goes far beyond the mere transfer of
knowledge. The school aims to shape the students in a lively and practical
way with parents being also part of this process


As a multi-level school with “Shule” and “Hort” curriculums, AHF faced
serious challenges managing academic data and processes without having
a cloud-besed SIS in place.

The main objective of the research for a brand-new Student Information
System was to find a solution that would be end-to-end, without having to
rely on different systems for managing the various academic and back-office processes.

The school’s CEO, Steffen Schörner, was evaluating SIS vendors for more
than 5 years without being able to find an all-in-one solution that could
offer a “single source of truth” for managing his organization.
The various local-based SIS vendors were offering just parts of the required
functionality, thus creating the need for implementing a number of IT
solutions that would be difficult to work in sync.


How does Classter streamline the admissions process for institutions like AHF Grundschule?

Classter’s paperless admissions feature enables parents to register and enroll students online, while storing all relevant data securely in the cloud, simplifying the enrollment process.

How does Classter support schools in adapting to hybrid learning models?

Classter offers out-of-the-box integrations with platforms like MS Teams and Google Workspace, enabling seamless transitions to hybrid and distance learning environments.

Can Classter integrate with existing IT systems used by my institution?

Yes, Classter offers flexible integration options, allowing seamless connectivity with existing IT systems and software solutions used by educational institutions.



Students’ registrations and enrolment for each program can be carried out by parents in a paperless online environment, while all the relevant data are stored in the cloud.


Having Classter up and running during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowed AHF to have a cloud-based IT infrastructure for collecting medical information in real time and reporting easily to the Saxony state authorities.


The out-of-the-box integration with MS Teams allows teachers to easily switch to a distance learning environment according to a common timetable.


Teachers track attendance every morning on a Windows device through their personal portal, and information is pushed in real-time to the back office for following up with parents and scheduling the evening activities accordingly.

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