How a Student Attendance System Can Improve the Educational Experience for K12 Schools


Learning in the classroom is a daily process. One of the most important factors for a student’s academic success is daily attendance.

Missing many days of school leads to chronic absenteeism and on the condition that an institution cares about its students’ academic performance and well-being, a solid attendance management system is required to restrict this phenomenon.

Why student attendance is important for K12 schools

Regular attendance not only contributes to the educational progress of the students, but it also affects their personal and emotional development, making them feel more connected to their peers and communities.

Students who attend school regularly also develop important social skills and are significantly more likely to future social inclusion. Additionally, the attendance rate has a major impact on curriculum completion and the overall performance of the class.

As a result, student non-attendance has a negative effect not only to the educational performance of the individual student but also to the classroom as a whole.

Student attendance systems in the cloud era

In the modern era when everything happens on the cloud, managing school attendance with a cloud-based, digital system can make the difference to your educational organization. Having such a system allows teachers and administrators having a clear overview of classroom and individuals’ attendance rates anytime, anywhere.

Also, the process of attendance monitoring can become more efficient as the system automatically records students’ presence by scanning RFID cards or even smartphones. This helps teachers get rid of this boring, repetitive process and dedicate more time to what matters most: teaching kids.

Parents can be benefited as well. Using an attendance management system allows monitoring the exact arrival time of each student and automatically alert parents in case of a student’s absence. Also, teachers can record the attendance at their class, report the causes of absence and inform the parents about their child’s absences via SMS and email.

The attendance recording procedure would be chaotic if done manually. Using a digital management software allows administrators, teachers and parents to have easy access to the system and monitor the records of attendance; thus, stay updated on the students’ daily school attendance.

As a result, a student attendance system can strengthen relationships between the school, teachers and parents as well as motivate and maintain a positive student behavior.

Classter is the go-to attendance system for your school

Classter is an advanced cloud-based system which allows users to use this revolutionary and key-player tool to successful schooling.
This powerful, modular software provides an effective solution supporting:

  • Daily Attendance data collection
  • Real-time attendance tracking
  • Identification of long-term absencesAnalyzing student attendance metrics that help teachers adapt their teaching and learning strategies for motivating and engaging the students
  • Instant communication with parents about their kid child’s absence via email or SMS
  • Storing attendance data more efficiently and systematically
  • Automated notification of parents
  • Insightful attendance reporting
  • Secure storage of data in Azure cloud infrastructure
  • Elimination of errors concerning attendance entries


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