7 Benefits of Student Attendance Tracking Software for Schools

It is a common issue in schools globally to see the teacher take students’ attendance at the beginning of each session, and sometimes even multiple times during the day. Even in virtual classrooms, taking attendance is a mandatory routine at the start of every class.

Tracking student attendance helps teachers keep track of student absenteeism and punctuality. It helps schools understand the average percentage of students attending school each day in the given year and helps them find ways to avoid dropouts.

However, there are many disadvantages of manual attendance tracking, as it is an extremely time-consuming process, involving a huge amount of paperwork. Additionally, this duty reduces the classroom teaching time and productivity of the teacher. Finally, students can manipulate the system in many ways.

Manually tracking attendance has always been a complicated and cumbersome task. Over the years, several solutions have been developed to record student attendance in an automated manner. Nowadays, the most popular is Student Attendance Tracking Software.

Student Attendance Tracking

What is a Student Attendance Tracking Software?

A Student Attendance Tracking Software eliminates the pen and paper attendance marking process and promotes online attendance recording with just in a click. With such software, teachers can manage and track student attendance information from both mobile and desktop devices. Moreover, with an RFID device integration, the entire process becomes automated as students can scan their digital cards in front of an RFID device, and attendance gets automatically recorded in the attendance management module.

The Benefits of a Student Attendance Tracking Software

The key purpose of using a student attendance management system is to automate the attendance process. However, there are a few more important reasons to invest in student attendance tracking software.

#1 Fast & User-friendly

Using a student attendance management system eliminates the need for manual attendance taking, which is a long and cumbersome process. The teachers just log on to their portal and register attendance, saving the extra time and effort that will go into marking attendance. Such a system is much faster and more accurate than the manual attendance software, avoids any incorrect data entry, and helps to reduce mundane paperwork and duplication.

#2 Accurate and Secured Data Collection

Manual checking of attendance is susceptible to human errors. Data collected by an automated system is more accurate because the process is carried out by a computer. A student attendance management system will be able to record the exact time that a student gets to school. Since everything is automated, the moment the student scans their biometrics or logs into the system, the time is recorded.

#3 Generate Reports & Analytics

A student attendance management system can generate reports on demand. This is one of its most important benefits, as the user can identify the attendance trends. Reporting can be customized to analyze a certain grade level, a particular class, or a specific student.

#4 Attendance Tracking In Real-Time

A student attendance management system helps track and store the attendance data in real-time. Besides student attendance, the system also helps school admins in maintaining and monitoring arrival & departure times, lunch breaks, and vacations.

#5 Improves Punctuality

In many schools, especially the higher grades, students manipulate the daily attendance with proxies, buddy punching, or tampering with records as a matter of concern. Using a biometric/RFID system with an attendance module makes it impossible to fake attendance, as each individual’s biometric information is unique. This ensures that the attendance is accurate with no opportunity for student manipulation. It also improves the punctuality and the discipline of the students.

#6 Keep Parents in the Loop

The inclusion of alerts that enable parents to know about their child’s absence from school is one additional benefit. Weekly and monthly reports can also be for informative purposes. The parents get aware of their child’s performance, they are able to check their attendance themselves through personalized portals and get regular reports to be delivered to their mobile app and mailbox.

#7 SMS Integration

The SMS Integration is also one of the most beneficial features of an attendance management system. Having an SMS integration, schools can easily send the attendance report of students to parents in real-time in case a student is absent from a class.


In today’s education environment, attendance management software is an essential requirement for each educational organization. The automation of attendance tracking systems frees teaching resources from mundane tasks and saves classroom time that will be allocated to teaching students.


What is student attendance tracking software?

Student attendance tracking software is a digital solution that automates the process of recording student attendance, eliminating the need for manual attendance taking and paperwork.

What features should I look for when selecting a student attendance tracking software?

Look for features like real-time tracking, biometric authentication, customizable reporting, integration with existing systems, and mobile accessibility to ensure accurate attendance recording and streamlined administrative processes.

Why should I choose Classter’s attendance tracker?

Classter’s Attendance tracker provides real-time grade and attendance monitoring, offering instant insights for informed decisions. With its intuitive interface, it enables timely interventions to support students in achieving academic success.

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