Classter Ηas Βeen Νamed Category Leader 2022 in Higher Education by GetApp

We’re excited to announce that Classter All-in-One SIS has been named a Category Leader 2022 in Higher Education by GetApp.

We’re pleased to announce that we are part of GetApp’s Category Leaders in Higher Education. Classter has earned a Category Leader badge as it successfully reached a position in the Top 10 platforms. Rankings are entirely determined by the ratings collected from online reviews that users submitted.

Classter All-in-One Student Information System, which is now included in the Top 10 Software Solutions report by GetApp, scored 88 out of 100 suitability for Higher Education institutions in the five key areas: Ease of use, Functionality, Value for Money, Customer Support, and Likelihood to Recommend.

Scoring Methodology

To generate the final scores, the GetApp team went through deep market research and compared hundreds of systems that are registered on their platform. The data resources are based exclusively on user reviews and only the highest-scoring products are included in the Category Leaders list.

Each product must have a minimum threshold of unique reviews, published on GetApp in the last two years. Moreover, the candidate system needs to be addressed to any type of user and serve various industries or sectors.

The final score was determined by ratings for each of the dimensions (Ease of use, Functionality, Value for Money, Customer Support, and Likelihood to Recommend) based on the average of the corresponding user valuations. Ratings were collected using various scales (0 to 5 or 0 to 10) and the scores for each criterion were 20 points, which led to a total of 100.

What is GetApp?

GetApp is a recommendation engine that works as an online resource for businesses exploring software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. Vendors can easily compare software solutions side-by-side with GetApp’s interactive tools and detailed product data. GetApp offers in-depth insights, research, trends, and validated user reviews that allow buyers to make informed decisions for their organization.

Our Customer Feedback

“We are a very particular university with a certain complexity that required many hours of work between the teams of both organizations. However, the availability of the Classter team was exceptional. The Classter team made sure to adjust the system to our needs and implement development to make it work for us. There was a lot of patience and flexibility. Once we had the right configuration in the system, the management of admissions and administration processes was much easier

Mariella Coto
Digital Transformation Director

We feel grateful to our customers and partners who have shown us their support from day one. Within the last years, we received numerous ratings from Classter users (you can leave your review too) on the GetApp platform, and we want to thank each one of them for their submission. Classter is used by over 500 educational institutes worldwide, with over 500.00 active users in more than 30 countries. We always want to ensure that our customers get the best solution in the management of their academic institution end-to-end.


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