Classter seamlessly integrates with Turnitin, enhancing plagiarism detection for academic institutions. This integration streamlines assignment submission, review, and grading processes, ensuring academic integrity and promoting fair learning environments.
Integrate Classter with Moodle to revolutionize your e-learning journey. Organize, manage, and implement online coursework seamlessly through Classter, fostering a rich and dynamic digital education environment.
Leverage the seamless integration of Classter with Zoom to streamline your virtual learning experience. Schedule, host, and manage online classes directly through Classter's interface, bringing efficiency and simplicity to remote education.
A platform that helps companies create and grow their digital commerce applications, with innovation in payment collection and management mechanisms, allowing their clients to select the preferred tools for their needs to focus on creating value for their own users.
AuthNet gets integrated with its simplified payment solutions that are designed for whenever and wherever you need them, with premium features that help you run your business and protect your customers.
JCC Smart is designed to facilitate online payments to merchants and organizations with solutions that are tailored to the needs of the customer, leveraging the latest technology.
People need to be able to navigate today’s globalized world without letting borders dictate the way they pay. Classter integrates with Flywire to open the borders.
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