Classter and Google Tag Manager Integration

Classter and Google Tag Manager Integration

We are happy to announce that Classter has developed a new integration with Google Tag Manager. With this integration in place, admission officers have the option to add tags with GTM (i.e. Google Universal Analytics, Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn etc.) in order to track user behavior and marketing campaigns’ performance.

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that lets admins configure and instantly deploy tags on their websites or mobile apps from an easy-to-use web-based interface. In addition, Google Tag Manager support tag organization and version control, 3rd party and community-developed tag templates, along with enterprise collaboration and security features.

Admins can now deploy code snippets using the Google Tag Manager connection in selected forms and pages/URLs in Classter’s Admission Module. The Google Tag Manager snippet can be installed to Classter Admissions Module to configure tracking codes from any source or provider.

In a nutshell, Classter – Google Tag Manager integration:

  • Allows Classter admins to deploy various tracking codes in Classter Admission module.
  • Helps Admission officers connect the dots of the applicant online journey from the initial awareness stage and website browsing to the final completion of the application.
  • Helps digital marketers track and report channel attribution and overall campaign performance in terms of conversions (final application).

Recognizing today’s necessity to automate admission processes as much as possible, Classter has extended its wide range of integrations with Google Tag Manager.

Discover how you can also integrate Google Tag Manager with Classter.

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