All-in-Οne Student Information System for Seminary Education

Align your SIS  with the broader mission of your organization for educating the religious leaders of tomorrow.

Classter all-in-one SIS helps TMAI unify academic experience in 12 international locations

Classter all-in-one SIS helps TMAI unify academic experience in 12 international locations



Fully Configurable Architecture

The ever-evolving learning landscape in education requires a flexible, yet robust IT infrastructure. Classter provides IT managers with a fully configurable, cloud-based environment for managing universities and colleges. The combined functionality of SIS, ERP and CRM decreases the complexity of maintaining and syncing different systems while providing a unified experience across different departments and campuses.

Customized Terminology

Finding an SIS that can be customized to the specific needs of Seminary Education can be a daunting task. That’s because most systems have pre-defined structure and terminology that fit better to K12 schools for instance. Classter provides Seminary Education organizations with the most configurable solution for managing effectively academic and operational processes.

LMS Integrations

Classter offers out-of-the-box integrations with the most popular platforms in the educational sphere. These integrations create a powerful distance learning infrastructure, with Classter operating as the backbone, that allows educational organizations to switch easily between physical and distance learning.

Engaging Academic CRM

Keeping students and educators in the loop with the academic process is a major success indicator. Classter allows users to communicate uninterruptedly through email, in-app messaging and SMS with the powerful Academic CRM module and the state-of-the-art message center it provides.

Integrated ERP

Having built-in ERP functionality in your SIS allows back-office employees to keep track of all financial information related to registered students. With Classter, you can automate the billing process based on student’s financial arrangements, execute online payments through payment gateways and push general ledger data to your accounting system of choice.


A fully customizable, no-code SIS for managing educational organizations

Create a paperless admission process for your educational organization.

Sync your financial management with your academic activities.

Transportation Management
Manage effectively your daily students’ commute to and from school.

Advanced Features
Create customized and effective academic experiences.

Run your college efficiently and provide a unified education experience.

Academics & LMS
Access the most advanced tools for managing day-to-day academic activity.

Academic CRM
Enhance day-to-day communication between all users, physically and online.

Surveys & Quizzes
Powerful, flexible online academic surveys, tests and quizzes.

An integrated solution for managing physical and online libraries.

Internship & Thesis
Manage effectively internships, theses and traineeships, in a single place.

Mobile Apps
Android and iOS Apps for Students, Parents and Teachers.


School Management

IT Management

Admissions & Registrations

Billing & Payments

Student Attendance

Gradebook & Assessment

Hybrid Learning

Student Engagement


Flexible Curriculum Creation and Timetables

Create custom curriculums based on your specific academic needs and manage courses and classes effortlessly. With Classter, you can have an automated, yet flexible way for organizing your timetables and setting graduation criteria for different educational programs.


Achieve Enrollment Goals

Create an efficient admission process for your educational organization and focus on attracting more students to your study programs. Admission officers get all the needed functionality for attracting interested students and provide them with an intuitive way of applying through Classter’s customizable Admission portal. Using Classter Admission and Billing modules in sync, allows you to receive online payments for tuition fees as part of the application process.


Unified Campus Management Experience

Providing students and educators with a unified campus experience could be quite challenging for modern Educational Organizations that operate in different locations and often in physical and virtual setting. Classter cloud-based architecture, powered by MS Azure, provides Seminary Education organizations with a unified IT infrastructure and real-time academic reports across different campus locations. IT admins have a centralized database for managing academic and operational processes.


Hybrid Learning

Utilize Classter SIS and all the functionality it offers is an important way to create a streamlined and engaging hybrid learning environment. It allows educators to schedule classes, create online teaching sessions for synchronous learning, distribute tasks and content for asynchronous learning, monitor student progress and much more, all through a single platform.


Streamline Online Payments

Classter offers an integrated environment for accepting and managing online payments through a wide range of 3rd-party payment gateways and digital wallets. Back-office employees can easily create financial arrangements for tuition fees payments and have complete overview over financial transactions and outstanding balances.



Managing Faith-based educational organizations while keeping students, academic staff and employees engaged is a major success factor. Classter SIS provides all types of users with personalized portals for having real-time access all-things related to academic life. A unified system that empowers Seminary organizations to build strong relationships with their students in the different stages of the academic journey: online, virtually or hybrid.


Students have a user-friendly place for accessing information about teaching sessions, calendar events and marking


Classter offers a mobile app (iOS and Android) that complements the user experience of the user portal with all the functionality regarding messaging, academic progress, attendance, and academic calendar


Academic staff can use the personalized portal for creating teaching sessions, tracking attendance, updating marking information, and getting real-time information about students’ performance


Employees can manage multiple administrative tasks and automate repetitive actions. They can easily manage communication between the organization, students, and parents, proceed with students’ enrollments and teachers’ allocation to classes as well as organize the institution’s timetable.



Classter is fully integrated with Moodle LMS. For any student and teacher enrolled in Classter, an account is automatically generated in Moodle. Moreover, any subject assigned to a student or teacher in Classter is also automatically assigned to each user in Moodle.

Payment Gateways

Our integrations with the most popular payment gateways provide a simple, unified payment experience for students and parents and streamline payments for educational organizations’ back-office departments.

Virtual Classroom

The integration between Classter and Zoom opens the door for a successful and complete transition of an institution from the physical classroom to a virtual environment. Teachers can now plan sessions through Classter in a completely organized fashion and students can participate in these sessions online through Zoom Classrooms.

Ali A.
Ali A.
February 3, 2022.
APSC Classter Review Please see above plus below comments More control through better real time visibility Change management of all stake holders behavior Enablement for future growth and expansion ☺Could based solution, user friendly, achieves our objectives of digitizing our end to end processes. Enables us to change the mind set of all stake holders through the use of technology. This change of mind set covers a learning, teaching, reporting, behavioral changes of staff, students and parents. This was achieved through Classter core modules and financial module. We liked Classter flexibility to fit our needs of running the school in the manner we see fit. For example, weekly tracker progress in excel, staff leave requests, segmentation of each groups into different grades and campuses, external and internal communication functionality, attachment functionality, flexible financial arrangements functionality, reporting dumps for management use (slice and dice). Classter has enabled us to truly thing about expanding and franchising our success story ☹We found the configuration of the financial module to be complex. Time tabling functionality can be improved. Use menus can be stream lined. For example, a particular action can be done through multiple menus. A better approach would be to have actions under one menu. For example, all reports can be in one place rather than under each tab
Magnus G.
Magnus G.
December 22, 2021.
Nice all in one school manegement software Very good ☺Th most valuable thing is the all in one thing. Using classroom manegement and school manegement in the same software with single log in makes everything simpler. ☹File manegement and reporting seems difficult.
Walter R.
Walter R.
October 12, 2021.
Classter review All good. Great service and support. ☺Organization simplicity was what I liked most. ☹Nothing to complain about. I have nothing else to add.
Nazar S.
Nazar S.
October 6, 2021.
wonderful ☺easness of the software and the advanced technology. ☹Admin portal, student portal, mobile app.
Christina W.
Christina W.
September 30, 2021.
Easy to use ☺I liked that the product is modular, so you can just buy the components that are most useful for your organization. ☹N/A at this time. I think the product is fairly intuitive, functional, and affordable.
Felicia W.
Felicia W.
September 30, 2021.
Very Comprehensive Suite I did not continue to use classter beyond the first month because it was too complicated for me. The customer support was very helpful but I just didn't have the time to setup all the background stuff needed to make the gradebook work. ☺The software is very comprehensive which means it covers a wide range of needs and functionalities. ☹There was just too much for me. I just wanted a simple gradebook to enter names, assignments, and the grades of those assignments. I was not able to work the software out of the box.
Jacob V.
Jacob V.
August 2, 2021.
Dependable software My overall experience has been great! I would definitely recommend this to my team. ☺This software provided me with very simple and straightforward access to conducting team management and organization. ☹Overall, it is a great software to use. If it's one thing to fix, I would say the user experience side (design).
Nikolaos K.
Nikolaos K.
June 18, 2021.
Using Classter at a Greek University Classter offered us complete coverage from Subject configuration to Planning ahead our Duties! Great tool from even greater people! ☺Endless features and configurations! Things just click together after you get the gist of it! ☹Maybe the register part, some students had issues understanding the process.


We needed a cloud-based SIS that would allow us to have centralized management of our student data in 12 different countries. Classter provides us with a robust and secure solution to meet this goal.

John HughesSenior VP, Academics TMAI


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