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Today’s era demands for highly skilled people able to adapt to constant changes and innovate not only to ensure their sustainability and success in the global market but also to promote economic growth. To achieve this goal, it is of paramount importance to reduce dropout rates and increase graduation rates for school students. So far, there are indications that regular school attendance contributes to student success not only within the school framework but also in real life. Nevertheless, the data reveal that a high percentage of students drop-out of school in secondary education, which means that several high-potential candidates do not continue their studies in higher education. Moreover, it seems that the importance of student attendance and its impact on student achievement has received little attention.

Student Attendance System

Student attendance: the key to success

Attendance management regularly is the first and important step towards academic success. Learning is a progressive activity, with the knowledge and skills built upon everyday learning connected to the knowledge already possessed. Hence, a high percentage of absences and lack of motivation can cause the student to fall behind, raising the possibilities of dropping out of school due to inability to keep up with the work.

What is more, student attendance does not only contribute to the academic development of the student. It also promotes the personal and emotional development of each child, making children feel like part of a group and included, leading to the development of social skills that will ensure their future inclusion as citizens within the society. Furthermore, the attendance rate is highly significant due to its impact on the whole classroom, as neither the teacher nor the classroom can build knowledge and develop skills when many students are constantly absent. As a result, student non-attendance has a negative effect not only within a specific school and classroom environment, but also affects the quality of education in general.

Although the main responsibility for daily student attendance lies with the family, the school cannot remain uninvolved but must be in close collaboration with the family. Besides, the attendance rate is an indicator to measure the quality of a school. Thus, it is of paramount importance to carefully monitor regular attendance and academic achievement.

Additionally, as monitoring a student’s attendance could increase a student’s probability of completing their studies and entering higher education, many institutions have begun to monitor attendance rates systematically. Monitoring attendance along with students’ academic performance can identify possible problems that need to be addressed to enhance student motivation and engagement in the learning process. Moreover, in the long term, monitoring student attendance could provide significant data to policymakers and experts, regarding the best course of action to decrease dropouts and increase student motivation and engagement.

Student attendance should become a top priority for every institution to ensure:

  • Student success
  • Built healthy habits
  • Prevent anti-social and criminal behavior
  • Development of social skills

In need of a digital student attendance system

One of the foremost memories that come to mind when thinking of school is the moment when teachers would call out our names to monitor our attendance. Until recently, this traditional way of monitoring attendance was a typical daily classroom routine. However, the technological evolution permitted the development of student attendance systems that automated attendance monitoring and provided features that would not be possible in a manual system. Traditional student attendance methods have become outdated, while they are inaccurate and prone to high levels of errors.

A well-organized student attendance software can provide an institution with the ability to monitor and manage student attendance efficiently and meet the ultimate goal set that is student success and low dropout rates. Lately, the technological advancements made it possible for educational institutions to use electronic ways for recording student attendance. The use of student attendance software can effectively monitor attendance, allowing the quick gathering of data that can improve schools’ policy and strategy. Moreover, student management systems are more accurate than manual computation procedures, saving time, while minimizing the possibility of recording incorrect data. Equally important, is that such a system provides the ability to generate attendance reports of students with just a click of a button.

Using an attendance management software allows storing the exact arrival time of each student and automatic alert parents in case of student’s absence. Thus, teachers can record the attendance at their class, report the causes of absence and inform the parents regarding their child absences via SMS and email. This action would not be possible in a manual way, but using a digital management software allows parents to have easy access to the system and the records of attendance and stay updated regarding their child’s daily school attendance. Hence, a student attendance system can strengthen collaboration between the school, the teachers, and the parents, while each one of them has a separate role to play.

Benefits of using a student attendance system:

  • Ensure student safety
  • Establish strong communication channels between parents, teachers, and school
  • Motivate students
  • Improve the academic performance of the students
  • Maintain positive student behavior
  • Save time
  • High accuracy
  • Report generation
  • Notifications via SMS and email
  • Reduce administrative cost

Classter Student Attendance Software

Classter is an advanced Cloud-based student and learning management system that can provide the solution every institution needs to be related to attendance management. Classter is a valuable asset for every organization providing an effective student attendance solution, supporting:

  • Attendance data collection daily
  • Real-time tracking
  • Identification of lateness and long-term absences
  • Teachers to calculate their student attendance percentage that will help them adapt their teaching and learning strategies, motivate and engage their students
  • Instant communication with parents regarding their child’s absence
  • Storing attendance data more efficiently and systematically
  • Automatic calculation
  • Automatic notification of parents
  • Reporting
  • Secure storage of data
  • Analysis of attendance data, helping the school to estimate the attendance percentage and take the proper course of action to enhance motivation and schools’ quality
  • Elimination of errors concerning attendance entries

This powerful student attendance software has several benefits to offer

  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Easy in use
  • No technical knowledge is required
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Access from everywhere, anytime
  • Save time and money


In the Era of Digitalization, educational institutions need efficient and reliable systems that can maximize their productivity, professionalism, and quality. Using an easy and flexible student attendance system will allow effective management and accurate data entries compared to traditional manual ways. Investing in a student attendance software is an investment in education itself, as the collection and analysis of attendance data can promote strategic decisions leading to the development of a framework to promote student engagement, motivation and active participation in the learning process. Moreover, student engagement and academic achievement are significantly associated with class attending. Thus, the key to the desired learning outcomes is interweaved with attendance monitoring. Furthermore, the last few years technological advancements made necessity the modernization of education, and the implementation of technology is the key not only to enhance the automation of educational processes but also to maximize the quality of education.

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Why is student attendance management crucial for my institution?

Student attendance management is essential for promoting academic success, reducing dropout rates, and fostering student engagement and motivation.

What features should I look for in a student attendance software?

Look for features such as daily attendance data collection, real-time tracking, identification of lateness and long-term absences, instant communication with parents, automatic notification, reporting, secure data storage, and analysis capabilities.

Can Classter’s Student Attendance Software adapt to the specific needs of my educational institution?

Yes, Classter’s modular software solution can be customized to meet the unique requirements of different educational institutions, from K12 schools to colleges and universities.

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