Why a Good Mobile Experience Is Key to Driving Student Engagement


Technology has progressed to such a level where its benefits can’t be overlooked. Technology has become valuable not only to our children’s lives but in their education as well. The new generation has grown up with technology their whole lives and now hold the advantage of being tech-savvy and much more comfortable with new technologies than previous generations could ever be. Schools are faced with the difficult task of adapting to the change in education technology. It is very pleasant to see that schools have been succeeding in the deployment of technology in education. This effort can only be characterised as fully successful if technology and education can engage students and teachers.

For Student Information Systems as well as mobile applications the engagement of users and the ease of use are extremely important. Systems that do not address the issue of user engagement and ease of use are very likely to be ignored and produce no real results. Student users who have grown up with technology have a very low tolerance for poor user experiences. Young people in this day and age are adept in the use of technology, much more than older generations. Children start using tablets and mobile devices from the ages of 3.

The smartphone generation

Kids nowadays are fascinated more and more with smartphones. The constant stream of information, stimuli and entertainment is quite intoxicating. What does this result in? Short attention spans. Yes, kids do not have the patience anymore, for better or worse. They want something and they want it now! But hey there’s nothing wrong with that. This is certainly bad news for the educational system.

Let’s face it, the typical way of teaching is kind of a drag isn’t it? Long hours of lecturing and mind-numbingly tutoring? Kids don’t have any patience for that. No, it’s not that all kids have ADHD, it’s that the reality is schools are quite slow in contrast to the rhythms of our times. Kids need speed; like the speed of scrolling a tablet for example because they need constant stimulation. What schools can actually do is find the right balance: to provide effective education with enough external stimuli in order to keep students engaged. A poor teaching experience makes it difficult for students to become engaged. Young students are quite quick to judge anything new, technology-wise. Schools and teachers are faced with the daunting task of engaging with their students by identifying new and better methods.

User experience and design is more important than we think

Good user experience and design allow students to learn faster and stay on the right path in terms of their academic development. In order for a system to be considered effective and highly functional, it needs to have a good monitoring system as well as the ability to keep track of anything related to the learning experience. The ability to track things like grades, programs and absences are also quite important when it comes to an effective mobile experience. In addition, a favourable mobile app experience helps student engagement, enabling greater co-op potential between students.

A good mobile experience leads to more valuable data collection

With the help of a good mobile app experience, the school staff can track and analyze huge amounts of information that they wouldn’t be able to do in the past. The software tracks and collects valuable information regarding student experiences in class and help teachers evaluate their performance and gather feedback in order to improve their lessons and their work altogether. This makes it significantly easier for teachers to capture up-to-date information they can use to make informed decisions.

It saves valuable time and resources

Administrators, staff and employees have heavy workloads every day something that can be alleviated by the ease to use mobile app software. Such software can simplify work processes and minimizing the number of errors. Institutions can save on work hours and resources. The use of mobile software can open up valuable time for administrators and staff to attend to other tasks.

Another important advantage gained by the use of user-friendly mobile software is that students could operate and organize themselves with greater ease and efficiency, they learn at the same time the importance of being able to work on their own independently and be more responsible students. This can possibly make a lot of students feel good about themselves and push their sense of ambition and achievement.

Students are also expected to cooperate and monitor more information about themselves and their experience. They are more likely to cooperate with things like weekend leave requests, event attendance and basic signing-in and out.

In conclusion, the point is technology is moving forward at a steadily increasing pace. And achieving this great balance between progressing and learning is not an easy job for schools. But it is certainly the key to helping our students achieve their potentials.





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