New Normal in Education: CEO’s Article in Global Banking & Finance Review

Classter CEO, Nikolaos Nikou, recently published an article at Global Banking and Finance Review, where he presented the new situation in education management, in the post covid environment. He emphasized the fact that whilst face-to-face education has largely returned for many schools, we’re now seeing the growth and continuation of a hybrid-learning strategy, especially in upper education levels. 

Hybrid learning consists of a mix of face-to-face and virtual education and can be conducted in a fully COVID-safe manner. However, as a completely unprecedented approach to education, the idea of hybrid and blended learning has left some educational facilities at a loose end, struggling to implement conflicting methods for virtual and in-person teaching at the same time. 

Drawing hybrid and in-person learning under one roof means that education providers can ensure their offerings are compatible and simple to operate so that teachers can offer a seamless learning environment. It is clear that hybrid learning is a long-term solution, and so the quicker that educational facilities can adopt a reliable and seamless system, the better. 

As part of a hybrid learning offering, many educational institutions are introducing Student Information Systems or SIS  . An SIS is designed to allow an educational institution to manage all student data under a roof and is imperative to the smooth operation of a hybrid learning offering. Its ease of management and enhanced clarity make data and information accessible school-wide, right from teachers and administrators to parents and students alike. 

The introduction of an effective Student Information System allows educational facilities to incorporate all of their hybrid learning offerings, providing a platform for teachers, students, parents, and staff to use together. 

You can read the whole article here. 

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