Still searching for the School management system that completely administrates your School or University from the first candidate registration to your alumni?

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Implement Classter and your candidates or their parents can easily register online at your institute's website within 5 minutes!

Allow admission office to handle candidates, create registration workflows and handle all the communication via Classter CRM and Admission modules. Students may register as candidates to multiple educational programs, upload all personal contact information and required documents. At the end of the process they may even automatically receive financial offers!

It's time to have an integrated, cohesive admission process.

Admissions and Analysis

Analytics takes on an important role for the decision makers.

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Using Classter advanced Admission module, you get comprehensive information and reporting from the moment that the applicant gets interested until his/her enrollment.

Classter allows you to compare registration progress on a year to year basis or even compare number of candidates, registration and drop-offs on a day to a day basis!

Save your administrative time and effort, get detailed information and increase the number of register students or decrease the number of drop-offs! Just ask Classter to help you!

Admission Portal

Your candidates may self-register to the admission’s portal and get immediate access to a personalized web dashboard.

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Candidates have access to announcements, a personal calendar, messaging systems and they can easily apply online to any of the educational programs offered by your institute or academy.

Your institute can easily manage applications, implement entrance examinations, filter out applicants and inform them about the result using SMS, email or the web dashboard.

Define you admission process and required fields and set-up Classter in a few minutes to accommodate all your basic requirements!

Admission Documents & Qualifications

Classter allows administrators to dynamically build list of documents and fields required by the applicants.

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Define a set of documents to be filled and specify all custom fields required.

Ask end users to fill in free text boxes, select from drop downs, use date pickers, upload files and much more. Easily design the list of the required documents or fields and construct an online form in a minute!

Your admission department will be happy knowing that they can customize Classter admission forms!

Entrance Examinations & Results

Do you want easily to implement sophisticated entrance examinations and marking structures? Classter is your answer.

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Implement any marking structure and allow your admission officers to select the best students for your institution.

Provide results online or send them by mass email. Inform candidates using SMS or ask them just to view the final results in the admissions portal.

Sales Promotion, Discounts and online arrangements

Special vouchers and discounted codes are a common promotion strategy for a School, a University or an Academy.

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Classter Admissions module (coupled with Classter Billing) support the creation of discount vouchers and policies within the back-office system.

So, start motivating candidates to register and redeem discount coupons within their personal candidates’ portal.

Additionally, automatically create financial agreements and installments plans for all chargeable services and send the financial agreement pdf automatically to any candidate.

Students Re-registration tools

Classter provide Students and/or parents with special tools for next year re-registration.

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Eligible students may apply for next year studies, enroll themselves to education programs, subjects or even to extra curriculum activities or complementary services.

Eligibility may be based on academic or financial factors and be either a process handled manually or automatically.

Online Enrollment to subjects or activities

Save time and reduce cost by allowing students or parents to enroll online to courses, subjects and extra curriculum activities.

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Advanced administrative tools for K12 and Higher Education allow the full management of the whole process using sophisticated rules and procedures. Students or their parents can easily enroll subjects or activities and back-office employees have just to review and confirm!

Implement Classter online enrollment and improve quality of services provided to your students and their parents using a highly flexible but fully controlled solution!

Students Self Registration

No real admission process implemented in your school? Do you want to avoid manually registering students? No ready student data to import in Classter? No worries!

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Invite students to participate in a group and enroll them automatically to group’s subjects. Like that students can self-register to your institute or academy and start immediately using Classter.

No more need to register one by one all students! Let them give you all personal data and enroll automatically to all groups they attend!

Use Classter’s self-registration tool and minimize your back office work!

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