Top 5 Features Of A School Management Mobile App That Will Keep You On Track

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School Management Systems have become an essential tool for the effective and efficient operation of academic institutions worldwide. When it is time to make a purchase decision concerning School Management Systems, it is very important to have identified an academic institution’s needs and how they can be met. The two main optimizations offered by SMS systems are automation and digitization of processes that have been previously handled manually, processes such as attendance keeping or tracking transportation.   

Top 5 Features Of A School Management Mobile App That Will Keep You On Track

The role of mobile devices 

Mobile phones firstly came into our lives around the 90s, but they became a major part of it for the last 15 years. With the invention and launching of the iPhone in 2007 in combination with telecom companies offering data plans and 3G service, smartphones became the new norm. Modern times have seen a rise in mobile phone use, to the extent that we can say it is an essential part of daily life and the online nature of mobile phones has guaranteed the success of online products such as Student Information Systems.å The seamless experience across mobile devices and platforms is key to the increased usage of such systems by the public through mobile devices. 

Benefits that mobile apps bring to schools 

The most important benefit of a Student Management System is the ability given to each stakeholder to view all the institutional information they need and is relevant to them through customized portals. This makes the handling of data and information more accurate, immediate and safe. But let’s take a further look at the many advantages a school management mobile app can have to offer. 

Attendance Tracking  

Attendance tracking is one of the most important functions when it comes to educational institutions. When student attendance is being tracked a lot of valuable information is collected that can immensely help the educational institution not just by identifying who is or is not in class but patterns of behavior. Several patterns can be identified through this information that can indicate issues with students or point out students that might have problems with the learning process and with their academic performance. This gives the institution the opportunity to jump in and help students when before these behavior patterns went unnoticed or were misinterpreted. 

Messaging Platform for Notifications and Alerts 

A school management app offers you the ability to be up to date with all academic responsibilities, emergencies and extracurricular activities that take place in your institution with notifications, SMS, emails or in-app announcements. Staying up to date with any occurrences is one of the most important school tracking activities an institution can offer. When notifications are mobile-based, they can reach you anywhere or you can reach several people in just a second. No more sending out circulars or making endless phone calls to update stakeholders in the educational ecosystem of what is happening on the day-to-day. Notifications and alerts can be set up and muted for a variety of purposes, along with being able to select an audience to receive such alerts and notifications.  

Announcements & Calendar Events 

Announcements can be easily made and be published in the platform for all the stakeholders to see them. Live feed with all the announcements related to a school’s academic activity is one of the main advantages of having a mobile app connected with the student MIS of the school. Staying on track means having easy and readily available access to one’s schedule. This is especially the case for students, who alongside their scholarly pursuits are also learning how to be organized and maintain consistency in their life. 

Assignments & Homework 

Mobile apps offer features that keep track of student’s homework. From what students have for homework to when it’s due, parents can keep track and monitor the situation. No more excuses for forgetting to do assignments, a real student’s nightmare!  


Safety is the number one priority both for schools and parents. Therefore, keeping track of students between school and home can prove extremely helpful. This feature allows parents and administration to track where a vehicle is at any time, which one every individual has been assigned to, and follow the whereabouts of the vehicles in real-time. The transportation management feature also lets you check out routes or stops the vehicle makes. This information is being tracked and every stakeholder can have access to it anytime. 

New Classter Mobile Apps! 

Classter is a cloud-based All in One School & Learning Management System that provides all key features required by any academic institution for effective administration. It offers a personalized, user-friendly web interface for applicants, students, lecturers or teachers, employees, and parents by providing personalized web portals to any type of end-user. 

The new Classter mobile apps for Android and iOS qre complementary to the web-based Classter application with enhanced features for end-users such as teachers and parents. With an intuitive interface that allows real-time access to student and school-related information such as attendance, assessments and marking.  

Classter application streamlines all education-related operations and it provides a communication gateway between the educational institution and all stakeholders. The advanced notification functionality of Classter mobile app informs end-users of any updates regarding messages, assignments and upcoming events. 


What are the key benefits of using a school management mobile app?

School management mobile apps offer benefits such as attendance tracking, messaging for notifications, announcements, calendar events, homework tracking, and transportation management, enhancing communication and organization within educational institutions.

What distinguishes Classter’s mobile apps from others?

Classter’s mobile apps complement its cloud-based school and learning management system, providing enhanced features for end-users such as teachers and parents, including real-time access to student information, assessments, marking, and advanced notification functionality.

How user-friendly are Classter’s mobile apps for end-users?

Classter’s mobile apps feature an intuitive interface designed for ease of use, allowing end-users to access personalized web portals, receive timely updates on messages, assignments, and events, and streamline communication with the educational institution.

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