Cloud-Based School Bus Tracking System

Provide your students with a safe and timely commute with a transportation management system integrated to your SIS.

We help schools manage effectively daily students’ commute.

We help schools manage effectively daily students’ commute.


Safe and Timely Commute

Classter’s bus management system is designed to simplify the management of your bus fleet, routes, and student transportation. Create a list of available buses, drivers, and co-drivers, view their contact information and create bus zones and routes that support your organization’s needs.

Powered by Google Maps 

The system allows you to create multiple bus routes easily, as the transportation management module is integrated with Google maps. Additionally, it provides you with the ability to track bus position on the map in real-time, when you have GPS systems installed.

Real-Time Messaging

To ensure student security, Classter provides you with the SMS notification feature that allows to automatically inform via SMS the parents or the guardian once the bus approaches the pick-up and drop-off points, or in cases of emergency.


Transportation Set-Up

Classter enables you to create a list of available buses, set the bus zones and routes and monitor the type and cost of fuels, having a complete overview of your transportation service. Additionally, create and keep records of drivers and co-drivers along with their personal and contact information.

Routes Creation

Classter transportation management tool gives you the ability to create multiple detailed bus routes easily based on your students’ transportation needs. The system allows you to use Google maps to ‘drag n drop’ students into dynamically generated routes and set specific stops or pickup places.

Bus Management

Simplify the management of your bus fleet, routes, and student transportation with advanced boarding and seating scheduling. The system enables you to deal with students’ pick-up and drop-off from the predetermined points, while the seating scheduling will reduce the time needed to board your students, ensuring that there will be no delays to the bus schedule.

Daily Changes

The daily bus schedule can be easily modified, as Classter allows you to deal with possible exceptions from the daily schedule, either for an individual student or for a group in total. Such exceptions might concern the absence of a student or possible changes to the bus route and bus stops.

Daily Routes

Monitor your students’ boarding on the bus with a mobile device while Classter is automatically updated with students’ presence/absence at the pick-up/drop-off points and provides real-time notification back to the educational institution and parents.

Google Maps Integration

The integration with Google Maps into Classter enables you to easily track the buses position on the map. Specify a day, zone, and bus name to view the start and end point of the route on the map, while you can also track it live by integrating GPS trackers on your buses.

SMS Notification

To ensure maximum student security, Classter’s transportation module provides you with the SMS notification feature. Hence, once the bus approaches the student’s defined pick-up and drop-off points, parents or declared guardians are informed via SMS messages.

Routes Intentions

Register your users’ intentions to easier design and implement a route. This module works also well in sync with the Admission module, as applicants, whether students or parents, can set the intention for a specific route during the application process.

Entering exceptions

Students or parents also have the option to dynamically set exceptions for specific days in case of an absence, emergency or change of plans. Both the organization and the bus guardian receive a real time notification and adopt the route accordingly.

Hundreds of educational institutions around the world manage school’s daily commute with Classter All-in-One SIS


I've been amazed by the wide range of functionality that allows us to manage our diverse academic processes. The customer support team was very helpful in assisting us in setting up and configuring all the required modules.

Antonis VidalisIT Department Leonteios School

We needed a cloud-based SIS that would allow us to have centralized management of our student data in 12 different countries. Classter provides us with a robust and secure solution to meet this goal.

John HughesSenior VP, Academics TMAI

Just a few months after started using Classter we found ourselves saving a lot of time on time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Our teachers have time to focus on what matters most to them: teaching their students.

Oliver PadillaHead of IT Department Assafwah Schools


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