Transportation Management

Transportation Set-Up

Set up your buses!

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In Classter Manager you can create an extensive list of buses, drivers and co-drivers. All of them have a personal tab with contact information. Record your buses fuels and have a clear picture of your transportation services costs.

Create bus zones and routes and find which are the optimum ones to follow.

Routes Creation using Google Maps

Classter provides an easy to use tool integrated with Google maps that allows you to easily create detailed multiple bus routes.

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Get a list of parents’ wishes first, i.e. when they want transportation for their kids including days or routes (from/to school) as well as desired pick-up /drop-off points per day and direction.

Then Classter will allow you to use a Google map to drag and drop students into dynamically created routes.

Easily position students and plan your routes. Classter is here to help you!

Bus Management

Now that you are all set, you only need to manage your bus fleet.

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You can manage your students seating and reduce boarding time. Easily handle students’ drop off and pick up by the responsible person, as well as the pre-defined stops per route.

Last but not least, manage any type of bus event that should be recorded and be in touch with parents.

Daily changes

The daily bus schedule can easily be reversed. Classter enables you to handle bus exceptions, either per student or per group of students.

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The exemptions may cover the non-use of the bus for a particular day or days, the absence of a pupil and a possible change of the bus route or bus stops.

One of the best – if not the best part is that when you record pupil’s absences on the bus you automatically record them in the main system!

SMS notification

Access the entire feature set by using the SMS notification.

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When you define the address of pupils’ pick-up and drop-off, you can also select “the SMS to parent or to the declared responsible person”.

At the time that the bus approaches the stop, Classter sends an automated SMS to notify parents or guardians for the arrival!

Keep your students secure and their parents happy!

Google maps Integration

For a “crystal clear” picture of the bus routes, you can choose to display bus positioning on the map.

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There, when you specify a day, zone and bus name, you see the start and end point on Google Maps, which is embedded in Classter Manager.

For an even more immediate view of your bus, you can track it live! All you need is to have integrated GPS trackers on each bus. That simple, that functional.

That simple, that functional.

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