Classter All In-One-SIS: Revolutionizing Fermatta’s Educational Experience

“Before Classter, we were troubleshooting all the time… since Classter, it has run very smoothly”

Jonathan DeFan

CEO, Fermatta

About Fermatta

Founded in 1993, Fermatta emerged as the region’s first contemporary music college, dedicated to shaping the next generation of musical talent. Rooted in Mexico City and expanding to Guadalajara, Fermatta is synonymous with excellence, boasting accreditation by the Secretariat of Public Education in Mexico – the hallmark of educational legitimacy in the country

Offering a comprehensive array of programs, Fermatta caters to diverse musical aspirations, providing four-year Bachelor’s Degree programs and two-year Master’s Degree programs. Whether students aspire to perform on stage, produce chart-topping hits, or navigate the complexities of the music industry, Fermatta equips them with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed.


Fermatta Music University Center encountered several challenges with its existing educational management system:

  1. The development of an in-house system resulted in disjointed databases and a lack of communication between systems.
  2. Tedious and error-prone operations due to the need to access different systems for various tasks.
  3. Difficulty in finding a suitable system for their specialized scheduling and subject requirements.
  4. Limited English proficiency among students exacerbates issues with English-dominated features.
  5. Approximately 1500 students spread across multiple campuses, requiring streamlined management processes.
  6. The need for customization options was not met by previous system providers.


Why did Fermatta Music University Center choose to upgrade their Student Information System?

Fermatta upgraded their SIS to address challenges with disjointed databases, error-prone operations, and the need for specialized scheduling and customization options. Their existing in-house system was inefficient, leading them to seek a more integrated and user-friendly solution.

How does a modern SIS like Classter improve administrative efficiency?

Classter automates administrative tasks such as enrollment, grade reporting, and attendance tracking. This reduces manual labor and errors, freeing up staff time to focus more on student support and educational activities.

What are the key features of a comprehensive SIS?

A comprehensive SIS should include features like real-time grade and attendance tracking, advanced scheduling, seamless communication channels, secure data management, and the ability to integrate with existing infrastructure.



Classter provided a highly customizable platform that could be tailored to Fermatta’s specific needs, ensuring seamless integration of various administrative, operational, and academic processes. This unified system eliminated the need to access different systems for various tasks, significantly reducing errors and improving efficiency.


Classter’s advanced scheduling features eliminated these conflicts by ensuring optimal class timings, teacher assignments, and room allocations. This optimization maximized efficiency and accommodated the diverse needs of students and faculty, ensuring that resources were used effectively.


Classter’s real-time grade and attendance tracking system provided instant insights, allowing for informed decision-making and proactive intervention. This resulted in a notable 50% increase in attendance rates, demonstrating the effectiveness of the new system in managing and improving student engagement and participation.

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