Classter All-in-One Cloud Solution Connects the Dots: The MCAST Case

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MCAST Administrate


The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) is a public higher education and training institution offering 180 full-time and more than 300 part-time programs. MCAST serves approximately 20,000 students and at least 5,000 applicants per year. Teaching and administrative staff consists of about 1,000 employees.


As part of the digital transformation of the educational institution, MCAST’s management wanted to replace its outdated, on-premises, IT systems with an innovative solution based on cloud environment that would simplify and improve its administrative processes while connecting its campuses located in different geographical areas.


How does Classter’s cloud infrastructure benefit institutions like MCAST?

Classter’s platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure, offering a 99.9% uptime guarantee and enhanced security with continuous data backup to ensure resilience and high availability.

What reporting capabilities does Classter offer?

Classter enables MCAST to generate centralized Business Intelligence (BI) reports using Microsoft PowerBI, allowing monitoring of enrollment progress, dropout levels, educational evaluations, and student attendance.

How does Classter automate the student application process?

Classter automates the entire student application process for all degree programs, allowing prospective students to submit applications, upload personal details and attestation files, qualifications, and high school transcripts online.



The Classter platform for MCAST is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all its units. In addition to improving the user experience, this architecture enhances the security of the data as it is continuously backed up to the MS Azure cloud, to ensure its resilience and high availability.


Classter allows MCAST to present centralized BI-type reports using Microsoft PowerBI to monitor enrollment progress, dropout level, evaluation of the educational work provided and the level of students’ attendance for the courses.


Classter offers MCAST automated management of the entire student application process for all degree programs. All prospective students can send applications for one or more MCAST schools, upload their personal details and attestation files, their qualifications, high school transcripts, respond to online GDPR Consents and set priority in case of multiple applications.

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